Best Modern Closet Kits

Modern Closet Kits

Many people waste their precious time rummaging through their disarray or cramped closet to find a suitable outfit for work or a formal event. Closet kits can be a perfect solution for such cases. They will organize and clear the clutter of the existing space without considering the size of the area. These systems are ideal for streamlining the closet setup and whether the system is a tight reach-in closet or a large walk-in closet. The best closet kits come with all practical components, including storage units, mounting hardware, and hanging rods. They are easy to assemble directly into space and often vary in configuration methods.

The most important note is that the custom closet kits available in the market are not produced equally. Thus, customers need to know the different types to choose the most suitable gear for their closet space and avoid installing a not appropriate system for their home, stuff, and budget. They are different styles and materials applied to these products, such as laminate, wood, and medium density fiberboards, which can influence the price point and affect installing or mounting methods. It is also essential to consider choosing a kit with easy installing and high flexibility to accommodate all the design plan factors.

Mounting and Installing Methods 

The altered level of existing closet space will define the mounting method of the product for the customer. Generally, freestanding units are installed on the closet floor and do not require a drilling process. The components of wall-mounted systems need to be attached to the closet wall and have flexibility in customizing. The followings are a brief introduction to two mounting methods for closet kits.


This installation system is ideal for kits with minimal floor space and often require horizontal and vertical rail mounting and drilling into the wall. However, the assembly process is much easier than a freestanding kit due to the easy hooking components on the rails available in this type of closet.


In this type of mounting method, the system is detached from the wall and usually involves a more complicated process. The installing procedure includes putting multiple components together with screws and nails. However, they are ideal for people who live in a renting house or others who want to avoid the drilling process. However, it is good to know that they are some freestanding closets that require hanging rods that is installed on the wall.

Storage Units 

Identifying the storage units of modern kits can be very handy for choosing an applicable closet. Here are two types of storages that are available in the market.

Open Storage 

Shelves and cubbies used for displaying items and adding attractive appearance to walk-in closets are open storages. This type is perfect for making item retrieving and identifying much more comfortable and more straightforward.

Closed Storage 

This system is used for closets that need to include cabinets for long clothes such as dresses, drawers, or baskets created for containing small items such as socks. Closed storage can conceal the content for more privacy. People prefer to utilize the system for reach-in closets that is shared with others where privacy is required. Others choose a closed system for hiding their disarrayed closet.

Rod Style 

Modern closet kits often come with two main types of rods, which are single-tier and multi-tier. Both of them can be practical in different applications and can add functionality to the closet system. Knowing the difference between these types will help the customer create the best organizer for the room.

Single-tier Systems 

This system often has one long hanging rod that usually spans the width of the top closet. In some cases, multiple short rods can be mounted at the vertical height. However, the installed storage units such as cubbies or shelves often interrupt them horizontally. A Single-tire system is a good choice for closets that contain long components, such as formal outfits, coats, dresses, pants, or outerwear.

Multi-tier Rod Systems 

The multi-tier rod system often features a minimum of one rod on the top section and another, which moves towards the bottom chamber. However, this closet kit can include extra rods between the lower and upper areas. People who have small closets and do not consider hanging many long clothes can utilize this system at its best quality. Multi-tier rods can double or triple the storage space due to their efficient characteristics.

All of the factors will affect the overall expenditure, style and functionality of the room. When buying and choosing the best design for the room’s closet, it is better to have a consultation session with experts and designers to optimize the space and create the ideal appearance for the home’s portion, whether it is a kid’s room or a casual bedroom.

