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Raised Panels

See the adantage of using Rosene Kitchen Door Raised panels

Introduction to the raised panels and what makes it unique from other panels

Raised panels for kitchen doors wouldn`t count as minimal design option. They can be produced in great or low details, but in both cases, they evoke luxurious and a glamorous sense of grandeur. Due to the prominent design on their facing, these panels would not consider as an economical option indeed. Rosene raised panels are cut to length and width to highlight one section. In fact, the negative space created on the door makes part of it stand out fabulously. Generally, the central part of the panels is highlighted, but there are other types that are not raised in the center of this panel. This type of kitchen door panel is perfect for places that need a lot of decorations and details in stuffs, and supports more traditional and integrated styles than modern ones.

Rosene company utilize the latest technology in all around Toronto to produce the highest quality of raised panels so that the product promote itself by client’s satisfaction.

Are the raised panels limited in pattern or design ?

Highlights and carving on raised panels can be created through one step or more steps down. The height of the steps is effective in highlighting and depth of negative spaces. So, they`re not limited and also, darker colors have a more prominent effect than light panel colors due to the sharper shadows between the gaps and the stairs. If the transverse and longitudinal cuts have a large margin from the edge of the panel, the facade of these kitchen doors will be framed. In this way, one or more small frames are placed inside a larger frame, which is the general panel of the door. The smaller frame can be accompanied by a curve, or all four sides are flat and form a square and a rectangle.

Details such as horizontal or vertical lines can also be considered on the central part of panels. In more complex cases, the embossed part creates a special texture by shaving it according to a pattern. This texture, which creates bright shades due to the ups and downs on the created surface, can have a different effect depending on the amount of light glow inside the kitchen. In general, this type of detail is more suitable for luxurious and ornate kitchens to match other accessories. Another point about the variety of appearance in these panels is that the top layer of these panels can have matte or glossy facings. These unique features make raised panels so diverse and eye catching.

Raised panels in Canada are normally mdf in their own color and with industrial and natural materials have the more unique appearances.

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