How to Measure Kitchen Cabinet Doors? – Learn Everything

measure kitchen cabinet doors

At Rosene Interior Doors and Kitchen Cabinets, we serve our clients from contractors performing large-scale cabinet and interior door production to homeowners saving money with their DIY applications. Whether it is your first time working with kitchen cabinet doors or you need a refresher, we have prepared a simple yet complete guide to help you measure kitchen cabinet doors correctly.

Using this guide, you can measure kitchen cabinet doors you already have in your kitchen or the cabinet’s opening to create a new door with a suitable overlap. After measuring cabinet doors, you can order the correct door hinges for framed or frameless kitchen cabinets.

Measure Kitchen Cabinet Doors

To measure kitchen cabinet doors or any other cabinets for your bathroom or bedroom, you need a good tape measure and a notebook to take some notes.

Our experts always recommend measuring kitchen cabinets at least twice for more precision and accuracy, as most of you prefer having custom kitchen cabinets and doors that are made to the specific measurement you desire.

Measure Kitchen Cabinet Doors Using Your Current Kitchen Cabinets

If you want to have new cabinet doors the same size as those in your current kitchen, open your cabinet’s door and measure it by using the backside of the door for precision.

Please measure the width of your cabinet first and then its height, and remember to do the measurement twice.

You Can Do the Cabinet Door Measurement By Using The Opening

For fitting cabinet openings, you need to do some extra measuring steps to get the cabinet doors made in the correct sizes for your custom kitchen remodel or renovation.

  • Measure The Edges Inside Your Cabinets: When you start measuring the width of your cabinet door, you need to do it from left to right, beginning with the inside edges of the left vertical part of the cabinet face frame to the inside edge of the left side. Then for measuring the height, start from the inside edge of the bottom cabinet rail to the inside edge of the top rail.
  • Adding Space For Door Overlay Is Required: If you have framed cabinets, you need to know that their doors need to be larger than the cabinet opening to look good and close properly. Experts call this the door overlay. The standard for most cabinet doors is a 1/2 inch door overlay.

Measuring Double Cabinet Doors

You can add visual appeal and utility to your kitchen cabinets with double doors. We can help you get the perfect fit if you want to install double doors over a single cabinet opening.

To Measure Kitchen Cabinet Doors Accurately for Double Doors Over a Single Opening, You Need to:

  • Measure Kitchen Cabinet Doors Opening: Measure kitchen cabinet doors opening in the same fashion as single door cabinets, getting the total height and width from the inside edge.
  • Never Forget Adding Space For Doors Overlay: You need to add 1 inch to the height of your kitchen cabinet opening and for the width, add 1 inch to the total width and then divide by two. If you use European concealed door hinges, you can adjust the hinges in/out so the cabinet doors do not rub and have perfect alignment.

Additional: Measuring Kitchen Cabinet Drawer Front

After you measure kitchen cabinet doors, you may need to measure the cabinet drawer front. Taking precise measurements for the cabinet drawer front is very straightforward. If you plan on replacing your cabinet’s drawer front with a new style or materials, all you need to do is to measure kitchen cabinet doors and the backside of the drawer front for height and width to the nearest 1/16th.

You can measure the kitchen cabinet drawer front with two simple steps. For the drawer front, the overlay is the amount of material that extends beyond your kitchen cabinet’s opening and rests against the surface of the cabinets.

Measuring the drawer front by using an empty space can be done in two simple steps:

  • Measure Width and Height: Measure the height and width of the inside edge of your drawer opening.
  • Compensate for Drawer Front Overlay: It would be best to add one inch to each measurement, creating a 1/2 inch overlay on each side.

Placing or After Measuring Kitchen Cabinet Doors

After you measure your kitchen cabinet doors by following our instructions, contact us and tell us how you want your cabinets to be.

For ordering new cabinets from Rosene:

  • Find the perfect style.
  • Select the material you prefer (For example, MDF Kitchen Cabinet Doors)
  • Send us your kitchen cabinet door measurement.
  • Add hinge boring.