Different Closet Organizer Designs

Closet Organizer

Using Closet organizer is a suitable way to manage extra spaces and make storing, hanging, and outfit or accessories retrieving simpler and better. Whether the closet type is a large walk-in or small reach-in one, family members and guests can benefit from the additional hanging space and increased shelf space of the system. Thus, not all closets have the same settings and they are not created equally which results in different qualities and advantages. For example, for having a custom closet organizer for a kid’s room, the setting must have both safe and adjustable specifications. Flexibility is another important factor, which needs to be considered when it comes to anomalistic sized spaces or when the extra storing area for more than the standard amount of clothing (shoes, accessories, etc.) is required. One of the most noticeable factors for closet designs is their material. Some people prefer to utilize products that are created from MDF material for easy installing and maintenance properties, and others choose to use solid wood for their classic and elegant designs. Each of these products are created with different methods including custom CNC routing and Cutting.

Closet Organizer

There are a variety of Closet Organizers available in the market that can expand ideas and provide limitless choices for creating unique storing spaces. Followings are some of the most common and popular organizers, which are widely used in many modern, or classic home interior designs.

Shelving Units

Anyone can add extra space and save a lot of room in their closets by setting up a suitable set of shelves. There are many clothes existing in people’s closets that do not require hanging but also the owner does not desire to tuck them away in dresser drawers. Clothes such as tank tops, T-shirts, and casual pants can be folded and placed on shelves. These designing products are very easy to install with the help and tips of the cabinet or closet experts.

Valet Rods

Valet Rods are known as huge space savers and are usually installed onto the side of a shelve that is created in a closet. They are pulled out to allow the owner to have an extra hanging area. It is important to remember that using old wire hangers can cause damages to clothes and closet rods and can make the area very messy. Instead, using wood or plastic hangers is recommended.

Shoe Boxes

Many people have issues with placing their shoes in suitable areas where they can find and choose them easily without confusion. Throwing them in the bottom of the closet will cause damage and they can be scuffed. Utilizing MDF or plastic shoe boxes is a perfect way to keep the products organized. These boxes can be staffed on the top of the shelf or in the bottom of the closet. These closet organizers can be hung over the back of the door and will allow the user to find the desired product without needing to search.

Hanging Bags

Other lifesaving products are hanging bags. They are designed especially for holding different things that the user does not want to place on the hanger. These products are available with shelves, pockets, and drawers. They usually slide onto the closet, thus they come with a super easy installation process.

Custom Systems

Some companies allow the customer to design unique custom closet organizers. Professionals review the design and create the demanding product. The buyer can install the ordered product with some simple tools. However, this system is considered pricy.

Important Steps for Closet Organizing

  • Evacuating Closet : Many professionals recommend cleaning the closet to determine what clothes the individual wants to work with and detect the perfect corners for placing shelves and boxes.
  • Purging Clothes That are not Frequently Used : After placing separators in the closet, it is good to find out if the closet is overflowing and if the space limit is not solved. In this case, it is better to know which clothes or equipment is not used for a long time and getting rid of them would be a wise choice.
  • Categorizing Clothes and Equipment : When organizing closets with different separators, it is good to create classes for clothes and equipment by their type and specifications such as length and color.
  • Maximizing Space : The size of the closet does not matter whether it is a walk-in or reach-in. The most important thing is to compartmentalize the area. The shoes must be stored in boxes, the clothes should be hung on the bars or hooks, and placing the equipment in corners that are not utilized for any purpose can maximize the space of the closet.

Custom Cutting MDF On a CNC Router

CNC Router

The industry of interior design is growing with a high pace day by day. Thus, demands for better and new designs for increasing the aesthetics of the houses are becoming more and more. There are different factors which are essential for satisfying customers need in having beautiful livable facility. These factors include bedrooms, living rooms, kitchen etc. which can have effect on the human’s visual consciousness. However, these subjects cannot be singly effective. This means they need extra flavor and additional design in order to intensify the elegancy of a home. The characteristics of interior doors which are utilized for separating portions from each other, kitchen cabinet doors and other furniture are considered as the most important elements of the internal design.

Nowadays, wood and its substances products are very popular and widely used in giving the house a new breath. MDF is one of the materials which is extremely applicable for different interior projects. However, there are other products which can serve the cause with having the highest quality such as slab doors, flat panels and raised panels. These materials are mainly used for both kitchen cabinets and interior doors.

