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Everyone focuses on decorating their bedrooms with beautiful displays, furniture, and carpets, but what about the doors? Most homeowners undervalue interior doors for bedrooms, and some even rarely consider these components. But, when you buy interior doors, you can add beauty, flair, and character to your bedroom.

If you want to upgrade your room, it is essential to consider interior doors for bedrooms, and having a few keys in mind will help you choose the best one.

Rosene is here to help you understand how you should choose the best interior doors for bedrooms. Just follow our guide, and you will see the result yourself.

The Functionality of the Interior Doors for Bedrooms

Depending on the size of your bedroom and the structure of your home, your room can tend to have more than one interior door, and each can have different functions. While you generally use interior doors for bedrooms to provide privacy, they also offer a bit of soundproofing.

First of all, think about the primary function of your bedroom doors. Most homeowners buy doors for aesthetics. You can also invest in beautiful interior doors for bedrooms, such as paneled doors to add dimensions to the hallway. However, others may choose their products based on the cost. Choosing affordable yet beautiful interior doors for bedrooms can cut costs in a home remodeling project.

But, you should know that bedroom doors do much more. They provide privacy and help you separate your room from other portions while allowing you to contain noise or block it out.

When choosing interior doors for bedrooms, think about whose bedroom you want to pick the door for. For example, for children’s rooms, it is better to buy doors that are designed to be opened and closed quietly. If you want to choose a bedroom door for the older or differently-abled person, you should consider using double-wide doors.

When choosing interior doors for bedrooms, it is essential to think about the direction of the swing and ensure the doors will open properly. Additionally, it is crucial to follow the interior door trends and universal design features to choose the best product for your rooms.

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Bedroom Doors Types

Generally, the most common and popular interior door types are:

Both types are perfect interior doors for bedrooms, and you should choose the one you prefer in terms of overall price and style.

Flush or Flat Panels Interior Doors for Bedrooms

Flat doors are the most uncomplicated and minimal type on the market. These bedroom doors have a flat surface and do not feature any detailing.

These interior doors for bedrooms look and feel like a single piece of wood, and they are often very inexpensive compared to raised panels.

Additionally, you can match them with your bedroom’s decoration elements easily. Flat-panel doors are available as hollow and solid core doors. Moreover, flush interior doors for bedrooms are lightweight, and it is easy to install them while you can finish them with various stains and paints.

Raised Panels Bedroom Doors

If you want to add more interest and appeal with details to your bedrooms, you should consider using raised panel doors. These doors are divided into different panes or panels.

Manufacturers utilize the mainframe and then build the panels into it. Some raised doors have horizontal panels, and some have vertical. There are various styles available for these doors that you can choose for your bedrooms. Most popular raised panel doors have panels that are raised from the flat surface, and others have boards that can be recessed.

You can choose raised panel doors that are entirely made from wood or have glass panels. Depending on your preferences, these interior doors can also be hollow or solid core. Additionally, you can paint or stain them to match your bedroom’s designs, like flat doors. However, if you want more dimensions, you should buy raised panel doors for your bedrooms.

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Popular Styles of Interior Doors for Bedrooms

There are numerous styles available that you can choose for your bedroom doors. Here are some of the most popular styles of interior doors for bedrooms that you can choose.

  • Hinged Bedroom Doors
  • Sliding Interior Doors For Bedrooms
  • Folding Doors
  • Bypass Interior Doors
  • Pocket Bedroom Doors
  • Barn Doors for Bedrooms
  • French Doors
  • Pivot Interior Doors
  • Dutch Doors

Hinged Bedroom Doors

Hinged doors are currently the most popular interior doors for bedrooms. These elementary doors feature hinges on one side, allowing for swing opening and closing. Manufacturers can use hinges on either side to offer proper movement based on your bedroom’s entrance.

Most of the hinged bedroom doors are sold pre-hung, meaning that the door is hung and leveled within its frame. Then the frame is added to the opening in your bedroom’s entrance.

Installing hinged doors is easier since the hard leveling work is already done. However, you can buy hinged doors that are not in frames, and installing them can be challenging.

Sliding Interior Doors for Bedrooms

Sliding interior doors can be ideal for some bedrooms. If you want to create a room with an Asian-style design, sliding doors are the best choice for you.

The opening of these doors works with slide rails instead of hinges used for swing openings. The movement in these bedroom doors is horizontal by gliding along a track that is placed on the base of the floor or the upper section of the door frame.

sliding door for bedroom

Folding Doors

Folding interior doors, also known as bi-folding doors, work just like they sound, meaning when they are pulled open, they fold into two sections that extend outwards.

The folding doors are perfect for the bedroom’s custom closets or rooms with limited space.

Bypass Interior Doors

Bypass interior doors for bedrooms function similar to the sliding doors. The difference is that they track along the upper section of the door. When you open the door, it overlaps and minimizes the amount of opening, creating more space in your bedroom.

Pocket Bedroom Doors

When you need to save more space in your rooms, pocket bedroom doors are the best choice. These doors are built into the wall meaning that it is hidden, and they do not need the space that hinged doors require.

Barn Interior Doors for Bedrooms

Barn interior doors look like they came straight from country facilities or barns. They generally have pieces of wood linked together and create a rustic look for your bedroom.

French Doors

French interior doors for bedrooms are uniquely designed and consist of two doors that have glass panes. French doors are ideal for large bedrooms that require a luxury appearance.

Pivot Interior Doors

Pivot interior doors consist of a unique hinge in the center of their frame, allowing the door to pivot on that hinge to open in the direction you push or pull.

Dutch Bedroom Doors

Dutch interior doors are also called stable doors. These doors are generally half-high doors that are divided horizontally. Although Dutch doors have a unique design, we do not recommend them for your bedrooms.

The Best Bedroom Door Materials

The next step for choosing interior doors for bedrooms is considering the materials that you want to use for your products. You can choose various materials, and the most common ones are:

Solid Wood Doors for Bedrooms

Solid wood doors that are natural are the most expensive and the most durable interior doors for bedrooms. They are available in various grain patterns depending on the wood species. Additionally, solid wood doors are perfect sound insulators. However, if you live in an area with high humidity levels, it is not recommended to use solid wood doors for bedrooms.

MDF Interior Doors for Bedrooms

MDF interior doors are one of the most popular choices that are moderately priced, and since they are engineered wood doors, they do not warp like solid wood but look and feel like it. You can easily paint your MDF interior doors in your desired color.

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Hollow Core Doors

The most affordable option for bedroom doors is a hollow-core door. These products are made with plywood or molded composite material. Hollow core doors have an empty structure making them lighter than other types, but they are not good sound insulators.

Hollow core doors are suitable for homeowners that do not want to spend a lot on their bedrooms.

Solid Core Interior Doors

Although solid core interior doors are designed like hollow core doors, they are filled with a wood fiber blend. They are not produced with solid wood but consist of an engineered filler substance.

You can use solid core interior doors for bedrooms to improve your room’s sound protection and temperature control while keeping the costs down from the natural concrete wood products.

Glass Interior Doors

Glass interior doors are the type with metal or wood frames and glass panes. Although these doors are very modern and contemporary, our experts think they are unsuitable for bedrooms.


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