Most Practical Way to Organize Your Closet

Organize Closet

Most people struggle when it comes to organizing their closets efficiently. It is common to organize closet many times over a year, and yet the area ends up looking like a bull busted through the walk-in or reach-in. Managing and maintaining a wardrobe will be an ongoing process due to the equipment and cloths’ updates. However, there are standard and specific ways to ensure decreasing the spending time on rearranging the area.

Organizing the closets for different rooms will result in a euphoric feeling. Organizing experts can always be beneficial for achieving the best results in less time. However, this process is not very complicated; thus, any individual can create the most efficient closet for every part of a house. Having a plan is the only thing that is necessary for having the ideal closet system. Additionally, when creating and organizing the area with a simple program, the site can provide the location of favorite pants, sweaters, shoes, etc.

Things to Have to Organize the Closet

The first thing before starting the organizing process is to ensure the right supplies and tools are available. Never start the process after an exhausting and long day of work. To start the main steps, having a little preparation work is always the best choice, and three hours of free time will do the job.

Shopping Bags

Always afford and use sturdy bags to transport clothes to a tailor or a dry-cleaning center. Boxes and bins are other alternatives for the purpose.

Tape Measure Tool

Measure hanging space and shelve sizes and right down the resulting numbers.


Make sure to provide a large mirror to accommodate a full-body image. This can help decide to toss and keep a set of clothes.

Multi-functional Basket

This system can include papers, rubber bands, wads of cash, receipts, hair clips and other smile items. Putting these items in a basket can be very functional when finding them in an extensive closet system.

Another important consideration before organizing the area is to have an overall idea of what clothes or equipment the homeowner will get rid of in a specific period. Options are trashing, donating, and consigning, while the last two are a better choice to make. Trashing is only acceptable for items that are beyond use or repair.

Steps to Organize Closet

Before getting into the most critical steps for organizing the closet efficiently, it can be beneficial to afford one of the house’s best systems: reach-in and walk-in closets. These practical systems are available in different styles and materials. One of the most common closet material is the MDF, a durable and long-lasting product and provides various advantages for the homeowner. These closets can be ideal storages to save equipment, tools and, most importantly, cloths. Walk-in systems are considerably larger than reach-in systems and can maximize the space for different purposes.

On the other hand, a reach-in closet allows the homeowner to install a single rod and place shelves above the hanging product. Both of these systems will need optimization and rearrangement. Following are the steps to organize closets regardless of their types.

Organize the Closet by Emptying and Cleaning

Many people have the habit of shoving clothes into their closets which almost always makes a mess. It is better to take everything out and find all of the contents, including forgotten items. Remove all elements from the closet consisting of hangers, bins, baskets and other things on the shelves about the rod or on the floor. Having a clear and clean space to plan how the rearrangement and organizing will be is the first step to achieving the ideal closet. It should start with dusting the entire shelving, hangings, and cabinet itself, whether made of solid wood or other substances. Then vacuum the floor beneath the closet and wipe the hanging rods, shelving and wall.

Declutter Shoes, Clothes, and Accessories

It is essential to choose precisely when giving up valuable equipment due to the custom closet systems’ finite specification. Thus, it is good to hold on to precious items. It is essential to always have in mind to sell equipment that is in good shape. There is another good option which is donating functional materials. Use a bin to organize these items and check them every six months to see if there is a cloth or equipment possible to donate or sell.

Purchase Closet Organizer

Closet organizer types are not going to create or add extra spaces in the area. However, these solutions can help to create a more accessible space for the user. One of the practical solutions is to afford a step stool to make reaching easier. Another ideal way to organize the area is by using double hanging to make better use of horizontal storages. A shoe rack on the door can also be an excellent solution to turn the portion into an additional storing place. It is essential to measure the space three times before buying a closet system and always afford the items that will suit the closet perfectly. After affording all the supplies and objects, it is time to put back everything in the best order and maintain it as long as possible.

Different Closet Organizer Designs

Closet Organizer

Using Closet organizer is a suitable way to manage extra spaces and make storing, hanging, and outfit or accessories retrieving simpler and better. Whether the closet type is a large walk-in or small reach-in one, family members and guests can benefit from the additional hanging space and increased shelf space of the system. Thus, not all closets have the same settings and they are not created equally which results in different qualities and advantages. For example, for having a custom closet organizer for a kid’s room, the setting must have both safe and adjustable specifications. Flexibility is another important factor, which needs to be considered when it comes to anomalistic sized spaces or when the extra storing area for more than the standard amount of clothing (shoes, accessories, etc.) is required. One of the most noticeable factors for closet designs is their material. Some people prefer to utilize products that are created from MDF material for easy installing and maintenance properties, and others choose to use solid wood for their classic and elegant designs. Each of these products are created with different methods including custom CNC routing and Cutting.

