9 Best Ways to Decorate Kitchen Cabinets

decorate kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are one of the main areas of your house that beg for decoration. If your kitchen style lacks in some ways and requires a finished look, you can decorate kitchen cabinets and make your interiors look fabulous. There are actually limitless possibilities for decorating the area, proven by interior designers. You can put that area above your cabinets, from practical storage to arts.

Note: The best way to decorate kitchen cabinets is to choose beautiful kitchen cabinet doors equivalent to your interior design.

Here are the nine best ways to decorate kitchen cabinets to change your interiors.

Display a Meaningful Collection to Decorate Kitchen Cabinets

Although you may love to enjoy collecting certain items, you may not have a suitable place for them, and you start keeping them in areas such as the basement or closets. If you haven’t found the ideal place to showcase your collection, look to the space above your kitchen cabinets.

Our eyes are naturally drawn upward toward your finds, which have their place to stand out. Items such as a vase, vintage letters, and books are ideal for displaying and decorating kitchen cabinets.

Decorate your kitchen cabinets by filling the void with pitchers filled with flowers.

Use and Hang Vintage Finds on Cabinets

If there is plenty of space above your cabinets, you can hang vintage finds in that area. Using framed photos, small macrame creations, mirrors, or vintage tools is a great way to decorate kitchen cabinets.

These extra spaces above cabinets surprisingly cater to wall art, and the flea market treasures will look even more charming on your cabinets.

Find Spots for Items

No matter the size of your kitchen and how much storage you created in the area, you may still run out of space. It is possible that there is not a spot for the extra paper tower rolls, or the kitchen scale will not fit in a cabinet or on the countertop.

You can display surplus necessities, cake stands, and trays with a combination of decorative pieces to decorate kitchen cabinets. Additionally, interior designers recommend sticking to one color pallet for a streamlined appearance.

Use Tall Pieces to Fill and Decorate Kitchen Cabinets

If your home has high ceilings, you can decorate kitchen cabinets by placing tall pieces and items above them.

You can use modern vases and other contemporary collectibles to make your kitchen look extraordinary. With modern cabinet products such as flat panel cabinet doors, you can create a minimalistic and beautiful kitchen.

Weave in an Art Gallery in Your Kitchen

One of any home’s classic and decorative elements is a gallery wall. While gallery walls are timeless and classy, it is refreshing to see the gallery that presents items.

It is a perfect way to decorate kitchen cabinets with a group of similar style artworks, which creates an interesting visual effect. Using frames with the same color can bring uniformity to your design.

Showcase a Sign to Decorate Kitchen Cabinets

If you have bought a sign from the flea market or a local design accessory shop and do not know where to use it in your home, the area above your kitchen cabinets is the perfect place.

These signs will look and feel cozy in that place and decorate kitchen cabinets.

decorate above kitchen cabinets

Create an Indoor Garden with Plants

If you like plants and do not mind watering them every week, using plants for decorating your kitchen cabinets will be the best choice. However, you should ensure to buy plants that do not require a lot of sunlight.

Low-light plants can be placed on cabinets to add a natural and vibrant accent to the kitchen. If you want to make your kitchen look more modern, choosing pots with the same hue is better.

You Can Use Artificial Greenery on Your Kitchen Cabinets

If you do not have the time to water your plants or do not like to have natural flowers in your kitchen, you can buy artificial greenery to decorate your kitchen cabinets.

Current artificial plants look so much like natural ones and can bring a modern vibe to your interiors.

Add a few similar arrangements on the countertops and cabinets to make a uniform design.

Include Extra Storage

The space above your kitchen cabinets is perfect for extra storage systems. You can place wooden sections or baskets to provide additional storage for your items while offering aesthetics.

Using vertical dividers with beautiful textures will give the area a more organized and clean appearance.

