Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinets

Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinets

Two-tone kitchen cabinets are a popular trend right now, and for a good reason. They may be visually appealing, making a small kitchen appear larger and aiding you to stay within your budget.

What Are Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchens have always been built with matching cabinets. The upper cabinets have the same color or stain as the lower cabinets, and the hardware is similar throughout the kitchen. However, the popularity of two-tone kitchen cabinets has proved the same color cabinet concept is outdated. This is true, especially in custom kitchens.

Two-tone kitchen cabinets are any kitchen environment that blends two different cabinetry tones. This combo can take many different shapes. This could refer to a kitchen in which the island is a different color than the cabinetry.

It might also refer to a kitchen in which half of the cabinets are one color, and the other half is a contrasting tone. MDF doors offer various color shades that make finding the color you’d like to use easier.

This article will also introduce a few different types of two-tone kitchen cabinets.

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Benefits of Two-tone Kitchen Cabinets

Why are two-tone kitchen cabinets such a good choice? Although there are many advantages, the following are the most significant ones to remember:

Improve the aesthetic appeal of two-tone kitchen cabinets

Even the most basic kitchens may feel sophisticated with two-tone kitchen cabinets. Two-tone cabinets add greater visual appeal and create a stylish yet calm look. An excellent method to improve your kitchen is using two-tone kitchen cabinets. Additionally, many options for details and finishes can elevate your design.

Two-tone cabinets increase the resale value

Having two-tone kitchen cabinets is a great approach to draw potential buyers because this style is now quite popular. Two-tone cabinets are a great update if you’re considering placing your property on the market soon, they’ll attract knowledgeable buyers searching for a home ready to move in.

Two-tone kitchen cabinets make a small kitchen feel larger

In a small kitchen, two-tone kitchen cabinets are a good technique to give the impression of more space. The eye is quickly attracted to the brighter color on the upper part when you arrange darker cabinets below and lighter ones above, creating the impression that your kitchen looks larger than it is.

Aspects to Consider When Installing Two-tone Kitchen Cabinets:

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Choose your focal point for two-tone cabinets

Depending on the area for the focal there can be different types of two-tone kitchen cabinets. The first step is to choose the focal point. The kitchen island is a popular choice for homeowners, but there are other options.

Choosing colors

Finding two colors that go well together may seem simple, but it may not be easy. Online photo galleries can be useful at this point, but meeting with a professional design company where you can see samples is recommended.

A kitchen can benefit greatly from a strong pop of color. However, if that’s not your style, you can still design stunning two-tone cabinets without using strong tones. For a more natural impression, many clients choose to combine white cabinets with a wood tone.

The slightest color variations can have the most visual impact. However, remember that the lighter shade you select will probably serve as an accent color throughout the kitchen. Make sure you’re comfortable using it there.

Go Darker on Bottom Cabinets

Keep your upper kitchen cabinet doors bright and paint the lower cabinets in a darker shade to follow the trend of two-tone kitchen cabinets. Using dark wood doors to achieve this is another option.

If your home has an open-concept design, having dark bottom cabinets can assist in defining the area in your kitchen, which is a good feature. The lighter shade you choose for the upper cabinets can be used as an accent color throughout the design.

Due to this, the space remains open and airy despite its size. Unless you have specifically picked one area of cabinets as a focus, stay away from painting higher cabinets in a darker color. The tall, dark cabinets might make the kitchen appear small and dark.

Don’t forget the details

It’s essential to have an element that links the two colors together if you choose two-tone kitchen cabinets. This can involve deciding on a shade, applying a lighter shade on top and a darker shade on the bottom. Sometimes, this defining characteristic is only the hardware you pick.

We usually advise matching hardware throughout designs with cabinets to harmonize the look with your kitchen area. Two-tone kitchen cabinets have the power to elevate any kitchen design when done effectively. To upgrade your kitchen, you should choose high-quality items that you can use for many years.

