Everything You Need to Know About Wooden Slabs door

Wooden Slabs door

Wood slabs, also known as Live Edge Wood Slabs, have not been in the wood industry for a long time but which have recently become very popular and are considered as luxury items. They can be used in addition to beauty in decoration. In homes, offices, as a conference table, used honeycomb tables as a dining table and Rustic wooden clocks, wooden shelves and floors, and beautiful modern mirrors.

In the following, we will talk about slab wood and its types and guide you in choosing the right design for a beautiful entrance door slab table.

What is a wooden slab?

They are called” Live Edge Wood Slabs”, as the edges of these woods are not cut. When the tree stump is completely cut vertically or horizontally, longitudinal cuts are generally called wooden slabs.

The trunk sides are not cut, and since it does not have an irregular shape, it distinguishes slab woods, and it will be complicated to choose between slab woods. Slabs come in a variety of sizes and colors, each of which has a unique beauty. In other words, slab pieces are so unique that they can not be duplicated, nor can they be the same.

Types of wooden slabs

In the following section of this article about wooden Slabs, we will talk about different types them. These types range from Berry to Elm and Pine.


The mulberry tree exists in different dimensions in terms of width, and the most common type of mulberry is yellow, which of course, changes color over time and in the presence of air and will darken—used to make shelves and tables less than one meter wide.


Willow color ranges from pale yellow to pale reddish-brown. Willow wood has high flexibility and is very resistant to climate change and temperature. Willow sticks have extraordinary beauty and can be used as a half coat, counter, or a small table.


Beeches are large trees that may be more than 2 meters wide. They can then be used as dining and conference tabletops. Available in cream to yellow to red and light brown. They have very high strength and are used for furniture or wooden doors and have a long life.


Elm is one of the trees with a small width and a lot of twists. The elm tree is light in weight and has high endurance and is one of the trees that has a beautiful natural design. Elm tree grows brown with dark veins. This kind of tree is used as a honeycomb table, shelf, counter, and river tables due to its twist and suitable width.


Walnut wood is trendy and is one of the heavy woods that has very high durability. The round tree is generally dark or light walnut or white and black. In terms of beauty, black walnut is known as one of the most beautiful woods. Colors in black walnuts range from yellow to orange, purple to hazelnut, and chocolate brown. The dark color of walnut, along with the appropriate width of its slabs, has made it the right choice for wide tables.


There are different oak trees, which makes oak one of the most prolific, cost-effective, and durable types of wood and works well for any purpose. Most of the oak trees are red is with a light brown with a shade of red in hue.


The color of pine ranges from pale yellow to light reddish-brown. The pliability of pinewood is remarkable. Pine Wood Slabs can be suitable for any table, bench, or counter-top.

As we mentioned, the slabs are unique in terms of the tree trunk material and each piece’s design. No doubt you are the only one who will  have a table like yours, and it will be unique. For example, if you combine a black walnut slab plate with a metal base, you will have an excellent dining table or conference table.

Slabs are usually prefabricated doors with a frame and hinges and are very easy to install. It will be used for its reconstruction. As long as the door is frameless or hinged, the door will be a Slab.

A Slab door’s benefit is its wide range of designs, especially if you need to add an antique door with different strategies to your home even.

Notes on slabs

  • When buying, pay special attention to the width, length, and thickness of the table you need, as these are essential points that should be considered.
  • Depending on the natural structure and the way the slabs are prepared, they are usually custom-designed. For your desired design, you must decide carefully and consider using the required slabs and the type of wood in your selection. For example, you may feel a walnut slab table for your office, and you should also pay attention to the color of your environment decoration.
  • The smoothness of the slab is the first condition for its use.
  • Usually, the larger the width of the tree trunk and the larger the slab, the less available it is, and therefore the prices will be much higher.
  • Holes, cracks, fractures, and any roughness on the slabs’ wooden surface are an advantage and show its naturalness.
  • When buying slabs, pay attention to the dryness of the wood. The moisture of the wood can be the right place for fungi and insects. They can cause rot and, as a result, the destruction of the internal texture of the wood. It will eventually annihilate the wood. To have a quality slab, make sure that the surface and the inside are dehydrated.