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Different people would choose cabinets based on their door patterns. This puts a great importance on designing and developing cabinet’s door. During the last years, designers focused on attractive and stylish cabinet door patterns specially on wooden cabinet door types due to their impact on customers choice. For instance, contemporary and minimal interior design that nowadays are the trendiest interior design perfectly match with slab cabinet doors.

Stylish and minimal designs make a particular section of the home feel bigger like a kitchen. Flat and borderless cabinet doors such as slab cabinet doors have a sense of broadened space.

Types of cabinet doors based on the type of panel

  • The first type of cabinet door model, based on which the cabinet model is measured, is called a raised panel (raised cabinet door). The difference between cabinet doors with raised panels and other panels is in its central part. In other words, in this type of cabinet, the central part of the cabinet door is more prominent than other parts of the cabinet. Sometimes a pattern or design is used to design the outer edge of the cabinet door to take a different shape and image. It should be noted that this type of door is usually used in cabinets with contemporary decoration and minimal cabinets.
  • The second type of cabinet door is called recessed or flat panels. In this model of cabinet doors, the central part is usually sunken compared to other parts of the cabinet and is located lower. Of course, its edge is also relatively higher. This model, unlike the first type, is used in the style of completely modern decorations and classic and modern cabinets.

Types of cabinet door models for the kitchen

It should not be forgotten that usually choosing the type of cabinet, even cabinet doors, is one of the most important and determining factors in kitchen design. Not only the kitchen but also the home decor, this choice will definitely not be ineffective. Therefore, choosing a cabinet, the type of doors will have a significant impact on home decor. In this section, we will introduce some cabinet doors;

  • Raised cabinet doors: These models of cabinet doors are usually identified with raised wooden panels in the center of the cabinet. There are doors that are embossed with its central panel. Usually this model of doors has a longitudinal and transverse cut. However, it should be noted that due to the design of this model, the doors have more traditional application. In other words, people who are looking for a more contemporary design or decoration, welcome this model of cabinet doors.
  • Shaker cabinet door: This model is one of the common types of cabinet doors. This model of cabinet doors has four pieces, which due to its simple and beautiful design is compatible with any decor from traditional to modern. Another feature of shaker cabinet door, apart from its cleanliness and simplicity, is its neutral, white and gray color scheme, which is sometimes accompanied by natural wood coating.
  • Shutter cabinet doors: This model of cabinet door is unique because it is found either in island model cabinets or in decorative cabinets. This model of cabinet door is made of horizontal wooden sheets. Also, this model of cabinet doors has grooves that are sometimes used for cabinets that need ventilation, such as cabinets near the radiator.
  • Flat cabinet door: This model is another common model that is mostly used for modern decorations due to its hard lines and of course its minimalist forms. In other words, for cabinets with modern decoration, this type of flat model doors like slab cabinet doors is used. Regarding the construction of this model of cabinet doors, it should be said: Many of these models of cabinet doors are made of decorative or wooden sheets. Also, these models of cabinet doors are very smooth and simple, and of course, people who are very interested in cleanliness and shine, are more in favor of this model than flat model doors.
  • Built-in cabinet doors: This door model is mostly placed inside the cabinet. In this model, cabinet doors are used instead of ordinary hinges. It should also be noted that this model of cabinet doors is usually one of the most expensive models of cabinet doors due to its completely classic look.
  • Vintage look cabinet doors: This model of cabinet doors will definitely remind you of old movies and of course the kitchens of kings and old myths. The kitchens of kings and ancient myths who want to experience life in the modern and classic world as well. Therefore, this cabinet door model is mostly used by people with special attitudes and, of course, people who have more special interests and enjoy the vintage and retro decoration more.
  • Nostalgic cabinet door: This model of cabinet doors is called nostalgic doors because the doors of this model of cabinets with traditional wooden panels are more reminiscent of traditional space. On the other hand, these models of cabinet doors are designed in such a way that your kitchen becomes a very stylish and clean kitchen, but it should not be forgotten that this model of cabinet doors is more reminiscent of large rural houses. Of course, we are talking about the kitchens of houses in the villages, which, at the height of simplicity and largeness, evoke a special beauty for the audience.
  • Doors of thermophilic cabinets: This type of cabinet door is made of MDF, but in a plastic cover that is completely baked and completely sealed under the intense heat of its wood fibers. These cabinet doors have solid wood-like colors, which also have a longer lifespan.

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