Cutting Cabinets

When buying or renting a house or property, what is the first thing that catches your eye in the kitchen? Having cabinets with appropriate dimensions, using good quality material, and having a beautiful appearance convinces you to proceed with this house’s transaction.

If your home’s size is small, depending on your living conditions, your concern will be more in kitchen appliances placement depending on the furniture you have. This is where the presence of cabinets in the kitchen is significant.

To some extent, dimensional difficulties in the kitchen will be solved by choosing the right cabinets. Still, using different methods and techniques in cutting cabinets will be very important, but not everything ends in the kitchen. After entering the house and visiting the kitchen and its main hall, let’s go to the other rooms. The first thing we face is the interior doors, including the rooms, the bathroom, and the toilet. That will be prominent in your choice when a door is well-made, with appropriate dimensions, quality material, and, most importantly, being beautiful, which transmits the house’s energy to you.

In this article, we try to review different methods and techniques of cutting cabinets and interior doors. Join us.

Different Methods and Techniques of Cutting Cabinets

Before we talk about cabinet cutting methods, it is better to get more familiar with the process of producing cabinets.

Kitchen Measurement

The kitchen environment’s size and the furniture to be placed must first be measured before the design and construction of cabinets can begin

For example, the stove is to be placed on the cabinet, or space must be provided for it, or an area must be provided for the refrigerator in the kitchen.

Cabinet Designing

The type of kitchen system (hallway, V-shaped, U-shaped, and L-shaped) should be specified. The kitchen’s access triangle, which includes the sink, refrigerator, and stove, must also be observed.

Determine the Thickness of the Slices and Cutting the Pieces to the Specified Sizes

One of the most critical things in making a cabinet is to make sure that the pieces are cut with the same thickness and in the right parts. In calculating the cuts’ size, one should pay attention to the wall or floor of the cabinet. In the construction of modern cabinets, cutting is usually done more delicately. MDF and its derivatives are very diverse, which is why there are different machines for cutting them.

Cutting MDF with CNC

Computers must be used for both design and production, and in fact, this device is a set of mechanical, electronic parts that can be moved by giving a specific program to it. This program only needs to be given once, and the device automatically adjusts to the same program once and repeats.

Before starting the cutting operation, for cutting cabinet parts, be sure to inspect both sides of the sheet to make sure that its sides are healthy. And the sides should not be pale and corroded, and you should remove them.

Accuracy in cutting the size pattern because the cutting error, even in millimetres, can be problematic. It will be visible time inaccuracy that the installer has problems installing the doors and cannot deliver the cabinet work cleaned and regulated.

The saw blade for cutting MDF has two edges: a large knife and a small dagger with a short sword for cutting the MDF veneer’s bottom and a large blade for cutting the MDF core and the top surface.

Before you start cutting the parts, you must make sure that the component sticks to the cutting machine’s pattern. Before cutting, be sure that the blades are sharp because the edge’s slowness and making thinning dangerous causes the MDF to fall off, thus reducing the quality of the MDF coating surface.

Cutting the Cabinets with a Jigsaw or hammer Saw

Different tools like jigsaws or hammers are used to cutting fiber, wood, plastic, ceramics, chipboard, all types of metals, and low-thickness materials.

Different ways of cutting interior doors

HDF and MDF doors are the most widely used types of interior doors in buildings. Doors made of wooden doors and glass doors are also used as interior doors. 

MDF and HDF wooden doors are also made of CNC machines without manual intervention and create various designs.

First, the location of the door must be accurately measured. In general, cutting wood in the required dimensions is following the available sizes and the door’s model, and the method of making the door is influential in how the wood is cut.

To make a wooden door, we cut the wood in the desired size and then grate it, then we put it in a machine called a milling machine that has several blades that lock the wood together to make the door strong and durable. To be made.

In simple doors, cut the wood to a standard thickness and then cut it and put it in the middle of a wooden beam and dip the desired sheets in glue and place it under the press machine for 20 minutes to keep the proper heat and pressure under the press to dry the adhesive well. Then it should be placed on a flat surface for a day and ready for installation.

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