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Flat Panels

See the adantage of using Rosene Interior Door FLAT panels

Introduction and benefits of interior door FLAT panels

FLAT doors are formed with flat panels and can be produced with single or multiple panels. These doors come in a variety of hollow or hard-core central layer. Flat doors count as an economical option for a large quantity of interior doors in a building or property and have many fans for use in modern places. The simple appearance of the flat doors makes them a perfect choice for minimal indoor environments, as the smooth, straight, ornate lines help to modernize the design. In addition to interior doors, FLAT panels are also used for closet doors. These doors can be used in different ways depending on how they are installed.

Flat panel designs for interior doors of buildings

Separate from usage in connecting two sections to each other, doors count as one of the elements of interior design. As a result, paying attention to their appearance, considering their large size, can play a role in decorating management. By determining the appearance of the door, the facing of a large part of the wall will be determined because they form big sections of place. The first case in the view of FLAT doors is the placement of panels with different shapes and numbers. A flat door can be made of a panel and look integrated. These single panel doors look more secluded and simpler. They can also be made by placing two or more panels side by side, which divides the main panel into several sections. Compared to a single panel door, this may give the environment a more elegant look and make it straightforward. In the meantime, the shape of the multiple layer panels can also include geometric shapes, or be combined with curved lines to give the interior door a more fluid and versatile feel.

In Rosene, the material used to make FLAT doors is a variety of high quality wood or wood products with veneer, melamine, wood veneer, frosted glass, clear glass that makes the doors look different from each other. As a result, different colors and designs are available for door FLAT panels. Also, due to the flatness of these doors, the coating option with different designs and colors is easily applicable.

In terms of the variety of these types of doors, we can also mention how they are implemented. This means that these doors can be installed in the form of a rotation around an axis, sliding, with double-glazed or single-glazed windows, and have a different way of opening and closing than a conventional hinge.

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