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It is natural to think about updating kitchen cabinet doors once in a while. Before deciding how you want to update them, it is essential to consider all costs and effort required for the job. However, there are easy ways and methods available to update kitchen cabinets. You can weather replace kitchen cabinet doors with new ones or paint them with a new color to accommodate your taste.

Replace new kitchen cabinet doors to make an easy change in the kitchen design while imparting the feeling of a significant update in one of the favorite rooms. Home occupants look at cabinets and open them more often than they realize, and their overall cost indicates their importance.

Why Replace Kitchen Cabinet Doors?

If a homeowner wants to replace the whole set of kitchen cabinets, he/she would be looking at significant renovation time consumption and cost issues. Thus, it is better to repaint or replace kitchen cabinet doors which are accomplished relatively inexpensively.

All Cabinetry Updates Can Strain a Small Budget:

  • Replacing kitchen cabinets generally costs from a third to a half of a total redesign budget.
  • Custom kitchen cabinet designs created by professionals, equivalent to your exact demands will take time and increase expenditure.
  • Demolition of old sets will require special maintenance to prevent potential damages to countertops and flooring.
  • Changing a set of wall cabinets to a design with a larger footprint will result in higher installation costs.

There are also other options available for renewing your kitchen cabinets designs. One of them is refacing the cabinets, which can positively impact your interiors.

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Repaint kitchen cabinets
Updating your kitchen will change the feel and look of your interiors

Is it Possible to Replace Kitchen Cabinet Doors without Changing the Whole Cabinet?

Yes, anyone can just replace kitchen cabinet doors with new styles and materials without changing the whole cabinet. You will only require some simple essential tools, woodworking experience, and maybe a spare set of hands to help. Replacing kitchen cabinets is a DIY job. Even if you don’t want to replace them, you can simply use the best paint for kitchen cabinet doors available in the market to repaint them in your desired color.

How Much You Will Have to Change in Your Cabinets?

There are many things you can change in your cabinets. However, it is better to replace cabinet doors to avoid additional costs. When replacing the doors, there are some essential factors to consider, which are:

  • It is recommended to replace drawer fronts to match the new cabinet doors.
  • If you want to replace kitchen cabinet doors, it is essential to ensure that the existing cabinets are in good condition. (If they are damaged, worn out, or damaged, a complete replacement will make more sense.)
  • If you already have custom cabinets in your kitchen, you should consider replacing the old ones with new custom products to match your kitchen’s unique style and footprint.
replace kitchen cabinets
A beautiful kitchen design with replaced cabinet doors

How Much Does It Cost to Replace Kitchen Cabinet Doors?

The average cost of semi-custom or stock kitchen cabinet doors ranges between $160 and $380 per meter. However, the fully custom options often range from 700 to 100 dollars per meter. For having an idea of the potential outlay for replacing a complete set of cabinets, you should remember that the average cost of installation and materials of stock and semi-custom styles range from $3200-$8500 with the average for fully custom cabinet designs run as high as $12500 to $18100. Even if homeowners want to construct a cabinet set with a DIY process, they will still experience significant expenses to get the materials and hardware shipped to their homes due to the size and weight.

Best Types of Kitchen Cabinet Doors

You can choose various types of kitchen cabinet doors for your next application. However, we recommend you to buy kitchen cabinets from the styles below:

Each type offers unique characteristics and advantages. For example, MDF kitchen doors are durable materials, and you can apply paint to them quickly. Semi-custom and custom kitchen cabinets are designed to fulfill your taste. Flat-panel and raised panel doors are other popular kitchen door types perfect for modern and contemporary interiors.

raised panel kitchen cabinet doors
Kitchen Cabinet Door with Raised Panels

Replace Kitchen Cabinet Doors with Simple Updates

Replace kitchen cabinet doors to make more impactful changes compared to just simple repainting with a coat of paint. Although repainting kitchen cabinets is a less expensive option and can update the look of your kitchen, replacing them will take less time for you. Quick changes in your wall cabinets include:

  • Swap in new hardware such as decorative pulls and handles.
  • Update the fronts of the cabinet with plexiglass or glass to allow your dishes to shine.
  • Utilize exotic hardwood material to add contrast and depth with attractive textures.

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