What Types of Interior Doors are Popular?

Interior doors types

Building a new house or renovating the interior is the perfect way to give thoughtful attention to the overall design of the living space. However, most homeowners usually neglect the types of interior doors. Even when they consider interior doors, they typically think about durability or functionality, such as how they will accommodate the level of privacy or noise control without feeling their beauty. Most occupants do not bother much to pick the suitable style of interior doors for their houses.

Interior doors are the evident elements of any home. Thus, they can add charm and character to any room. Additionally, they divide public areas and private spaces with aesthetics such as custom kitchens. Despite the project and the property’s design, interior doors can have various styles and types to complement the home’s appearance and functionality. The interior doors in any home can add beauty to the decor by choosing and installing the right stylish one.

Interior Doors Types

As told, there are a wide array of interior doors available in the market. They vary in functionality, style, materials, and finishes. Manufacturers utilize various methods and techniques, including a Custom CNC cutting system, to create different interior doors. However, each type can fulfill the home’s design needs if chosen precisely. Thus, knowing current door types that are practical for both kitchens and other areas of the house is essential.

Interior MDF Doors

The interior MDF door is utilized to connect two areas of a house. This type of door is exceptionally resistant to heat and moisture to be practical for kitchens, bathrooms, and other rooms. Additionally, MDF panel doors accept various finishes and coating on their surfaces, making them durable materials for long-term usage. Moreover, the expansion and contraction caused by temperature change and humidity will not affect MDF interior doors. Thus, this type of interior door will not be deformed easily. The smooth surface of these materials helps experts to paint MDF panels in more straightforward methods.

MDF doors for interior areas come in different sizes depending on the demanding door frame dimensions. Thus, interior designers can create limitless styles for the room entries. Furthermore, the MDF door is resistant to insects and termites. Another advantage of interior MDF doors is that they are available at reasonable prices and stylish faces, making them one of the most popular Interior doors among current designers and homeowners.

Slab Doors

Interior Slab Doors are considerably lightweight products allowing occupants to open or close the door with a bit of force. These interior doors are produced with a heavy core layer or an empty internal section as is required. The primary reason that these interior doors became popular is that they feature a stretched-out and stylish appearance. Slab doors do not have dents and decorate the interiors with no details except those completed with additional design characteristics. Thus, these interior doors are functional and practical for contemporary and modern interior designs giving them a minimal aesthetic look.

Slab interior doors are produced with various materials. These doors have limitless facing and finishes, making them suitable for different areas, including homes, work offices, cafes, and more. The coating material used on their surfaces determines their glossy appearance, which most designers appreciate. As slab doors feature uniform and flat surfaces, cleaning and maintaining them is easier and quicker than traditional designs. However, depending on the material used for producing these interior doors, they will require regular care and maintenance. But, it is essential to note that slab doors are very durable and usually do not get damaged easily. Manufacturers often apply some substances on their surfaces to provide extra protection against sharp stuff and scratches. Additionally, most people appreciate buying slab doors due to their economical and low price.

Flat Panel Interior Doors

The Flat panel interior doors are produced with single or multiple flat boards with various materials. These interior doors feature a hard-core or hollow central section. These doors are considered economical for homes or buildings requiring the same door designs for different facility sections. As flat panel doors have a simple yet modern appearance, they are suitable for minimal indoor areas. Their design features smooth, ornate, and straight lines that will modernize the interiors. Flat panels are also usable for custom closet doors and can provide various functionalities.

Raised Panel Doors

When it comes to the trendy designs of the interior doors, raised panel doors are definitely in the picture. Their design and style are well-suited for classic and traditional interiors. When carpenters make raised panel doors, they create the doors to feature a raised section which is generally at the center of the board and is surrounded by a remarkable space. Actually, it is the negative space that creates the raised panel vision for the interior doors. The unique appearance of these interior doors plays a massive role in making them the luxurious options in the market. Additionally, the embossed areas that involve more complex shapes that are not developed with smooth sides enhance the stylish look of raised panel interior doors.

What is the Trend for Kitchen Cabinets in 2021? (Part 1)

Kitchen cabinets are essential elements of every home’s interior when creating a more appealing kitchen for occupants and guests. Most homeowners remodel their interior with beautiful and new tiles and vinyl floorings and then find out their kitchen cabinets look outdated in comparison. Thus, it is crucial not to leave out the kitchen cabinets and doors when considering having a renovation. Whether the plan is to paint or replace them, knowing the trend for kitchen cabinets in 2021 will help the homeowner create better aesthetics for the home. This article provides information about the tendency for kitchen cabinets in the current year. It will let you know which designs will rise and stick around for a more extended period.