There are many types of furnishing products which can help the home builder to have more functionality and organizing system for equipment and cloths. These products are often made of wooden materials and include custom wall units, custom closets, custom kitchen cabinets etc. As it is obvious, having custom products is an essential factor for renovating a room or a house. MDF materials are perfect for producing this type of products due to their unique specifications. However, there are different methods for processing these materials. One on the methods which is very popular among the carpenters is using CNC routing machine for having custom cutting.

Steps of Custom cutting MDF on a CNC Router

Every manufacturing procedure which should be done on a specific material, requires knowledge and standards in order to have the best result with highest functionality. Most of the procedure in industry follow some predefined steps for producing a design or product. Followings are important steps to know before starting the custom cutting process.

Knowing and learning MDF material

First of all, the word MDF stands for Medium Density Fiberboard which is material with high affordability and versatility abilities. This material is an engineered wood product which can trump other materials in some cases due to its easy working specification. This substance does not have any knots, grains or warping and its smooth and flat surface allow the carpenter to cut it easily and quickly.

MDF is made of saw dust, shavings and other pieces of extra wood which are being dehydrated and then mixed with wax and resin in order to be formed as a board. These materials turn into compressed rigid boards with a hard shell after being under intense pressure and high heat. They have silky and smooth finish due to the last stage of manufacturing which is sanding these panels with giant machines.

MDF boards are generally darker brown and have the thickness of ½ inch or ¾ inch. If a board is marked or stamped with a blue or red marking, then it is considered as a fire resistant material. A green marker refers to moisture resistant characteristic.

There are many advantages which the fiber board brings with it. Working with these materials is as same as working with a natural wood. In fact, it is much easier to use CNC router on the MDF for custom cuttings and creating unique furniture. They are perfect material for small projects and applications such as bookcases and kitchen cabinets.

Having Information About The CNC Router Machine

CNC is short statement of Computer Numerical Control which is defined as a machine which has been incorporated into variety of manufacturing system and technologies. One of the most popular machines which is widely used in industry is the CNC router. It is a system which is very similar to handheld router which is utilized for cutting different materials. Greatest things about this machine is its accuracy, waste reduction, high pace and productivity.

CNC routers are extremely large in comparison to other cutting systems thus they can take a noticeable amount of space. However, many woodworkers prefer to use them for creating custom products. This machine works with numbers which are generated from the geographic coordinate of the placed MDF under the router which requires cutting and customizing. The CNC welding and cutting can create more accurate circles and squares in comparison to laser cut and it works for both 2D and 3D applications. These machines are also superior to other cutting systems when it comes to pocketing a material for a specific project.

Learning and Understanding Feed Rate, RPM and Chip Load

After knowing the basics of MDF material and the CNC routing machine, it is time to introduce the other important step which is understanding feed rate, RPM and chip load. The feed rate or cutting speed refers to the speed difference between the surface of the MDF which is being formed and the cutting tool. RPM is used for defining number of turns in period of on minute. Chip load is used to define the size of the produced chips during the cutting procedure. The goal is to reach the maximum load in order to increase productivity and reduce MDF and cutter heat and in addition prevent dulling. Typically, 18000 RPM is enough to have efficient cut of the material but the feed rate must be adjusted depending on the thickness of the product. Feed rate has a range of 7 to 11 m/min.

Different Types of Interior Doors (part 2)

mdf interior doors

Interior doors are products which are made to provide exit and access to the different parts of residential or commercial buildings. These doors require to have aesthetic appearance and installable characteristics and specifications. In Different types of interior doors part 1 article, some of the important and common products were introduced. This article contains another interior door products introduction which are utilized widely for different types of projects or applications.

