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When it comes to deciding a new model or material for kitchen remodeling and décor harmonizing for homes, there are plenty of varieties that can be chosen. It is necessary to verify the cause of remodeling cabinets and it could be refinishing, resurfacing or replacing cabinets. Followed by reasonable deciding of changing cabinets, choosing the right and best type and material for cabinets is important.

Kitchen cabinets are often made of wood-based and wood materials and they have different applicable types for different usages. The most popular of these materials and types are MDF based, Slab Doors, Flat Panels, Raised Panels.


MDF is one of the most applicable engineered woods. The name stands for Medium Density Fiberboard. MDF is formed of thin panels made from resin, wax and wood fibers, all of which are pressed together and sealed in a high pressure system. MDF is considered as the highest level of engineered woods It is stronger, denser and more durable than the other engineered woods.

Thus it is the most applicable material which can be used for cabinet doors, and other doors structure. It is necessary to note that they are various types of engineered MDF materials. They are classed by density, glue type, moisture content, size, wood species and thickness. The stronger and thicker boards, have higher position than the others. MDF woods do not warp easily and are long lasting. They have high resistance when exposed to humidity and temperature.

These boards are very applicable when they are paint finished. MDF boards are very easy to customize and can be drilled or cut in many different ways possible. MDF boards offer high screw-holding power. Size varieties and choices for MDF boards are enormous. Thus, they have more advantage for remodeling kitchen cabinets. Also, MDF panels are high resistance material when exposed to water and are approvable for high moisture areas. It is also necessary to note that the price of these boards are very affordable and reasonable.

MDF boards are mostly used for kitchen cabinets and are usually found on the doors and interior paneling due to its specifications. However, this is not the only place that MDFs are suitable for and it has vast field of usage, both for commercial and residential needs.

Flat Panel Doors:

One of the honorable mentions for type of kitchen cabinet doors is flat panel and it is very popular in this period of time. It has simple style and can be fit many design schemes. The most popular one for today is the “Shaker” style door. It contains clean lines and also has visual beauty and interest. Bead board is another style for flat panels when it comes to kitchen cabinet doors. This type of panel is placed in the middle and its style is a perfect choice for achieving coastal looks.

Raised Panel Doors:

Raised Panel is a portion of the cabinet which is slightly raised. This panels come with different designs and styles just like the other panels. The name given to this type is due to its positioning. These panels are cabinet doors having center panel which is slightly higher than the surrounding frame wood.

Due to its flexibility in design, these panels can be used for both traditional and modern kitchens designs. Raised Panel doors are built by placing them in cut grooves which are made as frames of the doors or by attaching the panel with use of some adhesive. This type often has arches or square edges and also features glass or metal inserts to deploy unique touches to the cabinet. These panels can be made of many different woods and finishes which make them easily incorporative into any type of kitchen.

Slab Doors:

Slab Doors are basic, stripped-down doors which do not contain any hardware and they do not have frame. The installer of this type of door needs to use predefined and existing door frame or build a new one. Thus, slab doors are mainly used for remodeling where an existing frame is already present and fixed. Slab doors are good for both traditional and modern usage in residential and commercial building portions.

Slab door designs come with huge variety from simple and unfinished designs to extremely complex ones made of all types of woods. The most popular slab doors are often made of sheds, barns or other similar materials. However, they are another main material which these doors are made of, such as fiberglass or even steel but the most popular ones are wooden ones due to their beauty and unique characteristics. This type is rebuilt for usage of home remodeling purposes, such as slab exterior door or new closet and cabinet having wood based door.

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