The top trend for kitchen cabinets in 2021 is drama. Almost everyone tends to make their kitchen a statement as they see this area as the interior hub. Incorporating larger kitchen islands layouts is growing day by day, which is well known for its better storage and seating area. Most of the customers opt-out of traditional kitchen cabinets and prefer using open shelving to showcase the dinnerware. Additionally, interior designers mix and match different materials such as MDF and other woods for the same kitchen. In traditional designs, there was a limit in creating new styles due to the limited contrasting colors. However, in 2021, people are venturing into assorted door designs, including shaker and raised panel doors and wood tones or paint finishes.

Design Trend for Kitchen Cabinets

There are many trendy kitchen cabinets, and customers should not worry about the previous style limits. It used to be about hiding supplies and tools in the cupboards, but this is no longer the case. Light and bright hues are taking over the interior decoration trends as white color. More designers prefer to utilize sleeker and modern kitchen cabinets such as industrial looks and shelving. However, in 2021 it is common to find varied modern and traditional kitchen cabinets designs, creating aesthetics and a warm feel for the interior.

Slab Door Kitchen Cabinets

One of the most modern and sleek products is the Slab kitchen cabinet doors. Some of these trendiest designs do not feature handles or knobs, have frameless and flat fronts, and come with more glossy finishes. However, carpenters develop slab doors with wood finishes for customers who prefer more traditional looks for their interior. This design is considered minimal, and using them is a suitable way to modernize a kitchen or small portions of a house. Along with using slab doors for creating a modern appearance, it is recommended to complete the look with a backsplash or wood-look floor.

Transitional Cabinets

Transitional kitchen cabinet designs can be a subjective and confusing term, and the style mixes new and old looks that make these products very extraordinary. Manufacturers and carpenters modernize and update traditional kitchen cabinets by pairing them with modern components to produce a transitional design. However, this particular design for trendy kitchen cabinets features more conventional styles and consists of contemporary hardware. Additionally, they can accommodate shaker cabinets as well as open frame display products. Utilizing transitional products is the perfect way to have a more classic look in the kitchen without looking outdated. Many experts say these designs will be more prevalent in remodeling projects for 2021 than in newly built homes. The good thing about this type is that they can be made from MDF panels and other wood materials or even metal substances.

Reclaimed Trend for Kitchen Cabinets

Reclaimed Kitchen cabinets are the trend for homeowners who want to remodel their kitchens on a budget. For home remodeling plans, it is common to see the renovators redo the current products instead of springing for custom kitchen cabinets to save money, which is the primary reason for designing these particular systems. The concept is straightforward: revamping used products to make a more current look instead of purchasing a brand-new system. This will help homeowners to spend their money on other renovation parts such as floorings. Additionally, this inclination is considered eco-friendly as people are recycling cabinets with this method. As long as the trend for kitchen cabinets in 2021 needs a reclaimed system due to the current conditions, it will stay in the market for a longer time.

Open Frame Cabinets

Open frame cabinet doors are the middle-ground between traditional cabinets and open shelving. Most of these products feature glass panels to display items inside the cabinet. This design is suitable for kitchens with brighter and lighter colors as the illusion of open spaces can enhance the openness of more prominent and more luminous interiors. Depending on the overall design of the area, open frame kitchen cabinets can look modern or traditional.

What is an Interior Slab Door?

Interior Slab Door

A beautiful Interior Slab Door is a crucial part of any whole house makeover. This elegant engineering and craftsmanship are suitable products for adding aesthetics and a good look for homes. Slab doors are the ideal choice when a homeowner consider replacing a door while keeping the existing frame.

An interior slab door is a stripped-down and primary door that does not contain additional hardware, especially a frame. The installing expert utilizes the existing structure or builds a new frame. Thus, this interior system is suitable for remodeling applications where a current frame is present or the homeowner demands a new custom door design on a new construction facility. This door is perfect for both residential and commercial projects. If the frame does not exist, using MDF interior doors can be a proper alternative.

Various designs are available for the slab doors that can be either modern looking or a traditional swing type containing hinges in the frame. Sliding closet, patio, French, cabinet and storm doors are some of the products that follow slab door structure.

Interior Slab Door Benefits

Slab doors provide many benefits that can optimize many factors for the homeowner. Followings are some of the essential advantages of these systems that make them one of the best choices for creating interior doors.