MDF Interior Doors

MDF is the short term of Medium Density Fiberboard. MDF doors are engineered wooden doors which are made of planer shavings, saw dust, recycled wood and wheat. Their numerous advantages and benefits make the popular among the people all over the world. They are easy to shape and do not contain knots. Thus, these products offer uniform, smooth, sleek and spotless surface.

In addition, MDF interior doors are considered one of the easiest maintaining and cleaning doors in the market which is due to their rotting free, warping free and other damages resistant characteristics. Another advantage of these doors is that they can be painted and finished with different materials easily. Additional specifications which are considered as advantages are strength, durability and sturdiness of the product. MDF is also sound resistant which means it can provide privacy at every corner of a room. These doors are very popular due to their durability and sustainability and they serve the purpose for long time.

Raised Panel Doors

Raised panel doors are another type of interior doors which are very trendy nowadays. These doors are more applicable for classic and traditional designs. They are available in different colors and finishes which makes them perfect for contrasting and harmonizing the wall appearance and attract more attention. Raised doors have particular parts which are raised a little and are often at the center of the product. The central section of the door is protruded and creates prominent space and it is located in the middle of the center part and main frame. These doors are also perfect for elegant and luxurious appearance due to their complex shapes which are not created with smooth sides.

Cottage Doors

Cottage doors look so spectacular for period homes. They are also called plank doors or ledge and brace. These doors are often made from oak and are a hard, rusty style door. Despite of their traditional appearance, cottage doors are perfectly appropriate for both contemporary and traditional residential facilities. This type of internal door contains vertical planks which cover the full length of the product. In some cases, these planks can run from on edge to another or they can be encased within a border.

Hollow and Solid Core Doors

Hollow core doors have high level of affordability which are made of plywood or molded composite material and contain hollow interior. This type has lightweight and is perfect for any kind of interior project and is easy to install or fabricate. In addition, hollow core products allow more sound to pass through. They also approvable for any room of a house such as bathroom, bedrooms and even kitchens pantry door. Solid core doors are designed almost like hollow core products. However, they structure is filled with a wood fiber blend material. It is important to know that they are not a solid wood product but are made with an engineered filter product. This adds the advantage and ability of sound acoustic and temperature control to the door.

Dutch Doors

Dutch doors are known as perfect option for stables. These products have split look in their style which provide users the opportunity of opening the top half separately. The top part can act as a window and due do this, they require four hinges instead of other standard interior doors. Dutch doors allow users to have clear view of outside thus they can be applicable for small offices. Employees can pass document without needing to open the door and with just using the top part as a window.

Different Type of Interior Doors (part 1)

Interior Doors

Interior doors are moveable products constructed and designed for utilizing in indoor application. The primary function of these doors is providing access and departure to a room or other areas inside a facility. Thus they require lightweight features in order to need little force to be opened. These products are used for both commercial and residential applications in order to provide privacy, noise reduction from other parts, portion separation, ventilation aid and light infiltration. The earliest usage of these products go back to ancient Egyptian tombs. Beyond the first discoveries, interior entryways of ancient Greek and Roman structures reveal the popularity of the interior doors. They used to build single, double, folding, sliding and even automatic doors out of stone, wood, metal and their combination.

Interior doors have improved over time and nowadays, residential and commercial doors are produced in a higher level of durability in order to handle repetitive use and heavy traffic. Additional structural requirements and standards include building codes, fire protection, anti-theft functionality and access for the handicapped individuals. However, types of interior doors vary in many for different projects and purposes. Followings are the different types of interior doors available in industry and market.

Slab Doors

Slab doors are one of the most popular interior doors which are produced in light weight. These doors have heavy core layer structure or empty central layer. They have stretching and stylish characteristic which makes them remarkable. They often do not feature protrusions and dents and have no decorative details except the ones which are made with some small decorations. These doors are often used in areas which require contemporary, modern and minimal appearance. Slab doors are created with variety of materials and facings which make them approvable for using in different sections of a home, work place, cafes etc. The coating material determines the glossy look of the product. They have uniform and flat surface which makes them easy to maintain and clean. The applied coating and covering gives them durability and long life span and makes them resistant to any type of common damages such as scratches and cracks. In addition, interior wooden slab doors are popular due to their economic-friendly specifications and appearance.

