MDF, Letron and chipboard

In order to be able to distinguish between wood products, we need to have basic information about each of them. Before explaining practical ways to detect wood products such as MDF, Letron and chipboard we will briefly explore these materials. Testing the quality and performance of these products is time consuming, but the fastest way to compare products such as MDF and chipboard is to look at their appearance and compare their appearance.

Introduction to wooden products materials

What is MDF?

MDF or medium density fibreboard is a medium density wood plank that is between LDF and HDF in terms of strength and strength, which are light and heavy wood planks, respectively. These wood chips, as the name implies, are made of wood chips and are not integrated into the tree trunk. In fact, wood chips are used in various forms in the production of wood products, one of which is MDF. So, when we face MDF texture and its cross-section, we do not expect to see wood knots and the main wood texture.

A press machine is used to better put these pieces of wood together and make a strong wooden board. In this way, the wood chips that are to be converted to MDF are pressed by a press and heat machine to stick together to form a single board. Medium density corrugated board is used for heavier applications that require high strength and weight bearing.

But in addition to heat and pressure, a material with an adhesive nature such as resin helps to stick wood chips together in MDF. The resin provides a substrate for the wood chips to be placed between them to form a homogeneous composition. MDF from very fine wood chips; Which is made almost of the nature of wood powder. The combination of resin and wood powder creates a homogeneous appearance and a single color, and a completely flat wooden board.

What is a chipboard?

One of the first wood boards invented was a chipboard. Chipboard is made of wood chips that are placed under a press and heat machine to form a flat plank of wood with a specific size and diameter.

Chipboard was originally one of the best alternatives produced to natural wood, and its invention showed that it would have a fruitful future. As the following types of laminated and composite wood boards were made.

Two options of chipboard and MDF together

Both MDF and chipboard are green products made from recycled wood; In such a way that intact natural wood is not damaged to make them, and all the materials produced are woods that have been used before and have a waste amount to be used to make chipboard.

But in the meantime, the qualities of these products are also different from each other. The method of construction and the shape and type of materials used affect the quality of chipboard and MDF. Each of these chipboards and MDF products is used for a specific purpose, and the qualities contained in these materials are suitable for a limited range of tools and equipment. It makes sense to go for MDF for high product quality and use chipboard for lighter and less important tasks. That is why before buying these products, we should know them and be aware of the differences between them.

What is Letron?

Letron, also known as Paper Foil or Finish Foil, is a paper cover that is used as a coating on chipboard. This means that to improve the final appearance of the chipboard, veneers are placed on it so that the chipboard has a varied and desirable appearance and covers the not so high quality inside.

Letron is produced in rolls in different sizes and designs, and then a part or plate cut from the same thin paper roll is glued to the chipboard surface with glue and a pressing machine.

In the second part of this article we will explain some practical ways to detect these materials here …

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