  • Cost: Since slab doors do not contain hinges or frames, they often cost less than other systems such as prehung doors. It is crucial to measure the size of the demanding door precisely. Regardless of the measurement precision, saving is significant. The low-weight characteristic of these doors can decrease the cost of labor
  • Simple Installation: Installing slab doors is a relatively simple process, significantly changing a few house entries. The installer can utilize an existing door as a template and reuse the existing hinges that are already functional.
  • Design Options: Another essential advantage of slab door is their extensive range of design options. For example, vintage doors rarely come prehung in the door’s frame. When adding an antique-looking entry to a home, a slab door is often the only and the best option available. The genuine craftsmanship is not in the frame, but the door slab and the styles vary from fiberglass, steel, wood, and other materials. It is a fact that the possibilities are endless.
  • Exposure to Different Elements: The most practical applications for slab doors occur in the building’s internal arrays. In this type of applications, systems are not exposed to outside elements. Front doors are usually exposed to cold, heat and humidity, which can warp the frame over time. It is a bad idea to hang a slab system on a warped frame due to the issues they can cause with alignments, poor waterproofing and energy efficiency. Thus, utilizing these types of doors in interior areas helps to simplify the process.

Slab Doors Materials

Slab doors are available in various materials, including fiberglass, steel, solid woods and other substances. The materials of these systems range from the hollow core and generic doors available at local stores. Most of the local stores’ materials are pressed wood. Unlike other systems, wood slab doors are pointed from beautiful hardwood pieces for a custom and unique finish. Antique materials that contain reclaim wood are popular choices for projects that require renovation. Designers use these doors to create an artistic statement.

Installing Slab Doors

Depending on the design of the door and the existing frame, installing slab doors will vary. Generally, a slab door is either a slide on rail or swing open. Achieving them requires a unique tracking system such as barn doors with a rustic and functional appearance that can increase the house’s appeal charm.

Installing Process of Swinging System

  • Old doors act as a pattern for the new system. Marking the location of mortises on the edge of the system is necessary. If the old door is not available, the installer should align the system in the frame from the bottom.
  • Experts utilize a square mark line across the edge at each hinge. Then they use the hinge leaf to have a template to outline the location on the system.
  • For scoring around the edges, a sharp chisel is very useful. However, going more profound than the depth of the hinge can cause damage.
  • Then it is good to clean the area with the chisel and check if the hinges have a proper fit.
  • For securing the hinges on the door, the wood screw is the right tool.
  • Finally, the last step is reinstalling door pins from top to bottom.

Installing Process of a Sliding System

  • Due to sliding barn doors’ heavyweight, securing the door is highly crucial for safety standards. A mounting board is necessary if a header does not exist.
  • Professional installers utilize a 1×4 board which is the same length as the track system, to the wall above the system with spacers, lag bolts, and drywall anchors.
  • Then, measuring and cutting the track of the slab doors to slide on in essential for completing the opening’s cover.
  • Drilling the mounting holes or utilizing a pre-drilled track is another essential step for installing a sliding system.
  • For securing the track to the header or mounting board, utilizing a level can be helpful.
  • Manufacturing instructions help the installer to secure the hardware.
  • The last stage for installing sliding slab doors is to lift the system to align the rollers to the track.

Different Type of Interior Doors (part 1)

Interior Doors

Interior doors are moveable products constructed and designed for utilizing in indoor application. The primary function of these doors is providing access and departure to a room or other areas inside a facility. Thus they require lightweight features in order to need little force to be opened. These products are used for both commercial and residential applications in order to provide privacy, noise reduction from other parts, portion separation, ventilation aid and light infiltration. The earliest usage of these products go back to ancient Egyptian tombs. Beyond the first discoveries, interior entryways of ancient Greek and Roman structures reveal the popularity of the interior doors. They used to build single, double, folding, sliding and even automatic doors out of stone, wood, metal and their combination.

Interior doors have improved over time and nowadays, residential and commercial doors are produced in a higher level of durability in order to handle repetitive use and heavy traffic. Additional structural requirements and standards include building codes, fire protection, anti-theft functionality and access for the handicapped individuals. However, types of interior doors vary in many for different projects and purposes. Followings are the different types of interior doors available in industry and market.

