Custom Wall Units

Nowadays, required free space for small houses or apartments have become an important part of every one’s life. As the free space gets smaller, furnishing and designing a good looking area becomes harder. Thus, a solution for organizing the equipment is essential for every home. Custom Wall Units with stylish designs, provide great help for highlighting any room in any residential or commercial facility and make the place more manageable. Built-in Walls can provide not only a design element, but huge functionality with all of the storage available. Built-in Units are designed to be very strong for providing stable and static bearing for books and statues which can be extremely heavy. These walls are especially designed for spaces which are not quiet viral or useful and make them aesthetically appropriate for different usage.

Built-ins Units Usage

Built-in Wall Units are being designed with variety of colors and sizes, depending on interior style and vibe. Most modern homes contain Custom Wall Units in their different portions such as kitchen, bedrooms, dining rooms and living rooms. They surely improve the aesthetic side of the interior and can contain a lot of equipment while providing high level access. These wall units can provide new look to the room due to their unique custom design which are varied in simple ones and extremely modern ones with complexity.

Book Shelves

One of the most used features of the Built-in Wall Units is bookshelf designs. These shelves provide space for a library, meanwhile grant modern look for homes. This type can be installed in a unique form in different areas such as the space under the staircase or in the side wall of the staircase. These wall units can be installed up to the ceiling while having accessibility to all their shelves. The worst case scenario is using a small ladder to reach their highest shelves. Bookstores are of the most common facilities which can have Custom Wall Units to manage their space more efficiently.

TV Sets

Nowadays, houses usually have multiple television sets and variety of technology which accompanies them. Custom Wall Units can design for media centers can give the perfect space for TVs to be seen as well as housing all the additional boxes and media platforms which are commonly used. Using wall units for today’s sleek, cutting edge TV technology is recommended for harmonizing the stylish TV media units as the perfect media backup. TV wall units and multimedia cabinets that suit the modern living, are made in wide variety of styles, designs and characteristics and they are fully customizable. The other important role of these units is their ability to hide unsightly wires, backlighting shelving and keeping boxes in very aesthetic order.

Built-ins for TV set are designed according to life style and need of customers. Some people prefer simple, classic TV arrangements that contain TV overhead the cupboards and have elegant designed cabinets beneath the storage. Others choose to have whole wall features that center the TV and provide great amount of storage, as well as cubby holes and shelving around for different equipment and books.

Spot lighting used in built-in units gives the whole media center a great beauty factor and can surely transform TV fitted furniture into a masterpiece, especially in the evening or night hours.

Build-in Wall Units Materials and Finishes

The material for Built-in Wall Units, often get chosen depending on customer’s life style and taste in interior design and they can be solid wood or other materials or painted finish for a modern look. These materials can be fit for each budget.

Plywood is strong and light, but due to warping issue, it is less used in wall units. Veneer-covered particle board is often flatter and cheaper. Solid woods are perfect for trim pieces as it can be machined to any dimensions, it is strong and it works perfectly for custom wall units. Wall units which are made completely from solid wood, are extremely expensive and labor intensive.

Creating perfect finish for furniture is the most important factor for bringing the design to life, as this is what makes the furniture look elegant and great. These finishes are often offered having wide range methods, from hand painted ones to machine painted ones. Best possible finish is spraying furniture using different types of color sprays, or alternatively in an extra hard lacquer to provide a long lifetime in any range or sheen levels. Finishing is often carried out in workshops prior to each piece fitted to a room.

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