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Custom closets are used as storage in any house. These storages are areas to save any equipment, tools or clothes. They can alleviate a great amount of stress from any individual day life. These stresses are including low amount of space for placing different stuff, organizing the house, aesthetic decoration etc. These products are underrated yet important part of any home due to the benefits of saving unnecessary energy leak and streaming line life. There could be many reasons for updating closets such as having insufficient space for any needs and other demanding proposes which need proper organization.

Custom closets are generally divided into three main types, which are walk-in closet, reach-in closet and wardrobe. There are other alternative closets available in market such as linen and built-in ones. However, the main function of all types is keeping belongings safe and arranged. These storages are varied in size. Some of are designed to have large area just like rooms and other are made smaller to contain lower amount of equipment or clothes. In this article, two of the main closet types will be compared to each other, in order to help the costumer choose the appropriate product for the house.

Walk-in Closet

Walk-in closet is known as the king of the storage solutions. The name tells itself that this closet is essentially a small room, which anyone can walk into. It generally starts from 6.5 feet in depth and there is no upper limit for the size of the closet. People, who have passion in for fashion, often prefer to have storages, which are bigger than standard master bedroom. Having extra space is the only limitation when it comes to choosing this type. However, individuals who can afford the extra space, often go for walk-in closets without having second thought. These closets are perfect for whom desire to add personal touch to their design and storing system.

Most of the custom walk-in closets are made having large size. This big space allow users to install the storage on rear wall or both sidewalls in the room. Each wall is approvable for either a mirror or closet depending on user’s preference. Walk-in closets can be made in smaller areas, which are almost half of the size of a room. This type is commonly found in bedroom suits since it takes larger space than the casual and simple closet due to the number of available storages. This closet is perfect for keeping shoes, clothes and many other types of stuff organized. It is always beneficial even thou it can take large area of a portion. As told, the most common size of this type is 6.5 feet in order to have high accessibility and it is even more applicable when people demand to have center island for maximizing the function of the area. However, deciding angles and corners of this closet can be challenging. Thus, having a predefined organizing system for the closet is recommended. Some people hang rod all the way around the area, which can be a bad decision due to the space waste. It is important to use all functional parts of the storage in order to prevent extra upgrades in future.

Reach-in Closet

Reach-in closet is commonly used in many residential facilities and are usually found in bedrooms or corridors. This type of storage does not require huge free space and the style is organized with shallow depth. It is often filled in with closet organizer and shelving system on the back wall. As it is obvious, this closet has smaller size compared to previous type of storage. However, if the reach-in closet is well arranged, it can definitely store a lot of equipment and stuff. Since the walk-in type require a lot of space, reach-in can be good choice for homeowners who want smaller rooms and partitions. In this type, the space can be filled with poles, compartments, drawers and open racks. These will allow you to store many things without looking overload. It is good to mention that the designs of this type is perfect for children’s room or rooms in older houses which often have smaller spaces.

The reach-in closet allows the user to install a single rod for hanging clothes. There can be another shelve above the rod, which can be suitable for storing other stuff such as iron table, small chairs etc. It is common to have return walls in this closet type due to its small size. There is an issue of being bored with the style of this type and many users consider for a modifications. For this purpose, it is recommended to use wire starter sets, which are adjustable and can have style changing and modifications easily. In order to have extra space for folded tools and devices, drawer or cube can be the best choice for anyone. This can be done by filling the closet with two drawers, which is common method. In addition, reach-in closet provides a double-tiered hanging system, which allows the user to create extra space. These closets are also suitable to have hooks and racks on the back of their door.

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