Slab Doors

Slab doors are one of the most popular interior doors which are produced in light weight. These doors have heavy core layer structure or empty central layer. They have stretching and stylish characteristic which makes them remarkable. They often do not feature protrusions and dents and have no decorative details except the ones which are made with some small decorations. These doors are often used in areas which require contemporary, modern and minimal appearance. Slab doors are created with variety of materials and facings which make them approvable for using in different sections of a home, work place, cafes etc. The coating material determines the glossy look of the product. They have uniform and flat surface which makes them easy to maintain and clean. The applied coating and covering gives them durability and long life span and makes them resistant to any type of common damages such as scratches and cracks. In addition, interior wooden slab doors are popular due to their economic-friendly specifications and appearance.

Interior Flat Panel Doors

Flat panels doors name can obviously tell that they are formed with flat panels and are often produced with multiple or single layer panels. The products which are with multiple layers can bring extreme elegant look to the design and in addition, they include geometric shapes and curved lines for giving the interior more versatile feel. These doors are considered as an economical choice for areas which require large quantity of interior doors and they are popular when it comes to modern buildings. The smooth, ornate lined and straight appearance of these doors make them appropriate for minimal indoor portions and help to modernize the general design. In addition, this type of interior door has the ability to be installed in a form of a rotation around a specific axis and sliding etc. with having some different ways of closing and opening than common hinge.

Flush Doors

Flush doors are considered as the simplest type of all interior doors. They have smooth and have no patterns or panels due to their both side plaining systems. In general, the facings are being attached to either side of a core material which allows creating an appearance of solid wood doors without having an expensive cost. These doors are produced having one of three cores which are hollow, solid or stave. Flush door with a solid core comes with extra insulation, strength and sound acoustic properties. On the other hand, hollow core flush doors feature only the most minimal of support between the frame and door surface. Stave core product is the level between solid and hollow flush doors. They have wooden slat stacked internal structures which are fixed one on top of the other. The facings are installed to the stack in order to provide the rigidity and appearance of a solid wood door while being economically-friendly thus it is affordable for any individual having low budget availability.

In part 2 of this article, another important types of interior doors will be introduced.

Types of Doors for Kitchen

kitchen doors

When it comes to deciding a new model or material for kitchen remodeling and décor harmonizing for homes, there are plenty of varieties that can be chosen. It is necessary to verify the cause of remodeling cabinets and it could be refinishing, resurfacing or replacing cabinets. Followed by reasonable deciding of changing cabinets, choosing the right and best type and material for cabinets is important.

Kitchen cabinets are often made of wood-based and wood materials and they have different applicable types for different usages. The most popular of these materials and types are MDF based, Slab Doors, Flat Panels, Raised Panels.


MDF is one of the most applicable engineered woods. The name stands for Medium Density Fiberboard. MDF is formed of thin panels made from resin, wax and wood fibers, all of which are pressed together and sealed in a high pressure system. MDF is considered as the highest level of engineered woods It is stronger, denser and more durable than the other engineered woods.

Thus it is the most applicable material which can be used for cabinet doors, and other doors structure. It is necessary to note that they are various types of engineered MDF materials. They are classed by density, glue type, moisture content, size, wood species and thickness. The stronger and thicker boards, have higher position than the others. MDF woods do not warp easily and are long lasting. They have high resistance when exposed to humidity and temperature.

These boards are very applicable when they are paint finished. MDF boards are very easy to customize and can be drilled or cut in many different ways possible. MDF boards offer high screw-holding power. Size varieties and choices for MDF boards are enormous. Thus, they have more advantage for remodeling kitchen cabinets. Also, MDF panels are high resistance material when exposed to water and are approvable for high moisture areas. It is also necessary to note that the price of these boards are very affordable and reasonable.

MDF boards are mostly used for kitchen cabinets and are usually found on the doors and interior paneling due to its specifications. However, this is not the only place that MDFs are suitable for and it has vast field of usage, both for commercial and residential needs.

Flat Panel Doors:

One of the honorable mentions for type of kitchen cabinet doors is flat panel and it is very popular in this period of time. It has simple style and can be fit many design schemes. The most popular one for today is the “Shaker” style door. It contains clean lines and also has visual beauty and interest. Bead board is another style for flat panels when it comes to kitchen cabinet doors. This type of panel is placed in the middle and its style is a perfect choice for achieving coastal looks.

Raised Panel Doors:

Raised Panel is a portion of the cabinet which is slightly raised. This panels come with different designs and styles just like the other panels. The name given to this type is due to its positioning. These panels are cabinet doors having center panel which is slightly higher than the surrounding frame wood.

Due to its flexibility in design, these panels can be used for both traditional and modern kitchens designs. Raised Panel doors are built by placing them in cut grooves which are made as frames of the doors or by attaching the panel with use of some adhesive. This type often has arches or square edges and also features glass or metal inserts to deploy unique touches to the cabinet. These panels can be made of many different woods and finishes which make them easily incorporative into any type of kitchen.

