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Interior SLAB Doors

Read the reason of using Rosene SLAB Doors

What is SLAB Door ?

Interior doors are commonly used to enter and exit from one interior section to another. These doors require little force to open, so light weight would be one of the features considered for interior SLAB doors. SLAB doors produce in heavy core layer or an empty central layer as it needed to be. The remarkable feature of these doors is that they are stretched out and stylish. They don’t have dents and protrusions and decorate with no other details except those that are accompanied by some small decorations. SLAB doors are used in modern and contemporary spaces and give the place a minimal and brilliant look.

A slab door can be made of different materials. The variety of facings in these doors has made them popular to be used in sections with different purposes in home, work environment, cafes, and more. Their matte or glossy look is determined by the type of coating material.

Due to the flat and uniform surface of these types of doors, cleaning them is easier and quicker. Depending on the type of material, care must be taken in cleaning, but they are not usually damaged a lot. Some kind of cover has applied to these doors to protect them against scratches and sharp stuffs.

These doors are known as economical doors but with low price and plain appearance, they can create a wide variety of facings.

SLAB door in interior design

If SLAB doors will used in the right place and associated with creativity, they can create outstanding and unique looks. These doors are normally seen as part of the wall because of their planeness, this feature can be used for orientational design purposes. You can also give them a new way to open and close. Rotating these doors on an unusual or central axis can be a creative approach. By placing them on the middle axis, they can be referred to as a moving panel rather than a simple door. Also, the size of these doors can be not as usual standard size and make it special. The variety of appearances discussed earlier is used in these creative ways. A wide yellow screen that doesn’t look like a regular door can be used as an entry and exit channel for anyone interested in trying it out.

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