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Beautiful interior doors can dramatically change your home’s overall design since they are one of the most crucial components of your house. When you buy a product from a reliable supplier, you should bring it home and use it. But the problem is that do you know how to apply them precisely? If you think interior doors installation is complicated or don’t know much about it, don’t worry, Rosene is here to help you.

As you know, there are different types of interior doors that we provide, including:

All of our interior doors can be installed quickly; the only thing you should do is follow our instructions carefully. You can choose two methods for interior doors installation: prehung and slab. However, your skill level, condition of your existing frame, and budget also play an essential role in your interior doors installation process.

You can install our slab doors easily since their only component is the door, and they do not have any other parts of a frame. Additionally, interior slab doors are incredibly budget-friendly.

Our guide for installing interior doors will help you learn how to remove your old door and then install the new one to create beautiful interiors for your home.

Remove Old Door for New Interior Doors Installation

If your interior doors installation process requires removing old doors, you should start with the frame.

First, you should remove the hinge pins with a hammer and screwdriver, then remove the interior door from the frame.

If you want to have the best results with your interior doors installation, you should remove the hinge plates from the frame. Then, loosen the trim by using a stiff putty knife.

By using a pry bar and a piece of wood, remove the trim precisely. When removing the edge, you should be very careful not to damage the surrounding walls.

You can easily remove the head and inside jambs simultaneously from the opening. Then push the side jambs away from the studs and pull down the head jamb.

Note: If you consider painting or upgrading your interior wall, the perfect time is during interior doors installation. Any changes to your wall or frame should be done before installing the main door.

Position Your New Door

Once you have completed removing the old door and prepared the frame or the doorway, you can start the primary step of interior doors installation.

Position your new door with these simple steps:

  • Slide your new interior door into the rough opening.
  • Put your door in the opening and slide it until there is a flush between the wall and jamb.
  • Ensure your door panel opens in your desired direction and location.

Add Shims for Interior Doors Installation

This step of interior doors installation starts with using a level for checking if the door is straight. Then add shims for level adjustment and ensure the jamb is sealed.

Remember that the frame must be smaller than the opening for adjustment allowance. Then slip the shims under the side jamb until you find your door’s head jamb leveled.

It would help if you shimmed between the studs and the side jambs to fill in the gaps. Start with the bottom and the top of the frame on the sides of the hinges. Then shim between the studs and hinges. Position the shims so that half of the shim is above the hinges to help you during nailing.

Note: After finishing this step, recheck the level to ensure your interior doors installation.

Nail the Door Frame to Studs (For Framed Doors)

In this step, you should dive two finishing nails through the door frame, through the shims, and at last into the door studs.

Note: This step is only for door types that have the frame.

Drive two nails at a 2 cm distance from each edge through the shim. However, it is essential to remember that before driving nails, open and close your door and make any required adjustments.

After you are satisfied with your product’s performance, drive the nails.

Install the Door Trim

After you nail the door frame to the studs, it is time to fix the trim to the jamb by driving six finishing nails through the edge and into the studs behind your interior walls. This step is critical to installing interior doors perfectly.

It would be best to trim any exposed shims by scoring with a knife.

The last thing you need to do in this step is to cut and install the trim on the other side of your new interior door as you do on the first side.

Attach Hardware and Accessories to Complete the Interior Doors Installation

Once you install your interior door on the frame, it is time to attach the doorknobs and backplates. Remember not to screw the knobs too tightly.

Then add the strike plate and lockset to your new interior doors.

Although now you know how to install interior doors, it is better to call an expert to do the job for you for the best results.

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