Slab Doors:

Slab Doors are basic, stripped-down doors which do not contain any hardware and they do not have frame. The installer of this type of door needs to use predefined and existing door frame or build a new one. Thus, slab doors are mainly used for remodeling where an existing frame is already present and fixed. Slab doors are good for both traditional and modern usage in residential and commercial building portions.

Slab door designs come with huge variety from simple and unfinished designs to extremely complex ones made of all types of woods. The most popular slab doors are often made of sheds, barns or other similar materials. However, they are another main material which these doors are made of, such as fiberglass or even steel but the most popular ones are wooden ones due to their beauty and unique characteristics. This type is rebuilt for usage of home remodeling purposes, such as slab exterior door or new closet and cabinet having wood based door.

Everything You Need to Know About Wooden Slabs door

Wooden Slabs door

Wood slabs, also known as Live Edge Wood Slabs, have not been in the wood industry for a long time but which have recently become very popular and are considered as luxury items. They can be used in addition to beauty in decoration. In homes, offices, as a conference table, used honeycomb tables as a dining table and Rustic wooden clocks, wooden shelves and floors, and beautiful modern mirrors.

In the following, we will talk about slab wood and its types and guide you in choosing the right design for a beautiful entrance door slab table.

What is a wooden slab?

They are called” Live Edge Wood Slabs”, as the edges of these woods are not cut. When the tree stump is completely cut vertically or horizontally, longitudinal cuts are generally called wooden slabs.

The trunk sides are not cut, and since it does not have an irregular shape, it distinguishes slab woods, and it will be complicated to choose between slab woods. Slabs come in a variety of sizes and colors, each of which has a unique beauty. In other words, slab pieces are so unique that they can not be duplicated, nor can they be the same.

Types of wooden slabs

In the following section of this article about wooden Slabs, we will talk about different types them. These types range from Berry to Elm and Pine.


The mulberry tree exists in different dimensions in terms of width, and the most common type of mulberry is yellow, which of course, changes color over time and in the presence of air and will darken—used to make shelves and tables less than one meter wide.


Willow color ranges from pale yellow to pale reddish-brown. Willow wood has high flexibility and is very resistant to climate change and temperature. Willow sticks have extraordinary beauty and can be used as a half coat, counter, or a small table.


Beeches are large trees that may be more than 2 meters wide. They can then be used as dining and conference tabletops. Available in cream to yellow to red and light brown. They have very high strength and are used for furniture or wooden doors and have a long life.


Elm is one of the trees with a small width and a lot of twists. The elm tree is light in weight and has high endurance and is one of the trees that has a beautiful natural design. Elm tree grows brown with dark veins. This kind of tree is used as a honeycomb table, shelf, counter, and river tables due to its twist and suitable width.


Walnut wood is trendy and is one of the heavy woods that has very high durability. The round tree is generally dark or light walnut or white and black. In terms of beauty, black walnut is known as one of the most beautiful woods. Colors in black walnuts range from yellow to orange, purple to hazelnut, and chocolate brown. The dark color of walnut, along with the appropriate width of its slabs, has made it the right choice for wide tables.


There are different oak trees, which makes oak one of the most prolific, cost-effective, and durable types of wood and works well for any purpose. Most of the oak trees are red is with a light brown with a shade of red in hue.


The color of pine ranges from pale yellow to light reddish-brown. The pliability of pinewood is remarkable. Pine Wood Slabs can be suitable for any table, bench, or counter-top.

As we mentioned, the slabs are unique in terms of the tree trunk material and each piece’s design. No doubt you are the only one who will  have a table like yours, and it will be unique. For example, if you combine a black walnut slab plate with a metal base, you will have an excellent dining table or conference table.

Slabs are usually prefabricated doors with a frame and hinges and are very easy to install. It will be used for its reconstruction. As long as the door is frameless or hinged, the door will be a Slab.

A Slab door’s benefit is its wide range of designs, especially if you need to add an antique door with different strategies to your home even.

