Buying kitchen cabinet doors

Kitchen Cabinet doors are the key elements of any kitchen design. Manufacturers and woodworkers create numerous kitchen cabinet sizes, designs, and styles. Standard in-stock sizes are available in the market that can fit many requirements. However, most homeowners prefer custom-made products that can accommodate any size and style when buying kitchen cabinets doors. This article will help you find and buy the best type to fit into your kitchen’s design and meet your storage demands.

Stock, Semi-Custom, Custom Cabinets

Kitchen cabinet doors manufacturers provide products in three primary designs and prices which are:

  • Stock Designs
  • Semi-Custom Kitchen Cabinets
  • Custom Kitchen Cabinet Designs

Kitchen Cabinets with stock designs are typically pre-assembled in standard configurations and sizes. Clients can take them home and install them in their kitchens the same day or a few days later. Stock kitchen cabinet doors are more limited than custom ones in terms of design and style, but the price is perfect for lower-budget remodeling projects. Another benefit of these products is their quick installation process.

Semi-custom kitchen cabinet doors are built after clients order them, and most manufacturers offer a more extensive array of styles and sizes than stock cabinets. Various options for semi-custom kitchen cabinets make it easier to design a kitchen that can fit homeowners’ demands and requirements. However, it is essential to mention that semi-custom products require a longer lead time for delivery than standard stock ones, and they are a little pricier.

Custom kitchen cabinet doors are made to almost any style, or size clients demand. Homeowners may want to have unique cabinet designs to act as a focal point in the kitchen, or they may have an irregular-shaped space that will not accommodate a stock or even semi-custom products. Thus, professional kitchen cabinets and interior doors manufacturers will provide nearly any design and build any demanding products from scratch. Additionally, homeowners can select various kitchen cabinet doors designs such as framed or frameless style, drawer-fronts, and the preferred overlay type and color finishes. Custom kitchen cabinets with unique sizes and designs are the most expensive of all kinds, and the price mainly depends on the materials, options, and size.

Kitchen Cabinets Doors and Drawer Fronts Materials

Kitchen cabinets, doors, and drawer fronts are available in various materials and species of hardwood or engineered woods. Here are some of the most standard and common materials that are used for kitchen cabinets:

  • Maple and Hickory
  • Cherry Hardwood
  • Birch Cabinets
  • Oak Kitchen Cabinets
  • Alder Hardwood
  • MDF Kitchen Doors

Maple and hickory hardwoods are some of the most popular materials for kitchen and interior doors, that are dense materials. These natural materials are susceptible to scratches and dents than most wood species.

Another durable option for kitchen cabinet doors and drawer fronts is Cherry hardwood that has a very intricate grain and unique characteristics. Additionally, species such as beech, oak, alder, and birch can offer the beauty and warmth of natural wood while being more economical options.

MDF kitchen cabinet doors coated with a durable polymer molded or wrapped surface come in various colors giving the feel of stained or painted wood finish.

Different materials will have different grain patterns and hues when buying kitchen cabinet doors with a natural wood look. Thus, it is better to see a sample of the demanding materials and finish combinations before buying them. Another crucial thing to remember is that natural wood tones will age over time, especially when exposed to direct sunlight through the interior doors and windows.

durable kitchen cabinet doors and drawer fronts
Kitchen Cabinet Doors and Drawer Fronts

Frameless and Framed Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinet doors are either frameless or framed, and these terms refer to the construction of the products and indicate the look of the design options.

Frameless Kitchen Cabinet Doors
Frameless Kitchen Cabinet Doors
Framed Kitchen Cabinet Doors
Framed Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Frameless Kitchen Cabinets Doors

Frameless kitchen cabinets, also known as full access cabinets or European style, do not feature a face frame. These doors are famous for their modern, sleek, and minimal look, with the doors and drawer, glides attached to the box directly.

Framed Cabinets

Framed kitchen cabinets feature an overlaying frame system or structure attached to the front of the box. The frame can extend up to 5 cm over the cabinet’s opening, adding strength, structural stability, and sturdiness to the product. These kitchen cabinets doors are the most common type of product in Canada.

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