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Interior Doors Toronto

Interior Doors Supplier and Manufacturer in Toronto

Rosene is has become popular for its professional and high-quality interior doors among interior designers. Interior doors are moveable structures that we construct for your indoor applications. The primary function of our products is to provide access and egress to a room or other areas of your house. Our elegant and durable doors are produced for both residential and commercial applications for providing privacy, helping in sound reduction, separate one space from another, aid in ventilation, and let the light into the room.

Types of Interior Doors We Provide for Homeowners in GTA

Rosene is one of the fewest companies that are proud to have different types of interior doors production. We create doors with MDF panels, SLAB and other wood materials with various styles, including raised and flat panels doors. We also use a wide range of finishes for our products to help the interior designer create endless looks for the entrances of the rooms.

  • Slab Interior Doors
  • MDF Interior Doors
  • Flat Panel Doors
  • Raised Panel Doors

Read More About Our Door Types by Clicking the Images Below.

How Interior Doors can Impact Your Home’s Design?

There are various factors that will impact the overall design of your interiors. Interior doors are essential components of a house that most designers focus on to enhance the visual effect of their design. Choosing, buying and using a suitable interior door style and type will make your home look fabulous.  


beautiful Interior doors

How to Choose and Buy Your Interior Doors?

Choosing and Buying the best type of interior door for your house can be challenging. Fortunately, you can contact Rosene through our phone number or email address for consultation. Our professionals will ensure that you will get the best door design for your beloved home. Or you can read our interior doors buying guide by clicking the link below.

Essential Tips from Rosene

We assume you are new to the door industry, or you may not have ever chosen an interior door for your house. Here are our simple yet essential tips that you will need for your new or home renovation project.

Interior Doors Size

As you may know, various prefabricated doors in the market have standard sizes. However, before you order or buy one for your home, it is essential to pay attention to the door frame’s size and then buy your preferred interior door accordingly. Many door frames in our houses are not standard, and for some areas, the door frames do not even fit together. Thus, if you want to buy a door, you will have to order a product for each frame.

interior doors size

Please Pay Attention to the Hinges Direction

One of the essential things you should be aware of is that care must be taken in the direction of door hinges that would close or open the interior doors. Since most current homes have small interior spaces and you may want to install the door hinges with the DIY process, you will need to be precise with the direction of the hinges. Thus, before buying your new doors, re-examined the hinges for the best results.

Door hinge direction

Check the Door Fitting

It is essential to ensure the door handles, locks, and accessories match the overall design and conditions of the doors and the style of your interiors. Thus, you will need to choose the hardware that accommodates the harmony of color, material, and style.


Consult With Rosene About The Interior Doors Installation and Its Covering Function

Since most of the doors in online shops look perfect for your interior needs and applications, you may think you found the best product. However, your intended use may not be satisfied. So, we recommend you consult with Rosene’s interior doors professionals about where and how you should install them. For example, using a door in a humid area like bathrooms, close to water, or with strong sunlight exposure, we will set a specific goal and help you buy a door with the perfect coating or outer covering that will fit your home design perfectly.

consultation with rosene