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Interior doors are generally doors that connect one interior space to another interior space. For example, the doors of rooms or bathrooms, or doors inside the studio and workplace, or both types of space, which are defined in terms of interior space.

What is the acoustic insulation inner door?

Studios are spaces that may consist of several nested rooms, but this nest cannot solve the problem of sound transmission. For this reason, interior doors of any material and shape, accompanied by a set of sound-insulating foams or rock wool, are accompanied by external sound to the inside and internal sound to the outside.

What are the main features of the MDF interior door?

MDF, which is a wood-based product and is densely packed between LDF and HDF, is a medium-density corrugated wood board whose wood chips or constituent powder are coated with a resin or adhesive substrate. Wood is placed. Finally, on this mixed product, a final coating is applied to cover the raw core material to determine the final appearance of the MDF product. This veneer can be made of synthetic materials with different thicknesses or can be made of wood.

Therefore, products made of MDF, such as doors, have both good quality and high durability and satisfy the desired variety in terms of appearance. Also, MDF doors have a controlled weight and are considered a good choice for doors such as cabinet doors, cupboard doors, and interior doors that should not be too heavy.

What is a SLAB door?

The most important and obvious feature of SLAB doors is their flatness. Flat SLAB doors are produced in solid and hollow form and are known as economical doors; But despite being economical, SLAB doors can offer a great variety of looks and materials at an affordable price.

One of the advantages of SLAB doors is their smoothness and ease of cleaning. Especially because of the smoothness, many veneers can be easily glued to this door. In contrast, one of the drawbacks of SLAB interior doors is their low resistance to moisture and pressure, which justifies them.

SLAB doors can be suitable for simple environments such as bedrooms or workrooms or even workplaces and cafes. Also, to have interior doors, you should use a lighter material so that it does not make it difficult for people to move around and can be easily opened and closed with a little force. In this regard, empty SLAB economic doors can be a good option.

Interior doors as part of the decoration

Since interior doors have large dimensions and occupy a lot of visual space, they can play an important role in the decoration of a space. The color and type of opening and closing, or the patterns on it, can all be part of the wall and ultimately part of the decoration, which requires care and taste. Especially the SLAB door, which is perfectly flat and smooth and by some creative methods cannot look like a door at all. One of these methods is to rotate the door on an axis other than the usual axis to the right and left. This SLAB door can be for a not so private space, such as a library or work studio.

We may be faced with a stagnant, dead, and cold space where all the vitality of the environment is on the shower color of the door. In continuation of this issue, interior doors must be compatible with the main interior environment and at the same time can change the atmosphere of the interior. A luxurious luxury environment, where luxury and monarchy are used in other architectural components, requires a space-appropriate door, and in contrast to a simple, non-luxurious, non-decorative, practical environment, an interior door such as SLAB, which completes Be an interior designer.

The incompatibility of the interior door with other components of the interior space makes the door completely inconsistent with space and highlights it negatively in the eyes.

Glass door, a factor in space decoration

Glass doors can be used for cases where the interior space is not visible to other people, such as the lobby space of buildings, but in general, glass doors are more suitable for indoor spaces; Because both the health of the glass is not threatened in the face of outdoor space and the visual security of the indoor space is maintained. The glass interior door can give a somewhat more formal and luxurious space to the interior because it has more details and makes the interior space simple.

More maneuverability in opening and closing the interior door

Since the interior requires fewer rigid locks, a variety of methods can be used to open and close the interior doors. For example, push handles, sliding doors and accordion doors are some of the things that create more dynamism and attractiveness in an interior space.

Important points before buying interior doors

  • Paying attention to the size of the door: There are several prefabricated doors with standard size, but before buying the door or even ordering it, you should pay attention to the size of the door frame and buy the inner door accordingly. Many door frames are not standard and for some spaces even the interior door frames do not fit together. For this reason, the buyer has to order a door for each frame.
  • Paying attention to the direction of the hinge and its location: When buying or ordering interior doors, care must be taken to the direction that door would be open or close. Especially since many interiors have very little space and people may have to intentionally install the door hinge upside down to open the door to the outside. But in any case, since there is no room for maneuver in the face of interior doors, the direction and location of the interior door hinges should be re-examined before buying and ordering.
  • Paying attention to door fittings: handles and locks and door accessories are required to match the overall condition of the door as well as its style and the overall style of the interior. Just as the harmony of the interior door with the interior space is important, so should the harmony of color, material, form of handles, locks, and other fittings.
  • Consult with the seller about the door installation and its covering function: Many doors may seem appropriate for our needs and the place we use, but in fact, the design for our intended use Has not been. In this case, we can consult the seller about where to install the door. For example, using the door in a completely humid place, or in close proximity to water, or in strong contact with sunlight, we can set a specific goal and buy a door with the final cover or outer covering that fits our place perfectly.

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