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Interior MDF Doors

Read why you should use the Rosene MDF Doors

Advantages of MDF doors in comparison to other types of interior doors

The interior MDF door is installed to connect the two interior spaces. Due to the fact that these doors are not exposed to the outside space, they do not need to be very resistant to extreme weather changes or decay indeed. But the point is that their resistance to heat and moisture should be considered for the bathroom space as well. MDF is highly resistant to these factors, and as long as the coating layer that is normally outer layer resists, the MDF panel itself will not be damaged, the contraction and expansion has normally no special effect on the MDF and MDF panel will not be deformed easily. Obviously, the size of the interior MDF door should be proportional to the size of the frame, and if the heat and cold do not affect on the frame and the door equally, the operation of the door will become defective.

Another advantage of MDF doors is their resistance against termites and insects. Along with their durability and longevity without special maintenance, we can mention their stylish facing and reasonable price, which has made them popular among people in today’s interior decoration.

Variety of MDF door designs

Generally, MDF is applicable for a variety of purposes. In Rosene company variable thicknesses for MDF doors are considered based on the need and application during production. Additionally, the smooth surface of MDF boards allows the supplier to use various coatings according to the customer’s taste on the panels. Natural wood or industrial and artificial materials can be used in Rosene production line for veneers. Artificial materials include laminate, paper strips, melamine, Plexiglas and more.

MDF coatings can cover the aesthetic aspect of doors, or they can add extra quality to door resistance. Also, these doors will normally be painted with scissors and multi-layered paints to achieve a smooth and clean appearance and apply personal taste. Due to the lack of knots in the MDF tissue, their pigmentation increases and the result will be more attractive.

Also, this variety of appearances won’t limit the choice of handles and fittings and give the buyer more choices for the details. MDF considered as a green product and is made with recycled raw materials, composite wood chips. The result of choosing MDF is an economic choice along with visual diversity.

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