Flat Panel vs. Raised Panel Kitchen Cabinet Doors

flat panel vs raised panel kitchen cabinet doors

Kitchen cabinet doors are the essential components of any kitchen that affect the design of your interiors. Cabinet door styles are often overgeneralized without providing homeowners the details they need when buying one for their kitchens. This indeed happened with flat panel and raised panel kitchen cabinet doors and counterparts.

This article highlights these two popular and standard cabinet doors styles explaining their differences, advantages, and disadvantages without emphasizing the trend. After knowing their unique characteristics, you will be able to choose the most suitable style for your home’s kitchen, where you spend most of your time during the day.

Explanation of Raised Panel and Flat Panel Kitchen Cabinets

You may hear from some people that raised panel doors are more traditional, while flat panel kitchen cabinet doors like shaker-style are more modern and timeless. However, we find both styles stand the test of work and time in various interior designs.

While we can present various trendy kitchen cabinet doors, only you know what style is the most appealing to you. Your personal taste in design and style is the essential aspect to consider. Thus, before buying kitchen cabinet doors, you should ask yourself one critical question: What style do you think you will enjoy the most when spending time in your kitchen?

However, flat panel style cabinetry is trending nowadays since it is popular among homeowners interested in creating classic designs for their kitchens. But also remember that every kitchen design has its unique flow and features, and each can appeal ideally.

What are Raised Panel Kitchen Cabinet Doors?

For many years, raised panel doors were considered the most luxurious and expensive cabinet styles since they feature extra ornamentation, and it was not easy to produce them. Meaning these kitchen cabinet doors were appreciated by homeowners who loved beautiful woodworks and detailing.

Raised panel doors were trendy during the 1960s and 1970s, but these doors started to fade due to more modern styles.

Raised Panel Doors Features

  • Raised panel kitchen cabinet doors are elevated higher than their frame.
  • They feature a more traditional look.
  • Raised panels work well with woodgrains since they can highlight the inherent beauty of natural wood.
  • They can feature curved or arched details.

Advantages of Raised Panel Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Advantages of raised panel kitchen cabinet doors include:

  • Raised panel kitchen cabinets have an artistic, warm, and luxurious look.
  • They are in the same category as gorgeous crown molding and coffered ceilings.

Disadvantages of Raised Panel Doors

Although raised panels are beautiful doors, they have their drawbacks which are:

  • Their edges, details, and ridges require more effort to clean, polish, and maintain.
  • It is essential to balance the embellished kitchen cabinets with minimalistic ideas so your cabinets do not overwhelm the overall interior design.
  • Raised panel kitchen cabinet doors are more expensive than flat panels.
raised panel kitchen cabinet doors
Beautiful Kitchen Design With Raised Panel Cabinets

What are Flat Panel Kitchen Cabinet Doors?

Flat panel kitchen cabinet doors are currently the trendiest style that is available in the market due to their more modern and contemporary characteristics. However, if you want to create a classic look for your kitchen, flat panels can also do the job.

Flat Panel Cabinet Doors Features

Flat panels have unique characteristics that differ from raised panel kitchen cabinet doors. These special features are:

  • Flat panel doors come with no border, as in the shaker-style cabinets. (they may have an austere edge)
  • They do not have extra ornamentation or details.
  • Flat panel kitchen cabinet doors have right angles and straight lines.
  • These cabinet doors support a clean and streamlined beauty.

