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SLAB Panels

See the adantage of using Rosene Kitchen SLAB Doors

What is SLAB cabinet door cabinet and what are its features ?

Kitchen SLAB or flat doors are flattish and slick doors of kitchen cabinet. They are not sunken and do not stand out, so they do not show a perspective. SLAB doors are also frameless and would install as a single plate door. Slab doors are used in modern and contemporary spaces and are very popular in todays interior design trends.

These doors give a contemporary look to the kitchen and at the same time are useful and practical. In addition to the kitchen, they are also used for bathroom and toilet cabinet doors. In Rosene, kitchen slab doors will be made of different materials such as hardwood, soft and hard multilayer wood, as well as MDF. In the latter option, MDF is accompanied by a layer of thermofoil or laminate.

Some Clumsily installation and use methods can cause the danger of swaying of its uniform panels, but in the normal cases with standard installation by professionals, this will be controlled and will not lead to any problems. As a result, the material resistance of these doors must be taken into account. As long as it retains its thermophilic or laminate, MDF resists. Rosene has been long worked on this issue to overcome it by its experts in Toronto.

Another issue that arises due to the smooth surface of the door is the high probability of scratching the door surface, which can be controlled with a quality cover layer. Raw material that Rosene is using is much more though than other cheap and low quality facing of kitchen SLAB doors.

Reasons to choose kitchen SLAB doors

If you are looking for a smooth, clean and simple view for your kitchen, you will obviously choose SLAB doors. One of the perfect looks that these cabinets give to the kitchen places is the brilliant and shiny effect that occurs due to the reflection of light, and the quality and quantity of this reflection changes according to the material of the procedure. There are also a variety of colors on the market for the materials used in SLAB doors and it does not limit the choice. Of course, in the midst of this apparent variety, you can use bright shades and give them a somewhat illusory perspective look. Also, due to their flat and uniform surface, it does not take much time and energy to clean them specially in places that windows are open normally and the air brings dusts.

The variety of colors and textures of Rosene SLAB doors are one of the reasons for the popularity of these kitchen cabinet doors that can be implemented in different environments. Another feature of these SLAB doors is economical price of them. They have no expensive details and at the same time they can create a wide variety of appearances with low price and simple stylish appearance.

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