Notes on slabs

  • When buying, pay special attention to the width, length, and thickness of the table you need, as these are essential points that should be considered.
  • Depending on the natural structure and the way the slabs are prepared, they are usually custom-designed. For your desired design, you must decide carefully and consider using the required slabs and the type of wood in your selection. For example, you may feel a walnut slab table for your office, and you should also pay attention to the color of your environment decoration.
  • The smoothness of the slab is the first condition for its use.
  • Usually, the larger the width of the tree trunk and the larger the slab, the less available it is, and therefore the prices will be much higher.
  • Holes, cracks, fractures, and any roughness on the slabs’ wooden surface are an advantage and show its naturalness.
  • When buying slabs, pay attention to the dryness of the wood. The moisture of the wood can be the right place for fungi and insects. They can cause rot and, as a result, the destruction of the internal texture of the wood. It will eventually annihilate the wood. To have a quality slab, make sure that the surface and the inside are dehydrated.

MDF and Slab Doors: Everything You Need to Know

MDF and SLAB doors

Since the materials used in the architecture are changing and the use of different raw stuff has become a routine, the point that must be considered in addition to aesthetics is that the material has adequate strength and longevity. In this article, we try to provide thorough information about the materials used in the construction of one of the essential elements in the building, namely doors. We compare MDF doors and Slab doors that have recently been widely used. With the information provided, we make it easier for you to choose between one of these two types of wooden-based doors.

MDF Doors

MDF doors are made of medium-density fiberboard, which actually is a kind of artificial wood produced from corroded wood particles. MDF is produced using glue, wax, or resin as a sheet under pressure and heat. Construction of MDF resists warping, cracking, and splitting, very similar to wooden doors that have been painted once. This ability to be painted has caused a great variety of colors. It helps you with offering a good number of choices to adapt to your house décor.

Some types of MDFs are waterproofed by nanotechnology during manufacturing, which enhances them so that they can be used for many years. MDF doors are designed for maximum stability and durability, contain recycled content, which is also more affordable than wood doors. MDF is one of the best materials for every size of doors. Interior doors made of MDF are a great choice due to their affordability and sustainability. They do not need repair, making them ideal for a long time.

Slab Doors

Slab doors are usually made up of various materials, including solid wood, fiberglass, or steel, and very often pressed wood with a hollow interior core. If your house has a prefabricated frame, it will be used for its reconstruction. Also, for designing a new house, this type of door can be used. Generally, Slab doors are used in residential and commercial buildings.

Slab door designs vary widely, including simple, unfinished designs and intricate pieces made from all types of hardwoods. Wooden Slab doors are very popular and usually were made of wood from old barns, sheds, or other similar structures.

For a general understanding of this kind of door, it should be known that as long as the door is frameless or hinged, the door will be a Slab. French doors, sliding doors, patio doors, cabinet doors, and even storm doors are also included in this type. They cost less than an Assembled door. Due to the various appearances, they have to be carefully measured to ensure the Slab door size fits. Slab doors indeed weight remarkably less, compared to the addition of a heavy frame.

A Slab exterior door is a piece of wood that does not have any hardware. These doors can be used as an interior or exterior door. Compared to prefabricated doors, most are paneled or flat and can be installed very easily. A Slab door’s benefit is its wide range of designs, especially if you need to add an antique door with different designs to your home even.

 Suppose you consider using Slab doors as external doors and are concerned with security. In that case, you can use steel to solve this problem.

MDF Doors VS. Slab Doors

Slab doors are made of wood and are pressed together to create unique and different entries. MDF doors, on the other hand, are made from a wood product called medium density fiberboard that has the ability to painted.
Unlike MDF doors, Slab doors do not have frames or hinges.

Installing Slab doors can also be relatively simple compared with the Prefabricated doors. When you want to change some doors in your home, you can use a sample for others.

Unlike MDF doors, which can be made of nano and insulated against moisture, Slab doors naturally can not resist wet conditions. Slab doors are mainly used for interior decoration, as they are appropriate for the interior where they are not exposed to the elements such as heat, cold, and moisture that can warp the frame of the door over time.

The steps to install your Slab door will depend on the type of door and existing hardware. A Slab door will either swing open or slide on rails above an opening.

On the other side, an MDF door with a wooden frame requires a flat hinge. To mount it on a metal frame, a welded metal frame hinge is used, but in any case, installing an MDF door requires a skilled installer.

If you are working on a home renovation and changing decoration, a Slab door is all required to completely change the look of your space. In contrast, the MDF door has a standard function that maintains security and privacy. 

Things to know about interior doors

interior doors trends

Interior doors are generally doors that connect one interior space to another interior space. For example, the doors of rooms or bathrooms, or doors inside the studio and workplace, or both types of space, which are defined in terms of interior space.

What is the acoustic insulation inner door?