Advantages of Flat Panel Cabinet Doors

Here are some of the primary advantages of flat panel kitchen doors that you should know:

  • Simple and Streamlined Look
  • It is Easier to Clean These Doors
  • Their Cost is Less Than Raised Panel Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Disadvantages of Flat Panel Kitchen Doors

As told, the most important thing is your taste in style and design. However, knowing the drawbacks of flat panel doors will help you decide which type you prefer for your kitchens. Here are some of the drawbacks of these cabinet doors that you should know:

  • It is easier to see fingerprints on these doors.
  • The simple look of these cabinets may lead to an overall flat look and feel. So you will need to add visual interest in other sections of your kitchen design.
  • Although these doors are available with stained options, solid hues are the best choice. So, if you want to create the look of natural wood grain, you will have to go for simple raised panel cabinet doors.
flat panel cabinet doors
Modern Kitchen Design With Flat Panel Cabinets

How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets?

paint kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are the essential components of every home, affecting the overall design and aesthetics. Thus, any homeowner should match their cabinets with their interior design. Although various durable wood materials are available for the kitchen cabinets, the paint finish can wear or tear over time. Instead of replacing the whole set with new products, which can cause a considerable amount of money, it is better to paint them with high-quality materials. Most people seek a DIY painting guide for custom kitchen designs, and this article provides every essential information that anyone will need to paint kitchen cabinets.

What You Will Need to Paint Kitchen Cabinets?

There are different practical types of tools available for making cabinets. However, you will need a few essential ones to paint your kitchen cabinets, including:

  • Screwdriver
  • Marker
  • Painter’s Tape
  • Sponge
  • Heavy-Duty Cleaner (All-Purpose)
  • Wood Filler (Optional)
  • Drill
  • Sand Paper or Sanding Block
  • Vacuum With Brush Attachment
  • Tack Cloth
  • High-Quality Primer
  • Paint Brush

Cabinets Painting Process (Step By Step)

The cabinet surface people repaint determines how they should approach the job. If the kitchen cabinet door designs are slab or flat, the painting process is more straightforward. In the case of having cabinets with raised panel doors, the painter should put more effort into creating better finishes.

If you want to paint kitchen cabinets properly, it is better to follow the following steps. It is essential to complete every step entirely and precisely.

Step One

Start the kitchen cabinet painting by emptying the boxes. Then unscrew any of the kitchen cabinet doors, and remove the drawers. Label and mark where each component goes with a painter’s tape and marker. To do so, put the painter’s tape in a safe spot, including where the hinges were attached. If reusing the hardware, always mark it in and store it in a bag or storage.

Step Two

The second step to paint kitchen cabinets is to wipe down all the surfaces that need to be painted. The cleaning must be done with a sponge and a cleaning substance that strips down any wood material of grease and dirt. One of the wood cleaning substances you can use is TSP-PF all-purpose, heavy-duty cleaner, perfect for Plywood and MDF kitchen cabinets.

Step Three

Some homeowners plan and prefer to replace the kitchen cabinet hardware such as the pulls or knobs with new ones. In such cases, it is essential to fill the holes that exist from the old hardware with a wood filler and then leave them until they dry completely. Then, drill a new pilot hole with precision and sand the wooden exterior part. It is better to vacuum any dust using a brush attachment to have a more clean workplace. Wipe the kitchen cabinets with a tack cloth.

Step Four

Step four of painting kitchen cabinets is priming all the wood parts with steady strokes. Remember to choose the direction equivalent to the wood grain while working in long.

Step Five

This step is about taping off the kitchen cabinet shelves edges and any wood material existing in your product with the painter’s tape. Then paint the cabinet’s interior and shelves with the preferring color and material. Wait until the paint is entirely dry for further procedure.

Step Six

Now, it is time to paint the kitchen cabinet doors, drawers, and frames with a color that contrasts with the paint used for the interiors and wait for it to dry.

Step Seven

The last step is to reinstall all the cabinet doors, drawers, and hardware. Follow all the marks and labels you put on your cabinets to install everything with the best result.

Note for Sanding: If the old kitchen cabinet surface is in an acceptable condition, you will not need to sand the doors and the exteriors down to bare wood material. All you need to do is rough the surface to allow the paint finish to adhere better and quicker. If you do the sanding, you should remember to feather the edges of the sanding area to enable the paint to lay flat on the surface.

Note for Painting: It is essential to apply primer-sealer to all the surfaces before painting. It is possible to do this with a spray, roller, or brush on flat surfaces.