Closet Organizer

There are a variety of Closet Organizers available in the market that can expand ideas and provide limitless choices for creating unique storing spaces. Followings are some of the most common and popular organizers, which are widely used in many modern, or classic home interior designs.

Shelving Units

Anyone can add extra space and save a lot of room in their closets by setting up a suitable set of shelves. There are many clothes existing in people’s closets that do not require hanging but also the owner does not desire to tuck them away in dresser drawers. Clothes such as tank tops, T-shirts, and casual pants can be folded and placed on shelves. These designing products are very easy to install with the help and tips of the cabinet or closet experts.

Valet Rods

Valet Rods are known as huge space savers and are usually installed onto the side of a shelve that is created in a closet. They are pulled out to allow the owner to have an extra hanging area. It is important to remember that using old wire hangers can cause damages to clothes and closet rods and can make the area very messy. Instead, using wood or plastic hangers is recommended.

Shoe Boxes

Many people have issues with placing their shoes in suitable areas where they can find and choose them easily without confusion. Throwing them in the bottom of the closet will cause damage and they can be scuffed. Utilizing MDF or plastic shoe boxes is a perfect way to keep the products organized. These boxes can be staffed on the top of the shelf or in the bottom of the closet. These closet organizers can be hung over the back of the door and will allow the user to find the desired product without needing to search.

Hanging Bags

Other lifesaving products are hanging bags. They are designed especially for holding different things that the user does not want to place on the hanger. These products are available with shelves, pockets, and drawers. They usually slide onto the closet, thus they come with a super easy installation process.

Custom Systems

Some companies allow the customer to design unique custom closet organizers. Professionals review the design and create the demanding product. The buyer can install the ordered product with some simple tools. However, this system is considered pricy.

Important Steps for Closet Organizing

  • Evacuating Closet : Many professionals recommend cleaning the closet to determine what clothes the individual wants to work with and detect the perfect corners for placing shelves and boxes.
  • Purging Clothes That are not Frequently Used : After placing separators in the closet, it is good to find out if the closet is overflowing and if the space limit is not solved. In this case, it is better to know which clothes or equipment is not used for a long time and getting rid of them would be a wise choice.
  • Categorizing Clothes and Equipment : When organizing closets with different separators, it is good to create classes for clothes and equipment by their type and specifications such as length and color.
  • Maximizing Space : The size of the closet does not matter whether it is a walk-in or reach-in. The most important thing is to compartmentalize the area. The shoes must be stored in boxes, the clothes should be hung on the bars or hooks, and placing the equipment in corners that are not utilized for any purpose can maximize the space of the closet.

Walk-in VS. Reach-in Custom Closet

Cabinet Construction Methods

Custom closets are used as storage in any house. These storages are areas to save any equipment, tools or clothes. They can alleviate a great amount of stress from any individual day life. These stresses are including low amount of space for placing different stuff, organizing the house, aesthetic decoration etc. These products are underrated yet important part of any home due to the benefits of saving unnecessary energy leak and streaming line life. There could be many reasons for updating closets such as having insufficient space for any needs and other demanding proposes which need proper organization.

Custom closets are generally divided into three main types, which are walk-in closet, reach-in closet and wardrobe. There are other alternative closets available in market such as linen and built-in ones. However, the main function of all types is keeping belongings safe and arranged. These storages are varied in size. Some of are designed to have large area just like rooms and other are made smaller to contain lower amount of equipment or clothes. In this article, two of the main closet types will be compared to each other, in order to help the costumer choose the appropriate product for the house.

Walk-in Closet

Walk-in closet is known as the king of the storage solutions. The name tells itself that this closet is essentially a small room, which anyone can walk into. It generally starts from 6.5 feet in depth and there is no upper limit for the size of the closet. People, who have passion in for fashion, often prefer to have storages, which are bigger than standard master bedroom. Having extra space is the only limitation when it comes to choosing this type. However, individuals who can afford the extra space, often go for walk-in closets without having second thought. These closets are perfect for whom desire to add personal touch to their design and storing system.

Most of the custom walk-in closets are made having large size. This big space allow users to install the storage on rear wall or both sidewalls in the room. Each wall is approvable for either a mirror or closet depending on user’s preference. Walk-in closets can be made in smaller areas, which are almost half of the size of a room. This type is commonly found in bedroom suits since it takes larger space than the casual and simple closet due to the number of available storages. This closet is perfect for keeping shoes, clothes and many other types of stuff organized. It is always beneficial even thou it can take large area of a portion. As told, the most common size of this type is 6.5 feet in order to have high accessibility and it is even more applicable when people demand to have center island for maximizing the function of the area. However, deciding angles and corners of this closet can be challenging. Thus, having a predefined organizing system for the closet is recommended. Some people hang rod all the way around the area, which can be a bad decision due to the space waste. It is important to use all functional parts of the storage in order to prevent extra upgrades in future.