Studios are spaces that may consist of several nested rooms, but this nest cannot solve the problem of sound transmission. For this reason, interior doors of any material and shape, accompanied by a set of sound-insulating foams or rock wool, are accompanied by external sound to the inside and internal sound to the outside.

What are the main features of the MDF interior door?

MDF, which is a wood-based product and is densely packed between LDF and HDF, is a medium-density corrugated wood board whose wood chips or constituent powder are coated with a resin or adhesive substrate. Wood is placed. Finally, on this mixed product, a final coating is applied to cover the raw core material to determine the final appearance of the MDF product. This veneer can be made of synthetic materials with different thicknesses or can be made of wood.

Therefore, products made of MDF, such as doors, have both good quality and high durability and satisfy the desired variety in terms of appearance. Also, MDF doors have a controlled weight and are considered a good choice for doors such as cabinet doors, cupboard doors, and interior doors that should not be too heavy.

What is a SLAB door?

The most important and obvious feature of SLAB doors is their flatness. Flat SLAB doors are produced in solid and hollow form and are known as economical doors; But despite being economical, SLAB doors can offer a great variety of looks and materials at an affordable price.

One of the advantages of SLAB doors is their smoothness and ease of cleaning. Especially because of the smoothness, many veneers can be easily glued to this door. In contrast, one of the drawbacks of SLAB interior doors is their low resistance to moisture and pressure, which justifies them.

SLAB doors can be suitable for simple environments such as bedrooms or workrooms or even workplaces and cafes. Also, to have interior doors, you should use a lighter material so that it does not make it difficult for people to move around and can be easily opened and closed with a little force. In this regard, empty SLAB economic doors can be a good option.

Interior doors as part of the decoration

Since interior doors have large dimensions and occupy a lot of visual space, they can play an important role in the decoration of a space. The color and type of opening and closing, or the patterns on it, can all be part of the wall and ultimately part of the decoration, which requires care and taste. Especially the SLAB door, which is perfectly flat and smooth and by some creative methods cannot look like a door at all. One of these methods is to rotate the door on an axis other than the usual axis to the right and left. This SLAB door can be for a not so private space, such as a library or work studio.

We may be faced with a stagnant, dead, and cold space where all the vitality of the environment is on the shower color of the door. In continuation of this issue, interior doors must be compatible with the main interior environment and at the same time can change the atmosphere of the interior. A luxurious luxury environment, where luxury and monarchy are used in other architectural components, requires a space-appropriate door, and in contrast to a simple, non-luxurious, non-decorative, practical environment, an interior door such as SLAB, which completes Be an interior designer.

The incompatibility of the interior door with other components of the interior space makes the door completely inconsistent with space and highlights it negatively in the eyes.

Glass door, a factor in space decoration

Glass doors can be used for cases where the interior space is not visible to other people, such as the lobby space of buildings, but in general, glass doors are more suitable for indoor spaces; Because both the health of the glass is not threatened in the face of outdoor space and the visual security of the indoor space is maintained. The glass interior door can give a somewhat more formal and luxurious space to the interior because it has more details and makes the interior space simple.

More maneuverability in opening and closing the interior door

Since the interior requires fewer rigid locks, a variety of methods can be used to open and close the interior doors. For example, push handles, sliding doors and accordion doors are some of the things that create more dynamism and attractiveness in an interior space.

Important points before buying interior doors

  • Paying attention to the size of the door: There are several prefabricated doors with standard size, but before buying the door or even ordering it, you should pay attention to the size of the door frame and buy the inner door accordingly. Many door frames are not standard and for some spaces even the interior door frames do not fit together. For this reason, the buyer has to order a door for each frame.
  • Paying attention to the direction of the hinge and its location: When buying or ordering interior doors, care must be taken to the direction that door would be open or close. Especially since many interiors have very little space and people may have to intentionally install the door hinge upside down to open the door to the outside. But in any case, since there is no room for maneuver in the face of interior doors, the direction and location of the interior door hinges should be re-examined before buying and ordering.
  • Paying attention to door fittings: handles and locks and door accessories are required to match the overall condition of the door as well as its style and the overall style of the interior. Just as the harmony of the interior door with the interior space is important, so should the harmony of color, material, form of handles, locks, and other fittings.
  • Consult with the seller about the door installation and its covering function: Many doors may seem appropriate for our needs and the place we use, but in fact, the design for our intended use Has not been. In this case, we can consult the seller about where to install the door. For example, using the door in a completely humid place, or in close proximity to water, or in strong contact with sunlight, we can set a specific goal and buy a door with the final cover or outer covering that fits our place perfectly.