How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets?

paint kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are the essential components of every home, affecting the overall design and aesthetics. Thus, any homeowner should match their cabinets with their interior design. Although various durable wood materials are available for the kitchen cabinets, the paint finish can wear or tear over time. Instead of replacing the whole set with new products, which can cause a considerable amount of money, it is better to paint them with high-quality materials. Most people seek a DIY painting guide for custom kitchen designs, and this article provides every essential information that anyone will need to paint kitchen cabinets.

What You Will Need to Paint Kitchen Cabinets?

There are different practical types of tools available for making cabinets. However, you will need a few essential ones to paint your kitchen cabinets, including:

  • Screwdriver
  • Marker
  • Painter’s Tape
  • Sponge
  • Heavy-Duty Cleaner (All-Purpose)
  • Wood Filler (Optional)
  • Drill
  • Sand Paper or Sanding Block
  • Vacuum With Brush Attachment
  • Tack Cloth
  • High-Quality Primer
  • Paint Brush

Cabinets Painting Process (Step By Step)

The cabinet surface people repaint determines how they should approach the job. If the kitchen cabinet door designs are slab or flat, the painting process is more straightforward. In the case of having cabinets with raised panel doors, the painter should put more effort into creating better finishes.

If you want to paint kitchen cabinets properly, it is better to follow the following steps. It is essential to complete every step entirely and precisely.

Step One

Start the kitchen cabinet painting by emptying the boxes. Then unscrew any of the kitchen cabinet doors, and remove the drawers. Label and mark where each component goes with a painter’s tape and marker. To do so, put the painter’s tape in a safe spot, including where the hinges were attached. If reusing the hardware, always mark it in and store it in a bag or storage.

Step Two

The second step to paint kitchen cabinets is to wipe down all the surfaces that need to be painted. The cleaning must be done with a sponge and a cleaning substance that strips down any wood material of grease and dirt. One of the wood cleaning substances you can use is TSP-PF all-purpose, heavy-duty cleaner, perfect for Plywood and MDF kitchen cabinets.

Step Three

Some homeowners plan and prefer to replace the kitchen cabinet hardware such as the pulls or knobs with new ones. In such cases, it is essential to fill the holes that exist from the old hardware with a wood filler and then leave them until they dry completely. Then, drill a new pilot hole with precision and sand the wooden exterior part. It is better to vacuum any dust using a brush attachment to have a more clean workplace. Wipe the kitchen cabinets with a tack cloth.

Step Four

Step four of painting kitchen cabinets is priming all the wood parts with steady strokes. Remember to choose the direction equivalent to the wood grain while working in long.

Step Five

This step is about taping off the kitchen cabinet shelves edges and any wood material existing in your product with the painter’s tape. Then paint the cabinet’s interior and shelves with the preferring color and material. Wait until the paint is entirely dry for further procedure.

Step Six

Now, it is time to paint the kitchen cabinet doors, drawers, and frames with a color that contrasts with the paint used for the interiors and wait for it to dry.

Step Seven

The last step is to reinstall all the cabinet doors, drawers, and hardware. Follow all the marks and labels you put on your cabinets to install everything with the best result.

Note for Sanding: If the old kitchen cabinet surface is in an acceptable condition, you will not need to sand the doors and the exteriors down to bare wood material. All you need to do is rough the surface to allow the paint finish to adhere better and quicker. If you do the sanding, you should remember to feather the edges of the sanding area to enable the paint to lay flat on the surface.

Note for Painting: It is essential to apply primer-sealer to all the surfaces before painting. It is possible to do this with a spray, roller, or brush on flat surfaces.

Best Styles of Interior Doors

Interior Doors

Interior Doors are products, which are used for separating different portions of a house and provide entrance and egress for the rooms. However, this is not the only purpose of manufacturing these products. These doors also play an important role in beautifying the interior of a facility and enhancing the aesthetics of the design, which is surely visually effective. Interior doors are manufactured in different types and materials such as wood, glass, and metal. Nowadays, wooden substances have become very popular due to their versatility and unique characteristics.

