Renovating kitchen is not all about changing colors, floorings or equipment. Using right wood for kitchen cabinets is the most effective factor in enhancing beauty and aesthetics of the portion. Two of the most popular wood-based kitchen cabinet doors for perfect elegant design are flat panel and raised panel doors. They are many factor need to be considered before choosing and buying any of the products. As designing standard, drawer fronts and cabinet doors are considered as the core of the kitchens visual characteristics. Thus, knowing the differences between flat and raised panels could be vital. Nowadays, they are so many people who want their kitchen to have classic or modern look. Both of the product can do the desired service with their unique characteristics and beauty.

Main Appearance and Specifications

The main difference between raised panels and flat panels is in the height of the center panel of the kitchen cabinet door or drawer. The raised panel cabinets are raised above the rest of the door and generally have flat border around them. On the other hand, flat panels have a flat center, which has a raised border around it. Both of the panels are manufactured with CNC cutting and other machinery or hand techniques for custom kitchen applications.

Flat Panels

Flat Panels are the simplest door type for kitchen cabinets. These products have variegated appearance. Variety of finishes and coating is used for the product and this is due to its perfect flatness. The name of the product is relevant to its center panel of the door, which is flat rather than contoured or raised. These panels are very sleek and have clean design and lines. The simplicity of the product is unique and it can bring an extreme modern look to the kitchen

However, they are also great choice for having traditional looking kitchen. These type of cabinets have the ability of blending perfectly into any type of kitchen designs. The material used in flat panels are budget-friendly laminate or wood which are decorative. These panels often have minimal design and are frameless. Thus, the kitchen will take minimal but beautiful characteristics to itself. Another important specification, which the product has, is its easy maintenance and cleaning procedure due to its coverings. These products are often made in light or controlled weights, thus they have easy installing process and obey every safety standard factors in the industry.

Raised Panels

The raised panel is made in a way to provide extra dimension and 3D visualization to the cabinet design. The middle section of the door, which is a raised piece of wood and floats in the center of the frame, creates groove and depth between the frame and the central panel. The center portion of these doors is a little bit higher than the surrounding wood frame and they usually have square edges or arches. These panels bring additional characteristics and extra depth to the cabinets which results in having more appealing interior design for the kitchen.

These are also used for traditional designing of the bathrooms. These panels are not all the same. This means that some may have simple framework appearance around the edges and another may exaggerate greater dimensions. They are some unique products available, which are combination of varied frame-type panels and raised center panels. In general, these products are detailed and intricate. All of the raised panel products can merge perfectly with the grain, texture and color of the wood creating an aesthetic delight and masterpiece of cabinets.

Popular Colors Used for Flat panels and Raised Panels

Mixed Wood Tones

This Type of color finish has been popular for many years. It is available for both raised and flat panels. However, it is recommended for flat doors. This unique color has every type of wood characteristics form high vibrancies to low and faded hues. This color is perfect for creating modern look of a kitchen. It is classy and due to its wood-grain, which shines in some of the portions, it brings texture and depth to the area.

Old World Inspired Hues

Old world colors often contain hues with higher warmth level and have more of yellow in their structure. These colors are also called as old world charm. They are different old world colors available for raised panel such as MONA LISA, PYRAMIDA. Flat panels also have old world inspired hues such as DAVINCI, PILLOW. This type of color is suitable for both modern and traditional looking kitchens.

Sea Green

Sea green is one of the most versatile colors available for raised panels. It can completely merge and blend into any taste of design and it has unique ability of creating a tranquil feeling in the kitchen.

Muted Shades

As the interior designing art improves day by day, designers try to use more modern and improved colors in order to harmonize the kitchen characteristics with cabinets. Designers appreciate muted colors such as navy, deep greens, ivories and even charcoal. These colors are useful for both raised and flat panels.

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