Types of raised cabinet doors in interior design

Kitchen Cabinets

Different people would choose cabinets based on their door patterns. This puts a great importance on designing and developing cabinet’s door. During the last years, designers focused on attractive and stylish cabinet door patterns specially on wooden cabinet door types due to their impact on customers choice. For instance, contemporary and minimal interior design that nowadays are the trendiest interior design perfectly match with slab cabinet doors.

Stylish and minimal designs make a particular section of the home feel bigger like a kitchen. Flat and borderless cabinet doors such as slab cabinet doors have a sense of broadened space.

Types of cabinet doors based on the type of panel

  • The first type of cabinet door model, based on which the cabinet model is measured, is called a raised panel (raised cabinet door). The difference between cabinet doors with raised panels and other panels is in its central part. In other words, in this type of cabinet, the central part of the cabinet door is more prominent than other parts of the cabinet. Sometimes a pattern or design is used to design the outer edge of the cabinet door to take a different shape and image. It should be noted that this type of door is usually used in cabinets with contemporary decoration and minimal cabinets.
  • The second type of cabinet door is called recessed or flat panels. In this model of cabinet doors, the central part is usually sunken compared to other parts of the cabinet and is located lower. Of course, its edge is also relatively higher. This model, unlike the first type, is used in the style of completely modern decorations and classic and modern cabinets.

Types of cabinet door models for the kitchen

It should not be forgotten that usually choosing the type of cabinet, even cabinet doors, is one of the most important and determining factors in kitchen design. Not only the kitchen but also the home decor, this choice will definitely not be ineffective. Therefore, choosing a cabinet, the type of doors will have a significant impact on home decor. In this section, we will introduce some cabinet doors;

  • Raised cabinet doors: These models of cabinet doors are usually identified with raised wooden panels in the center of the cabinet. There are doors that are embossed with its central panel. Usually this model of doors has a longitudinal and transverse cut. However, it should be noted that due to the design of this model, the doors have more traditional application. In other words, people who are looking for a more contemporary design or decoration, welcome this model of cabinet doors.
  • Shaker cabinet door: This model is one of the common types of cabinet doors. This model of cabinet doors has four pieces, which due to its simple and beautiful design is compatible with any decor from traditional to modern. Another feature of shaker cabinet door, apart from its cleanliness and simplicity, is its neutral, white and gray color scheme, which is sometimes accompanied by natural wood coating.
  • Shutter cabinet doors: This model of cabinet door is unique because it is found either in island model cabinets or in decorative cabinets. This model of cabinet door is made of horizontal wooden sheets. Also, this model of cabinet doors has grooves that are sometimes used for cabinets that need ventilation, such as cabinets near the radiator.
  • Flat cabinet door: This model is another common model that is mostly used for modern decorations due to its hard lines and of course its minimalist forms. In other words, for cabinets with modern decoration, this type of flat model doors like slab cabinet doors is used. Regarding the construction of this model of cabinet doors, it should be said: Many of these models of cabinet doors are made of decorative or wooden sheets. Also, these models of cabinet doors are very smooth and simple, and of course, people who are very interested in cleanliness and shine, are more in favor of this model than flat model doors.
  • Built-in cabinet doors: This door model is mostly placed inside the cabinet. In this model, cabinet doors are used instead of ordinary hinges. It should also be noted that this model of cabinet doors is usually one of the most expensive models of cabinet doors due to its completely classic look.
  • Vintage look cabinet doors: This model of cabinet doors will definitely remind you of old movies and of course the kitchens of kings and old myths. The kitchens of kings and ancient myths who want to experience life in the modern and classic world as well. Therefore, this cabinet door model is mostly used by people with special attitudes and, of course, people who have more special interests and enjoy the vintage and retro decoration more.
  • Nostalgic cabinet door: This model of cabinet doors is called nostalgic doors because the doors of this model of cabinets with traditional wooden panels are more reminiscent of traditional space. On the other hand, these models of cabinet doors are designed in such a way that your kitchen becomes a very stylish and clean kitchen, but it should not be forgotten that this model of cabinet doors is more reminiscent of large rural houses. Of course, we are talking about the kitchens of houses in the villages, which, at the height of simplicity and largeness, evoke a special beauty for the audience.
  • Doors of thermophilic cabinets: This type of cabinet door is made of MDF, but in a plastic cover that is completely baked and completely sealed under the intense heat of its wood fibers. These cabinet doors have solid wood-like colors, which also have a longer lifespan.