Reach-in Closet

Reach-in closet is commonly used in many residential facilities and are usually found in bedrooms or corridors. This type of storage does not require huge free space and the style is organized with shallow depth. It is often filled in with closet organizer and shelving system on the back wall. As it is obvious, this closet has smaller size compared to previous type of storage. However, if the reach-in closet is well arranged, it can definitely store a lot of equipment and stuff. Since the walk-in type require a lot of space, reach-in can be good choice for homeowners who want smaller rooms and partitions. In this type, the space can be filled with poles, compartments, drawers and open racks. These will allow you to store many things without looking overload. It is good to mention that the designs of this type is perfect for children’s room or rooms in older houses which often have smaller spaces.

The reach-in closet allows the user to install a single rod for hanging clothes. There can be another shelve above the rod, which can be suitable for storing other stuff such as iron table, small chairs etc. It is common to have return walls in this closet type due to its small size. There is an issue of being bored with the style of this type and many users consider for a modifications. For this purpose, it is recommended to use wire starter sets, which are adjustable and can have style changing and modifications easily. In order to have extra space for folded tools and devices, drawer or cube can be the best choice for anyone. This can be done by filling the closet with two drawers, which is common method. In addition, reach-in closet provides a double-tiered hanging system, which allows the user to create extra space. These closets are also suitable to have hooks and racks on the back of their door.

Introduction to variety of custom closets (part 2)

custom closet

In the previous part we ran over custom sliding wardrobe deeply and in this part we will go over other type of home cabinets.

Custom wall cupboard

Another custom closet that is suitable for limited spaces is called wall units, which are placed inside the room or environment and do not take up anything of the room space. Usually, these types of classic cabinets did not provide much access to the person, and the limitation of the space inside the wall, closed their hands to have a variety of space. But still, with design and creativity, you can design a suitable wall closet for yourself. One of the problems with wall cabinets is that we have to actually go inside and get involved between the deep floors to find the device we need. By doing this, we cast a shadow inside the closet, and this event makes the environment inside the closet darker than before. In this case, to solve this problem, you can use small lights in the closet and place the lamps in the closet space.

Sliding custom rail cabinets

Rail cabinets are another type of custom cabinets that can be suitable for small rooms and confined spaces in terms of how the door opens and closes. These sliding doors move on a rail on a horizontal axis and are not hinged. One of the best choices for the door of this type of cupboard is tall mirrors. A tall mirror can complement a precise choice of cover type and make a person’s mental image more realistic than their overall appearance.

Custom locker room

One of the most mysterious custom wardrobes, which of course requires a large amount of clothing and accessories, are closet rooms. These wardrobes are in fact a room that is completely intended for storing and storing clothes. This type of closet is also called a walk-in closet, because space is not limited to a closet and a number of drawers, and a person can walk inside his closet, which is actually a room, and with a category other than clothing. And do not face the accessory. These types of cabinets naturally take on a more personal design aspect due to their multiplicity and breadth, leaving the individual free to design. In this type of custom cabinets, a suitable place is considered for the smallest items; Something like earrings, headbands, socks and men’s skins. In fact, everything related to the appearance of a person and every element that makes a person look in these closets are placed depending on the size and amount of access and how it is stored.

For instance, such cupboards take up a large portion of shoe racks under segregated floors. Glass doors can also be used for the protection of items and clothes for easy use to maintain the cleanliness of the clothes. In addition, for optimal use of the whole space, the classification is usually done up to the ceiling itself, but for better access to the upper floors, either ladders or lowering levers are used. Manual or electronic. Also, glass tables or showcase-like glass floors are suitable for this type of custom cupboards; Because while the person can be precise on his choice from behind the glass, he can easily access it by dragging the drawer.

The design of all these classifications and drawers and tables can be considered in the field of custom wardrobe design. To make the best use of space, pressure cabinets can be used; In this way, with a push, in the closet and the clothes rack, they move on a rail and come out of their compartment. In this case, in addition to the proper use of space, the person has closer access to clothing. The smallest things can be changed to get the best placement in order to organize as many items as possible. For example, the size and color of the cupboard, the number of shelves, the slope of the shelves, the number and location of mirrors, lighting, the structure of the cupboard to use different corners of the room or different angles, the height of the shelves, engineered floors for Less placement, the inner body of the drawers to protect sensitive items, are all items that can be changed depending on the needs and tastes of the customer. In fact, room cabinets can be considered as a combination of wall, sliding and rail cabinets and other models.

