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Raised Panels

See the adantage of using Rosene Interior Door RAISED panels

Interior door raised panels

Raised panels are one of the trendiest designing materials for the interior doors of the buildings. Raised panels are more well-suited for traditional or classic or integrated door designs. Due to the fact that the doors occupy a large portion of the wall space and attracts more attention if the color would differ from the wall, it seems necessary to choose a suitable door to its environment and usage of the property.

In these door types, parts of the panels are raised (which is generally the central part of it) somehow that surrounded by a prominent space in a negative space. In fact, it is the negative space that creates the prominent space. This negative space between the sections are located in the middle of protrusion and the main frame of the door. In this type of raised panels, shading on the panels plays a big role. The more intense the shadow is, the more visible the difference in the dimensions of the panels would be.

The appearance of the raised parts also plays a role in making the doors more luxurious. Embossed sections with more complex shapes that are not created with four smooth sides make the door look more sumptuous and stylish. It is common to create wicker pattern or checkered textures on the raised panels of the doors, and even inlays on some of the most glorious and exquisite raised doors. This type of highlighting is more common if the interior door is intended for entering and exiting a special property.

The difference between the panel of interior raised doors and flat doors

Structurally, apart from raised panels, the central surface of the panel is not highlighted in flat panels, and except for the perimeter of the door, the rest of the surfaces are uniform. In the side view of the central space of these doors, all points are at the same level.

Raised panels look more stunning than flat panels due to their design. The space in which interior doors made of flat panels are used would seem more modern but also more minimal design.

Flat panels have a greater variety of designs and colors due to the coatings that can be installed on them, and they can also support more fancy colors. But in the raised doors, classic colors and designs are usually used rather than fantasy. Outdoor door designs may not be limited, but the variety varies from physical designs on doors to prefabricated veneers.

additionally, the price is another factor that makes the difference between these types of door panels. The cost of raised doors is higher than flat doors. Flat doors are one of the simplest and most economical choices, but raised doors are more expensive due to their finesse.

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