Interior Flat Panel Doors

Flat panels doors name can obviously tell that they are formed with flat panels and are often produced with multiple or single layer panels. The products which are with multiple layers can bring extreme elegant look to the design and in addition, they include geometric shapes and curved lines for giving the interior more versatile feel. These doors are considered as an economical choice for areas which require large quantity of interior doors and they are popular when it comes to modern buildings. The smooth, ornate lined and straight appearance of these doors make them appropriate for minimal indoor portions and help to modernize the general design. In addition, this type of interior door has the ability to be installed in a form of a rotation around a specific axis and sliding etc. with having some different ways of closing and opening than common hinge.

Flush Doors

Flush doors are considered as the simplest type of all interior doors. They have smooth and have no patterns or panels due to their both side plaining systems. In general, the facings are being attached to either side of a core material which allows creating an appearance of solid wood doors without having an expensive cost. These doors are produced having one of three cores which are hollow, solid or stave. Flush door with a solid core comes with extra insulation, strength and sound acoustic properties. On the other hand, hollow core flush doors feature only the most minimal of support between the frame and door surface. Stave core product is the level between solid and hollow flush doors. They have wooden slat stacked internal structures which are fixed one on top of the other. The facings are installed to the stack in order to provide the rigidity and appearance of a solid wood door while being economically-friendly thus it is affordable for any individual having low budget availability.

In part 2 of this article, another important types of interior doors will be introduced.

Walk-in VS. Reach-in Custom Closet

Cabinet Construction Methods

Custom closets are used as storage in any house. These storages are areas to save any equipment, tools or clothes. They can alleviate a great amount of stress from any individual day life. These stresses are including low amount of space for placing different stuff, organizing the house, aesthetic decoration etc. These products are underrated yet important part of any home due to the benefits of saving unnecessary energy leak and streaming line life. There could be many reasons for updating closets such as having insufficient space for any needs and other demanding proposes which need proper organization.

Custom closets are generally divided into three main types, which are walk-in closet, reach-in closet and wardrobe. There are other alternative closets available in market such as linen and built-in ones. However, the main function of all types is keeping belongings safe and arranged. These storages are varied in size. Some of are designed to have large area just like rooms and other are made smaller to contain lower amount of equipment or clothes. In this article, two of the main closet types will be compared to each other, in order to help the costumer choose the appropriate product for the house.

Walk-in Closet

Walk-in closet is known as the king of the storage solutions. The name tells itself that this closet is essentially a small room, which anyone can walk into. It generally starts from 6.5 feet in depth and there is no upper limit for the size of the closet. People, who have passion in for fashion, often prefer to have storages, which are bigger than standard master bedroom. Having extra space is the only limitation when it comes to choosing this type. However, individuals who can afford the extra space, often go for walk-in closets without having second thought. These closets are perfect for whom desire to add personal touch to their design and storing system.

Most of the custom walk-in closets are made having large size. This big space allow users to install the storage on rear wall or both sidewalls in the room. Each wall is approvable for either a mirror or closet depending on user’s preference. Walk-in closets can be made in smaller areas, which are almost half of the size of a room. This type is commonly found in bedroom suits since it takes larger space than the casual and simple closet due to the number of available storages. This closet is perfect for keeping shoes, clothes and many other types of stuff organized. It is always beneficial even thou it can take large area of a portion. As told, the most common size of this type is 6.5 feet in order to have high accessibility and it is even more applicable when people demand to have center island for maximizing the function of the area. However, deciding angles and corners of this closet can be challenging. Thus, having a predefined organizing system for the closet is recommended. Some people hang rod all the way around the area, which can be a bad decision due to the space waste. It is important to use all functional parts of the storage in order to prevent extra upgrades in future.

