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Kitchen MDF Doors

See the adantage of using Rosene Kitchen MDF Doors panels

Introducing kitchen MDF Doors

MDF stands for “Medium Density Fiberboard”, which means a medium-density fiberboard. The small pieces of hard, soft wood, along with the resin and wax, are pressurized and form the final product. Rosene always select the finest raw material to guarantee the highest quality of products. These somehow better to call “composite panels” are often finer than pure wood boards and have become very popular nowadays. Kitchen MDF doors do not deform by changing temperature and humidity, either horizontally or vertically, and they do not require special care that is a great feature in kitchen. The word medium in MDF indicates the average strength of this board between the chipboard and the hardboard, which is a perfect option for kitchen doors that do not require high physical strength. However, it should be noted that if these doors will break, they are much harder to glue than sticking pure wood.

What are the advantages of kitchen MDF doors?

The so-called Hardwoods that typically are popular in using as boards for kitchen doors are not resistant to high temperature and dump conditions, and this can lead to shrinkage, cracking and deformation in doors. Kitchen doors should be securely fastened to the frame and should not physically affect the hinges so that they can be opened and closed easily and without the risk of falling on the person’s feet or head. So, what can we do to prevent damage? Kitchen MDF door is definitely one of the best options to protect the kitchen door in a humid environment with heat such as kitchen or even bathroom. The chemicals in this MDF also prevent pest and termite damage and increase kitchen safety.

Hence MDF is made from recycled fibers, it is safe to say that green and environmentally friendly products are used. The recycle of MDF is also count as nature friendly point due to composite nature of MDF.

Due to the smooth and straight surface of thesedoors, the coating intended for MDFs is not limited and can cover a wide range of appearances. Also, clients can choose back of door in white melamine back and almond and hard-rock back and even more, the material is a layer of melamine in different colors and styles. Rosene provide waterproof coatings on kitchen MDF doors also to increase resistance to direct contact with water in the kitchen and not lead to blow MDF doors. Easy cleaning, variety in appearance and reasonable price are the reasons for the popularity of these kitchen doors.

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