Of course, even the smallest rooms can be turned into a closet room. If new and accurate methods are used to compress the equipment and classifications, it is possible to achieve a satisfactory result that is done professionally and professionally in organizing the work of clothing and equipment. And take up little space. In this situation, provided that the dimensions and ease of passage of the ordering person, small spaces can be used as hallway cabinets.

In short, if we want to have a more accurate idea of ​​the walk of these clusters, we are faced with a room that may have several nested rooms, from the ceiling to the floor, depending on the height of the items, from the types of cupboards, drawers and shelves. And baskets are full. In addition, for the convenience of the person, there is probably furniture for Peruvian shoes or even a place similar to a dressing room.

As mentioned, the use of this type of personal and non-public closets, for our order and access, help us and are considered important today. Especially that along with the desire and thirst to buy and have a large volume of products in the fashion industry, attention to the way clothes are stored in recent years has become very important; Because many people have noticed the damage of the fashion industry to the environment. This awareness has led to an increase in the importance of maintaining clothes and their multiple uses or assignments.

Introduction to variety of custom closets (part 1)

custom closet

Custom closets in a variety of shapes and sizes are one of the most customizable items we can imagine. The variety of personalization and the possibility of implementing various closet designs result in the order and accessibility of our equipment. Discipline helps in the comfort and peace of mind of many people in many situations. Especially since the comfort of life is one of the important goals that new tools and facilities are used to serve it. In first part of this article we go over custom sliding wardrobe and in the second part of article we will run over various custom wall units, cupboards, cabinets and locker room.

Custom sliding wardrobe

We all know that some clothes are more difficult to care for, or they are more important than other clothes to us. For instance, assume a garment like “trouser ironing line”. If the pants do not hang or fold properly on their tie line, they will both fall out of their original and formal shape and may be difficult to find among the large number of pants, disrupting the order of other clothes. A separate part of closet to place this dress in a perfect way, which is at a suitable height from the ground, has the ability to separate each pant individually and is designed to place pants with different and standard heights can be a solution!

Now imagine having similar section for another outfit such as a scarf or shoes. In this case, a large closet consists of a number of separate drawers in different sizes that form a single set. This sliding cupboard is one of the custom cupboards that is made exactly according to the customer’s demands with his defined tastes and sizes. Even the way the cupboards are opened and closed by pressure or tension can be considered as part of the order. It is also possible to make the best use of space and install clothes hangers at different heights and use lowering levers for easy access to clothes hangers. In this way, the person moves the lever and in front of, just like the clothesline moves down and forward to be completely in front of the person. This type of lever movement can be mechanical and manual, or in a more complex case, electronically controlled and managed with a remote or button.

Since clothing is not limited to clothes, accessories can also have a place in these wardrobes. If you are a person who has a large number of clocks and has put them all in one tight drawer, to find the desired clock, you either break all the drawers or you will not find it or The reason for not keeping all the watches and not passing them out of sight, later you will realize that you could have had a better choice for the watch with this type of clothing set. Imagine a complete drawer with several standard and neat sections by divider screens for your watches. In this case, there is no need to navigate between the boxes, all the clocks are in front of the view and the selection is done better, and also no trace of dust and pollution can be seen on the clocks. This can be repeated for sunglasses; Especially for glasses, it is necessary to design a non-harsh, soft and compatible environment with glasses so as not to damage the glass and frame of the glasses.

As another example, we can refer to hats, which do not really have a specific place for them and their specific shape in a normal wardrobe, and only hangers can be used for this type of clothing. One of the negative points of using a hanger for hats is that the hats get dirty and not clean in the open spaces. But this issue can be eliminated by custom designing a separate space and a number of hangers inside the closet, and the hats can be placed in the closed space of a closet. Types of baskets, shelves, internal drawers, hangers and rods are some of the items that are used inside this type of custom cabinets to perform the task of arranging items well.

Of course, this type of wardrobe is not for people who have nearly 50 hours and 50 glasses and a number of such clothes and accessories! Since each person is more interested in one of the accessories or the type of clothing than the other types, depending on their personal taste, they can order these drawers just for the same type of accessory. Also, each person with any small amount or a small variety of clothes and clothing, can order a sliding wardrobe with different drawers, depending on their needs, for their comfort and convenience and better access to equipment and, of course, more care for their property. As a result, we should not think that this type of custom wardrobe is only for designers or clothing designers or those who have a significant amount of clothing and care a lot about their appearance.