Reach-in Closet

Reach-in closet is commonly used in many residential facilities and are usually found in bedrooms or corridors. This type of storage does not require huge free space and the style is organized with shallow depth. It is often filled in with closet organizer and shelving system on the back wall. As it is obvious, this closet has smaller size compared to previous type of storage. However, if the reach-in closet is well arranged, it can definitely store a lot of equipment and stuff. Since the walk-in type require a lot of space, reach-in can be good choice for homeowners who want smaller rooms and partitions. In this type, the space can be filled with poles, compartments, drawers and open racks. These will allow you to store many things without looking overload. It is good to mention that the designs of this type is perfect for children’s room or rooms in older houses which often have smaller spaces.

The reach-in closet allows the user to install a single rod for hanging clothes. There can be another shelve above the rod, which can be suitable for storing other stuff such as iron table, small chairs etc. It is common to have return walls in this closet type due to its small size. There is an issue of being bored with the style of this type and many users consider for a modifications. For this purpose, it is recommended to use wire starter sets, which are adjustable and can have style changing and modifications easily. In order to have extra space for folded tools and devices, drawer or cube can be the best choice for anyone. This can be done by filling the closet with two drawers, which is common method. In addition, reach-in closet provides a double-tiered hanging system, which allows the user to create extra space. These closets are also suitable to have hooks and racks on the back of their door.

Flat Panel and Raised Panel Comparison

Flat Panel and Raised Panel

Renovating kitchen is not all about changing colors, floorings or equipment. Using right wood for kitchen cabinets is the most effective factor in enhancing beauty and aesthetics of the portion. Two of the most popular wood-based kitchen cabinet doors for perfect elegant design are flat panel and raised panel doors. They are many factor need to be considered before choosing and buying any of the products. As designing standard, drawer fronts and cabinet doors are considered as the core of the kitchens visual characteristics. Thus, knowing the differences between flat and raised panels could be vital. Nowadays, they are so many people who want their kitchen to have classic or modern look. Both of the product can do the desired service with their unique characteristics and beauty.

Main Appearance and Specifications

The main difference between raised panels and flat panels is in the height of the center panel of the kitchen cabinet door or drawer. The raised panel cabinets are raised above the rest of the door and generally have flat border around them. On the other hand, flat panels have a flat center, which has a raised border around it. Both of the panels are manufactured with CNC cutting and other machinery or hand techniques for custom kitchen applications.

Flat Panels

Flat Panels are the simplest door type for kitchen cabinets. These products have variegated appearance. Variety of finishes and coating is used for the product and this is due to its perfect flatness. The name of the product is relevant to its center panel of the door, which is flat rather than contoured or raised. These panels are very sleek and have clean design and lines. The simplicity of the product is unique and it can bring an extreme modern look to the kitchen

However, they are also great choice for having traditional looking kitchen. These type of cabinets have the ability of blending perfectly into any type of kitchen designs. The material used in flat panels are budget-friendly laminate or wood which are decorative. These panels often have minimal design and are frameless. Thus, the kitchen will take minimal but beautiful characteristics to itself. Another important specification, which the product has, is its easy maintenance and cleaning procedure due to its coverings. These products are often made in light or controlled weights, thus they have easy installing process and obey every safety standard factors in the industry.

Raised Panels

The raised panel is made in a way to provide extra dimension and 3D visualization to the cabinet design. The middle section of the door, which is a raised piece of wood and floats in the center of the frame, creates groove and depth between the frame and the central panel. The center portion of these doors is a little bit higher than the surrounding wood frame and they usually have square edges or arches. These panels bring additional characteristics and extra depth to the cabinets which results in having more appealing interior design for the kitchen.

These are also used for traditional designing of the bathrooms. These panels are not all the same. This means that some may have simple framework appearance around the edges and another may exaggerate greater dimensions. They are some unique products available, which are combination of varied frame-type panels and raised center panels. In general, these products are detailed and intricate. All of the raised panel products can merge perfectly with the grain, texture and color of the wood creating an aesthetic delight and masterpiece of cabinets.

