MDF and SLAB doors

Since the materials used in the architecture are changing and the use of different raw stuff has become a routine, the point that must be considered in addition to aesthetics is that the material has adequate strength and longevity. In this article, we try to provide thorough information about the materials used in the construction of one of the essential elements in the building, namely doors. We compare MDF doors and Slab doors that have recently been widely used. With the information provided, we make it easier for you to choose between one of these two types of wooden-based doors.

MDF Doors

MDF doors are made of medium-density fiberboard, which actually is a kind of artificial wood produced from corroded wood particles. MDF is produced using glue, wax, or resin as a sheet under pressure and heat. Construction of MDF resists warping, cracking, and splitting, very similar to wooden doors that have been painted once. This ability to be painted has caused a great variety of colors. It helps you with offering a good number of choices to adapt to your house décor.

Some types of MDFs are waterproofed by nanotechnology during manufacturing, which enhances them so that they can be used for many years. MDF doors are designed for maximum stability and durability, contain recycled content, which is also more affordable than wood doors. MDF is one of the best materials for every size of doors. Interior doors made of MDF are a great choice due to their affordability and sustainability. They do not need repair, making them ideal for a long time.

Slab Doors

Slab doors are usually made up of various materials, including solid wood, fiberglass, or steel, and very often pressed wood with a hollow interior core. If your house has a prefabricated frame, it will be used for its reconstruction. Also, for designing a new house, this type of door can be used. Generally, Slab doors are used in residential and commercial buildings.

Slab door designs vary widely, including simple, unfinished designs and intricate pieces made from all types of hardwoods. Wooden Slab doors are very popular and usually were made of wood from old barns, sheds, or other similar structures.

For a general understanding of this kind of door, it should be known that as long as the door is frameless or hinged, the door will be a Slab. French doors, sliding doors, patio doors, cabinet doors, and even storm doors are also included in this type. They cost less than an Assembled door. Due to the various appearances, they have to be carefully measured to ensure the Slab door size fits. Slab doors indeed weight remarkably less, compared to the addition of a heavy frame.

A Slab exterior door is a piece of wood that does not have any hardware. These doors can be used as an interior or exterior door. Compared to prefabricated doors, most are paneled or flat and can be installed very easily. A Slab door’s benefit is its wide range of designs, especially if you need to add an antique door with different designs to your home even.

 Suppose you consider using Slab doors as external doors and are concerned with security. In that case, you can use steel to solve this problem.

MDF Doors VS. Slab Doors

Slab doors are made of wood and are pressed together to create unique and different entries. MDF doors, on the other hand, are made from a wood product called medium density fiberboard that has the ability to painted.
Unlike MDF doors, Slab doors do not have frames or hinges.

Installing Slab doors can also be relatively simple compared with the Prefabricated doors. When you want to change some doors in your home, you can use a sample for others.

Unlike MDF doors, which can be made of nano and insulated against moisture, Slab doors naturally can not resist wet conditions. Slab doors are mainly used for interior decoration, as they are appropriate for the interior where they are not exposed to the elements such as heat, cold, and moisture that can warp the frame of the door over time.

The steps to install your Slab door will depend on the type of door and existing hardware. A Slab door will either swing open or slide on rails above an opening.

On the other side, an MDF door with a wooden frame requires a flat hinge. To mount it on a metal frame, a welded metal frame hinge is used, but in any case, installing an MDF door requires a skilled installer.

If you are working on a home renovation and changing decoration, a Slab door is all required to completely change the look of your space. In contrast, the MDF door has a standard function that maintains security and privacy. 

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