Interior Doors

Interior doors are moveable products constructed and designed for utilizing in indoor application. The primary function of these doors is providing access and departure to a room or other areas inside a facility. Thus they require lightweight features in order to need little force to be opened. These products are used for both commercial and residential applications in order to provide privacy, noise reduction from other parts, portion separation, ventilation aid and light infiltration. The earliest usage of these products go back to ancient Egyptian tombs. Beyond the first discoveries, interior entryways of ancient Greek and Roman structures reveal the popularity of the interior doors. They used to build single, double, folding, sliding and even automatic doors out of stone, wood, metal and their combination.

Interior doors have improved over time and nowadays, residential and commercial doors are produced in a higher level of durability in order to handle repetitive use and heavy traffic. Additional structural requirements and standards include building codes, fire protection, anti-theft functionality and access for the handicapped individuals. However, types of interior doors vary in many for different projects and purposes. Followings are the different types of interior doors available in industry and market.

Slab Doors

Slab doors are one of the most popular interior doors which are produced in light weight. These doors have heavy core layer structure or empty central layer. They have stretching and stylish characteristic which makes them remarkable. They often do not feature protrusions and dents and have no decorative details except the ones which are made with some small decorations. These doors are often used in areas which require contemporary, modern and minimal appearance. Slab doors are created with variety of materials and facings which make them approvable for using in different sections of a home, work place, cafes etc. The coating material determines the glossy look of the product. They have uniform and flat surface which makes them easy to maintain and clean. The applied coating and covering gives them durability and long life span and makes them resistant to any type of common damages such as scratches and cracks. In addition, interior wooden slab doors are popular due to their economic-friendly specifications and appearance.

Interior Flat Panel Doors

Flat panels doors name can obviously tell that they are formed with flat panels and are often produced with multiple or single layer panels. The products which are with multiple layers can bring extreme elegant look to the design and in addition, they include geometric shapes and curved lines for giving the interior more versatile feel. These doors are considered as an economical choice for areas which require large quantity of interior doors and they are popular when it comes to modern buildings. The smooth, ornate lined and straight appearance of these doors make them appropriate for minimal indoor portions and help to modernize the general design. In addition, this type of interior door has the ability to be installed in a form of a rotation around a specific axis and sliding etc. with having some different ways of closing and opening than common hinge.

Flush Doors

Flush doors are considered as the simplest type of all interior doors. They have smooth and have no patterns or panels due to their both side plaining systems. In general, the facings are being attached to either side of a core material which allows creating an appearance of solid wood doors without having an expensive cost. These doors are produced having one of three cores which are hollow, solid or stave. Flush door with a solid core comes with extra insulation, strength and sound acoustic properties. On the other hand, hollow core flush doors feature only the most minimal of support between the frame and door surface. Stave core product is the level between solid and hollow flush doors. They have wooden slat stacked internal structures which are fixed one on top of the other. The facings are installed to the stack in order to provide the rigidity and appearance of a solid wood door while being economically-friendly thus it is affordable for any individual having low budget availability.

In part 2 of this article, another important types of interior doors will be introduced.

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