Popular Colors Used for Flat panels and Raised Panels

Mixed Wood Tones

This Type of color finish has been popular for many years. It is available for both raised and flat panels. However, it is recommended for flat doors. This unique color has every type of wood characteristics form high vibrancies to low and faded hues. This color is perfect for creating modern look of a kitchen. It is classy and due to its wood-grain, which shines in some of the portions, it brings texture and depth to the area.

Old World Inspired Hues

Old world colors often contain hues with higher warmth level and have more of yellow in their structure. These colors are also called as old world charm. They are different old world colors available for raised panel such as MONA LISA, PYRAMIDA. Flat panels also have old world inspired hues such as DAVINCI, PILLOW. This type of color is suitable for both modern and traditional looking kitchens.

Sea Green

Sea green is one of the most versatile colors available for raised panels. It can completely merge and blend into any taste of design and it has unique ability of creating a tranquil feeling in the kitchen.

Muted Shades

As the interior designing art improves day by day, designers try to use more modern and improved colors in order to harmonize the kitchen characteristics with cabinets. Designers appreciate muted colors such as navy, deep greens, ivories and even charcoal. These colors are useful for both raised and flat panels.

Advantages of MDF Kitchen Cabinets

MDF Kitchen Cabinets

MDF is shortened form for an engineered type wood. Medium Density Fiberboard is the full name of the product. It is made of thin panels, which have resin, wax and fiber in their structure. When it comes to using engineered type wood, MDF is often considered superior to other types. Engineered woods are varied by density, glue type, size, wood species, thickness and moisture content. Many people tend to look down on this wood with the discernment that it cannot perform as well as solid wood products. They are definitely wrong in this case. MDF is a strong, dense and very durable type of wood. Thus, it is approvable for any kind of application, which needs woodwork. MDF Kitchen Cabinets are one of the most common and popular products of this type of wood and there are many reasons and advantages which brought reputation for them.


Durability is one of the most important factors for MDF kitchen cabinets. This type of wood has an ability not to warp or crack. This ability is due to the structure of the product, which is moving as a unit. MDF can expand and contract when temperature and humidity oscillation occurs. Even extreme changes in these two factors should not be a worrying issue.

Paint Finish

MDF does not have noticeable grain due do its fine particles. This is more obvious when a smooth and better finish is applied to the product especially when it is painted. MDF kitchen cabinets are more likely to be painted in comparison to solid wood material such as raised panels. There are different types of paint finishes for this material. Oil-based and latex paints are the most applicable ones of all methods. These paint finishes are perfect choice to apply on MDF in order to give the product aesthetic appearance. As long as the painter is experienced and has skills, the finish procedure will be safe and easy.

Suitable Style

One of the major advantages of MDF kitchen cabinets is their extreme versatility, thus they are very suitable for any type of design desired. It can be used both for contemporary cabinets featuring simple, pure and clean lines, and classic look doors that integrate decorative moldings. These products are available in different shapes and colors that makes them great choice for kitchen harmonizing. Another important characteristic for MDFs appearance and texture is having uniform coloring and not having any knots or roughness.

Easy To Customize

Kitchen cabinet doors come in variety of types. There are flat-panel doors, raised-panel doors etc. Thanks to these varieties customization of MDF boards have become very easy. In addition, these materials are very appropriate for being drilled and cut in many different methods without being damaged. The front frame can be glued easily to the case. To avoid twisting the glue-up, these products require dead-flat assembly surface, which is done by an easy procedure. Other frame parts can be joined using every kind of tools such as half-laps, Tenon and pocket-hole joints. There is another usage of MDF, which is closing the space and gap above the kitchen cabinets.

