MDF or Medium Density Fiberboard is mostly used for mock-up projects and basic workshop furniture. However, it is a great solution for plenty of projects, such as home furniture and fine wood working applications. It is a well-built product that can decrease money expenditure significantly and it is very easy to work with.

MDF is a product having high stability level and it is usually made from wood fiber which is fused together with some adhesives. It is popular due to its high resistance when exposed to typical changes in temperature or humidity in regulated indoor environments.

Followings are some of the most common decorative applications using MDF.

Living Room Storage Design

MDF surely brings any new and fun ideas to life with very affordable prices. Playful designs such as scattering of shelves and cabinets in the living room or even in conference areas are made possible with the right choice in products and planning with beautiful designs. MDF panels can be built in the repeating square design and filled with books, pictures and any other decorative equipment. This type of design will bring an aesthetic view and warming vibe to the room which it is placed in.

Efficient Office Storage Design

Using MDF panels can help keeping things functional and tidy. It can go a long way in office and home office designs. These panels can be used for shelving frames around any backing panel for coordinated and sleek design. It can be very applicable for storing any kind of documents and predications in applicable arrangement. It will definitely make the room look more classic and formal which will surely increase working mentality and can be extremely stimulant to work in the room which many people tend to have in their lives.

Kitchen Cabinets

MDF woods can make any dream kitchen come to life easily. Due to its stability, it is easy to work with and installing them for kitchen designing can be in a very fast pace. It is also extremely durable for handling any load for every holiday, family gathering and birthday events. It is also applicable for kitchen due to its high resistance against temperature and it can hardly get damaged when exposed to any hot materials or food. MDF having beautiful textures and finishes can make the kitchen look more heartwarming. Cabinets made by this wood can be a great storage for cooking and dining equipment


When having busy entryways, it is important to provide a moderate amount of storage in the place. Thus, it is necessary to build in functionality and appeal with stylish storage unit in any doorway or mudroom in order to help keep the area free of clutter. It is also very applicable for built in wall units in order to hang jackets and place outdoor shoes in it and prevent making a mess on the inner floor. Designers often use medium density fiberboard panels for any of these applications in entryways and they also build these additional shelving to make full use of the vertical space.

Dynamic Laundry Room

Laundry rooms which are often one of the most disorderly portions of any house, can be organized with storage cabinets and shelves. They are varieties of color appropriate for laundry room, however due to equipment existed in mostly white color, using shelving design with a deep gray color is recommended. MDF panels can offer great help to supply ample amounts of shelving in laundry and washing rooms. It also can be very applicable for a small set of drawers to stow away extra laundry supplies.

Elegant Bathroom

Using MDF panels for getting clean design and bringing elegance to any bathroom is a right choice to make. These panels are extremely handy for cabinet applications in bathrooms. Any finish or veneer can be applied to MDF in order to fit any design as desired. Another important reason for using these panels for bathrooms is its resistance against water and humidity.

Modern Furniture

MDF panels are very affordable and this ability make them solid choice for designers and woodworkers who attend to build modern furniture for growing families. Due to its easy painting and veneer applying, the options for designing any furniture with it are almost limitless. This panels are perfect for building a new dresser for any room or toy storage for kids play room. As it is obvious, designers can build different shelves with different sizes in order to fit in any room from the smallest ones to the biggest ones.

Cost Trimming

For cutting costs on details around the home, MDF is widely used as decorative trim and molding work. In order to make a trim, MDF sheets must be cut into strips and the edges should be shaped with router or router table. With the right bit, any trim profile from simple to fancy ones can be created.

Additional tips when using MDF for interior decoration

MDF boards are often heavy due to their densely packed wood fiber. Thus buying a MDF in half or quarter sheets can be helpful for making the job done easier. It is also tough on fasteners due to its density. Pre-drilling holes before using screws is highly recommended. MDF often produce huge amount of fine dust while cutting, thus wearing a dust mask cutting the parts outside is important.

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