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Interior doors have been transforming from functional components of a house to crucial features in the interior design and style of the space in past years. Woodworkers and door makers produce different types and styles with various attractive colors. This article breaks down some interior doors trends you should consider when buying new products for your new or renovation house project.

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Types of Interior Doors

Although most people think about interior doors’ functionality or durability, it is essential to know their types and how they can accommodate the overall interior design of your house. Here are the categories that you can consider interior doors trends right now.

  • MDF Interior Doors
  • Interior Slab Doors
  • Raised Panel Doors
  • Flat Panel Interior Doors

The interior doors type you choose for your house mainly depends on your overall design and, most notably, on your taste. However, other factors can force you to select one from the above list, such as budget, durability, paint finishes, etc. Know their specifications, and you will choose the best interior doors trends for your beloved home.

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Interior doors types
Popular Interior Doors Types

Trendy Interior Doors Styles

Current interior doors trends consist of various beautiful and functional styles that you should know. If you choose your interior doors styles correctly, you can make your home’s design look fabulous. Here are the trendiest interior doors styles you should consider for your homes.

  • French Interior Doors
  • Pocket Doors
  • Barn Interior Doors
  • Colonial Doors
  • Craftsman Style Interior Door
  • Atherton Doors
  • Princeton Interior Doors
  • Continental Style Doors
  • Cambridge Doors

Each of the interior doors trends in the above list features unique characteristics. Although the primary function of all styles is creating entrances and exits for the rooms, the unique design that each door offers will allow you to upgrade your interior designs ideally. The specification of these interior doors trends are fantastic, and knowing them will help you choose the best style for your house. Thus, we recommend you to know them better by reading our interior doors style guide.

trendy interior doors

Interior Doors Trends: Color

Although the color you choose for your doors mainly depends on your personal preference and taste, the interior doors trends can impact your color options. There aren’t any rules or rights and wrongs for interior doors colors. However, some hues are trendy for interior designs currently. Here are some interior doors trends for colors that can enhance your home’s attractiveness.

  1. Pops of Blue in your Interior Doors
  2. Bright Rays of Sunshine to Complement the Yellowish Hues
  3. Raindrops and Rose Doors is Perfect for Kids Room
  4. Pink Boho Doors for Bedrooms
  5. Deep Blue Interior Doors Make the Entrances Bolder
  6. Subtle Blue Gray Provides Softer Touch
  7. Classic Neutral Colors Will Make the Interiors Look Clean and Simple
  8. Warm Dark Neutral Hues for Keeping the Decor Dark
  9. Bright Green Interior Doors Works with Navy and White Walls
  10. Brownish Interior Doors for More Classic Feel
beautiful and trendy interior doors
Brownish Interior Doors
Interior Doors
Deep Blue Doors

Interior Doors Hardware

One thing that people notice first when an interior door is out of style happens to be its hardware. Sometimes it is not even outdated, but the choice will feel less intentional than the rest of the interior designing factors of a house. For interior doors trends, having suitable hardware on a door can significantly impact whether or not your interior doors are in or out of style. The doors can have a beautiful and custom design, but they will no longer look attractive with the wrong choice of hardware. For example, a door with brown wood colors can have black and dark handles. On the other hand, for creamy and white interior doors, the current trend recommends using gold handles or brushed gold knobs that can fit the hinges.

Picking Interior Doors Trends for You

Picking the suitable door equivalent to the interior doors trends can be confusing. But, you should not be worried since we can consult and help you choose the best interior door design, style, color, and hardware for your homes. Additionally, you can check our Pinterest page for more inspiration in your interior design, kitchen cabinets, and doors choice.

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