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Interior doors are products which are made to provide exit and access to the different parts of residential or commercial buildings. These doors require to have aesthetic appearance and installable characteristics and specifications. In Different types of interior doors part 1 article, some of the important and common products were introduced. This article contains another interior door products introduction which are utilized widely for different types of projects or applications.

MDF Interior Doors

MDF is the short term of Medium Density Fiberboard. MDF doors are engineered wooden doors which are made of planer shavings, saw dust, recycled wood and wheat. Their numerous advantages and benefits make the popular among the people all over the world. They are easy to shape and do not contain knots. Thus, these products offer uniform, smooth, sleek and spotless surface.

In addition, MDF interior doors are considered one of the easiest maintaining and cleaning doors in the market which is due to their rotting free, warping free and other damages resistant characteristics. Another advantage of these doors is that they can be painted and finished with different materials easily. Additional specifications which are considered as advantages are strength, durability and sturdiness of the product. MDF is also sound resistant which means it can provide privacy at every corner of a room. These doors are very popular due to their durability and sustainability and they serve the purpose for long time.

Raised Panel Doors

Raised panel doors are another type of interior doors which are very trendy nowadays. These doors are more applicable for classic and traditional designs. They are available in different colors and finishes which makes them perfect for contrasting and harmonizing the wall appearance and attract more attention. Raised doors have particular parts which are raised a little and are often at the center of the product. The central section of the door is protruded and creates prominent space and it is located in the middle of the center part and main frame. These doors are also perfect for elegant and luxurious appearance due to their complex shapes which are not created with smooth sides.

Cottage Doors

Cottage doors look so spectacular for period homes. They are also called plank doors or ledge and brace. These doors are often made from oak and are a hard, rusty style door. Despite of their traditional appearance, cottage doors are perfectly appropriate for both contemporary and traditional residential facilities. This type of internal door contains vertical planks which cover the full length of the product. In some cases, these planks can run from on edge to another or they can be encased within a border.

Hollow and Solid Core Doors

Hollow core doors have high level of affordability which are made of plywood or molded composite material and contain hollow interior. This type has lightweight and is perfect for any kind of interior project and is easy to install or fabricate. In addition, hollow core products allow more sound to pass through. They also approvable for any room of a house such as bathroom, bedrooms and even kitchens pantry door. Solid core doors are designed almost like hollow core products. However, they structure is filled with a wood fiber blend material. It is important to know that they are not a solid wood product but are made with an engineered filter product. This adds the advantage and ability of sound acoustic and temperature control to the door.

Dutch Doors

Dutch doors are known as perfect option for stables. These products have split look in their style which provide users the opportunity of opening the top half separately. The top part can act as a window and due do this, they require four hinges instead of other standard interior doors. Dutch doors allow users to have clear view of outside thus they can be applicable for small offices. Employees can pass document without needing to open the door and with just using the top part as a window.

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