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In the previous part we ran over custom sliding wardrobe deeply and in this part we will go over other type of home cabinets.

Custom wall cupboard

Another custom closet that is suitable for limited spaces is called wall units, which are placed inside the room or environment and do not take up anything of the room space. Usually, these types of classic cabinets did not provide much access to the person, and the limitation of the space inside the wall, closed their hands to have a variety of space. But still, with design and creativity, you can design a suitable wall closet for yourself. One of the problems with wall cabinets is that we have to actually go inside and get involved between the deep floors to find the device we need. By doing this, we cast a shadow inside the closet, and this event makes the environment inside the closet darker than before. In this case, to solve this problem, you can use small lights in the closet and place the lamps in the closet space.

Sliding custom rail cabinets

Rail cabinets are another type of custom cabinets that can be suitable for small rooms and confined spaces in terms of how the door opens and closes. These sliding doors move on a rail on a horizontal axis and are not hinged. One of the best choices for the door of this type of cupboard is tall mirrors. A tall mirror can complement a precise choice of cover type and make a person’s mental image more realistic than their overall appearance.

Custom locker room

One of the most mysterious custom wardrobes, which of course requires a large amount of clothing and accessories, are closet rooms. These wardrobes are in fact a room that is completely intended for storing and storing clothes. This type of closet is also called a walk-in closet, because space is not limited to a closet and a number of drawers, and a person can walk inside his closet, which is actually a room, and with a category other than clothing. And do not face the accessory. These types of cabinets naturally take on a more personal design aspect due to their multiplicity and breadth, leaving the individual free to design. In this type of custom cabinets, a suitable place is considered for the smallest items; Something like earrings, headbands, socks and men’s skins. In fact, everything related to the appearance of a person and every element that makes a person look in these closets are placed depending on the size and amount of access and how it is stored.

For instance, such cupboards take up a large portion of shoe racks under segregated floors. Glass doors can also be used for the protection of items and clothes for easy use to maintain the cleanliness of the clothes. In addition, for optimal use of the whole space, the classification is usually done up to the ceiling itself, but for better access to the upper floors, either ladders or lowering levers are used. Manual or electronic. Also, glass tables or showcase-like glass floors are suitable for this type of custom cupboards; Because while the person can be precise on his choice from behind the glass, he can easily access it by dragging the drawer.

The design of all these classifications and drawers and tables can be considered in the field of custom wardrobe design. To make the best use of space, pressure cabinets can be used; In this way, with a push, in the closet and the clothes rack, they move on a rail and come out of their compartment. In this case, in addition to the proper use of space, the person has closer access to clothing. The smallest things can be changed to get the best placement in order to organize as many items as possible. For example, the size and color of the cupboard, the number of shelves, the slope of the shelves, the number and location of mirrors, lighting, the structure of the cupboard to use different corners of the room or different angles, the height of the shelves, engineered floors for Less placement, the inner body of the drawers to protect sensitive items, are all items that can be changed depending on the needs and tastes of the customer. In fact, room cabinets can be considered as a combination of wall, sliding and rail cabinets and other models.

Of course, even the smallest rooms can be turned into a closet room. If new and accurate methods are used to compress the equipment and classifications, it is possible to achieve a satisfactory result that is done professionally and professionally in organizing the work of clothing and equipment. And take up little space. In this situation, provided that the dimensions and ease of passage of the ordering person, small spaces can be used as hallway cabinets.

In short, if we want to have a more accurate idea of ​​the walk of these clusters, we are faced with a room that may have several nested rooms, from the ceiling to the floor, depending on the height of the items, from the types of cupboards, drawers and shelves. And baskets are full. In addition, for the convenience of the person, there is probably furniture for Peruvian shoes or even a place similar to a dressing room.

As mentioned, the use of this type of personal and non-public closets, for our order and access, help us and are considered important today. Especially that along with the desire and thirst to buy and have a large volume of products in the fashion industry, attention to the way clothes are stored in recent years has become very important; Because many people have noticed the damage of the fashion industry to the environment. This awareness has led to an increase in the importance of maintaining clothes and their multiple uses or assignments.

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