There are a variety of wooden products available in the market, which are extremely suitable for interior applications. MDF doors, which are engineered wood material, are one of the most common products that are utilized for this purpose. Other products that are appropriate for interior applications are slab doors, flat panels, and raised panels. Each of these materials can provide perfect functionality and harmonize any room’s style and design. In addition, these interior doors are available in different styles, which can satisfy demands that require a classic or modern look for the interior.

What are the Best Styles of Interior Doors?

Building a new house or renovating the interior is an ideal opportunity for giving thoughtful attention to interior door styles. When it comes to choosing the best product for the facility, most people often think about the durability of the doors such as how they can function, stand up to daily use, the privacy level incorporation, and their ability of noise control. Most people do not pay enough attention to the right style of the doors. These interior products are highly visible and are capable of adding charm to the room. Followings are some of the best styles of interior doors that can match different types of home’s overall design.

French Doors

These interior doors are among the most popular styles of products that are visually appealing and are a bit on the pricey side. However, they can be very practical depending on the customer’s budget. Many people utilize them as a leading door to a patio or as an entrance door to a dining room that leads to an indoor garden. These products are extremely resistant to corrosion and rust. Additionally, they have a simple installing procedure and are pre-hung to make the process much smoother.

Pocket Doors

These Products are another unique option that some people prefer to utilize in their houses. The most important difference between Pocket doors and traditional products is that these doors have the ability to hide inside a wall. Building a recess in the wall can provide a space for sliding the door into it. The installation of these products is not too complicated but it involves some modifications. These doors are also used for custom closets and bedrooms, and they will last for a long time.

Barn Doors

This style of interior door has become very popular and trendy these days. It is perfect for people who attempt to have the country-style decor in their house. Barn doors add a significant amount of charm and can be utilized for primary bedrooms. One of the unique characteristics of the product are that it can slide and it is usually larger than normal products. Thus, they are perfect for spaces, which have a large entrance.

Colonial Doors

This type is considered as an ornate door and perfect for decorative purposes while being very practical. The way it is designed is ideal for drawing attention, and it has an undeniable appearance that can help to make any portion of the house look nicer. Many people choose to utilize this door as an entrance to dining rooms. Another ability of this product is having several glass panels that allow people to see through them. It is important to know that installing a colonial door is not easy as many other pre-hung doors and it can take a couple of hours to be installed properly. In addition, this style comes with a very beautiful brass handle set.

Craftsman Doors

Most of the interiors doors are often aligned either vertically or horizontally. On the other hand, craftsman doors have usually aligned both ways. Two vertical panels on the bottom are long, have a rectangle shape, and are parallel to one another. On top of this, another large panel is placed horizontally. They work together to bring a unique and interesting style to the interior thus this type has become a favorite choice for many customers.

Atherton Doors

These interior doors are defined with their four raised panel features. Two of the panels are placed vertically on the right side and the other two are placed on the left side. These products are perfect for applications that require double doors. Thus, they can look great in larger entrances and can impress guests in a good way. These doors are not necessarily expensive products even though they look extremely classy.

Princeton Doors

These doors are designed especially for adding an elegant touch to a room. These products have an arch at the top of their panel, which is produced in a cathedral arch style and makes the door more impressive. Princeton doors are considered as the most applicable style that can fit in any type of interior design.

Continental Doors

These products have two face panels that have different sizes. The larger panel is placed on the top of the smaller ones, and it has a curved top, which makes it look nice. Continental doors can be utilized in different ways. Some people prefer to hang them as standalone doors and others use them as double doors to provide an appearance that is more interesting. Standard continental doors are approvable for bedrooms and bathrooms. Double doors are usually more suitable for large dining rooms or den.

Cambridge Doors

These interior doors are simple and minimal options that have become the optimal choice for modern homes. The look of these products is extremely contemporary and contains two raised panels. They are not very flashy but they will look appropriate in most parts of the house.