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Custom closets in a variety of shapes and sizes are one of the most customizable items we can imagine. The variety of personalization and the possibility of implementing various closet designs result in the order and accessibility of our equipment. Discipline helps in the comfort and peace of mind of many people in many situations. Especially since the comfort of life is one of the important goals that new tools and facilities are used to serve it. In first part of this article we go over custom sliding wardrobe and in the second part of article we will run over various custom wall units, cupboards, cabinets and locker room.

Custom sliding wardrobe

We all know that some clothes are more difficult to care for, or they are more important than other clothes to us. For instance, assume a garment like “trouser ironing line”. If the pants do not hang or fold properly on their tie line, they will both fall out of their original and formal shape and may be difficult to find among the large number of pants, disrupting the order of other clothes. A separate part of closet to place this dress in a perfect way, which is at a suitable height from the ground, has the ability to separate each pant individually and is designed to place pants with different and standard heights can be a solution!

Now imagine having similar section for another outfit such as a scarf or shoes. In this case, a large closet consists of a number of separate drawers in different sizes that form a single set. This sliding cupboard is one of the custom cupboards that is made exactly according to the customer’s demands with his defined tastes and sizes. Even the way the cupboards are opened and closed by pressure or tension can be considered as part of the order. It is also possible to make the best use of space and install clothes hangers at different heights and use lowering levers for easy access to clothes hangers. In this way, the person moves the lever and in front of, just like the clothesline moves down and forward to be completely in front of the person. This type of lever movement can be mechanical and manual, or in a more complex case, electronically controlled and managed with a remote or button.

Since clothing is not limited to clothes, accessories can also have a place in these wardrobes. If you are a person who has a large number of clocks and has put them all in one tight drawer, to find the desired clock, you either break all the drawers or you will not find it or The reason for not keeping all the watches and not passing them out of sight, later you will realize that you could have had a better choice for the watch with this type of clothing set. Imagine a complete drawer with several standard and neat sections by divider screens for your watches. In this case, there is no need to navigate between the boxes, all the clocks are in front of the view and the selection is done better, and also no trace of dust and pollution can be seen on the clocks. This can be repeated for sunglasses; Especially for glasses, it is necessary to design a non-harsh, soft and compatible environment with glasses so as not to damage the glass and frame of the glasses.

As another example, we can refer to hats, which do not really have a specific place for them and their specific shape in a normal wardrobe, and only hangers can be used for this type of clothing. One of the negative points of using a hanger for hats is that the hats get dirty and not clean in the open spaces. But this issue can be eliminated by custom designing a separate space and a number of hangers inside the closet, and the hats can be placed in the closed space of a closet. Types of baskets, shelves, internal drawers, hangers and rods are some of the items that are used inside this type of custom cabinets to perform the task of arranging items well.

Of course, this type of wardrobe is not for people who have nearly 50 hours and 50 glasses and a number of such clothes and accessories! Since each person is more interested in one of the accessories or the type of clothing than the other types, depending on their personal taste, they can order these drawers just for the same type of accessory. Also, each person with any small amount or a small variety of clothes and clothing, can order a sliding wardrobe with different drawers, depending on their needs, for their comfort and convenience and better access to equipment and, of course, more care for their property. As a result, we should not think that this type of custom wardrobe is only for designers or clothing designers or those who have a significant amount of clothing and care a lot about their appearance.

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