Water Resistance

MDF kitchen cabinets should have high resistance when exposed to humidity due to the presence of moisture in this portion of the house. These materials are often designed to be naturally water resistant. However, there are different types of MDF boards, which are made to be better materials in such areas. One of these products is called MR, which is made with moisture-repellent resin. However, these MDF cabinets can be made waterproof with simple procedure. This can be done by applying a high quality wood sealant, stain, moisture-resistant paint or varnish in order to prevent humidity affection on the board. It is important to notice that using waterborne polyurethane is not recommended due to its low ability of binding to the products surface.

Size variety

MDF boards are produced in variety of sizes approvable for different taste and applications. They are often produced in larger sizes than solid woods. If a cabinet demands to have large wood without any joints, then these boards will be the most suitable choice. However, there are some standard dimensions, which most products are made of. The most common MDF kitchen cabinets are having following options in size: 2400×12000 mm, 2700×1200 mm, 3600×1800 mm and 2400×900 mm. Most of these sizes are available in every thickness, although they are some exceptions, which are unique and custom designs. For moisture resistant boards, 2400×1200 mm or 3600×1200 mm is highly recommended.


The last advantage of MDF kitchen cabinets is their affordability. These products are cheaper and more affordable compared to solid woods, but they are strong and can last long if maintained properly. The cost of the material does not mean it lacks in quality.

Best Paint Finishes for Kitchen Cabinets (part 2)

Paint Kitchen Cabinets

As told in part 1 of this article, changing the set of kitchen cabinets can extremely cause expenditure increment. Thus renovating the products using different paint finishes can be economically beneficial and will instantly improve aesthetics of the house portion.

People often get stuck into a dilemma of choosing old-school oil paint or latex paint which is available widely for their cabinets. Latex material is often recommended for kitchen applications due to its offering which is lower levels of unstable organic compounds production and its drying pace which is higher than the oil material. However, oil paint gained its popularity due to its easy applicability and long lasting characteristics which is ability to be scrubbed and clean regularly.

Latex Paint and Oil Paint Finish Comparison

Oil paint finish is popular due to its resilient specification, thus using this type of can be very efficient for kitchen applications. Opening cabinet doors with sticky or greasy hands can cause strains on the material, however oil paints have the ability not to be scratched and get cleaned easily with simple scrubbing without taking any damage. This paint takes a long time to dry in between coats, and the time is approximately up to 16 hours which can be considered as a draw back from some people’s perspective. Waiting for the paint to dry while having no good circulation especially inside MDF cabinets can become an issue. Keeping equipment and also some dry foods out of the cabinets for a day is surely annoying. Latex-paint, unlike the oil finish can be dried and ready for another coat in about two to four hours. This means the job can be done easily in few hours and the kitchen will be put back together instantly.

Having fast pace drying characteristic is not the only reason for using Latex as a paint finish. Two biggest pros of Latex are about its VOCs and yellowing. Water-based latex often has no VOCs unlike the oil paints which release higher levels of volatile organic compounds. Using paints which are known to produce VOCs on the cabinets which are surrounding for consumable materials such as food, eating utensils and spices is not recommended. These emissions can cause health damage and conditions in organs such as nose, eyes and throat. The surfaces which are covered with oil-paint are expected to take yellow hue over time and the cabinets might start to look dingy. Also, these paint finishes are prone to yellowing in low light conditions, thus painting inside of the kitchen cabinets which have slab doors, flat doors and etc. is not recommended.

Latex paint while having many advantages are much easier to use as painting material for kitchen cabinets. Nowadays, most of these paints are produced with greater durability for cleaning. This is an important factor for kitchen application, thus choosing a washable or scrub able finishes needs to be considered.

It is important to mention that if the material used for cabinets is MDF or Solid Wood, their surface need to be properly prepared before applying latex paint. This paint finish is more likely to show variances in the texture and grain on the wood unlike oil paint which goes on smooth. If a smooth and good look is desired after finish, some prep work beforehand is necessary.

There is an additional situation for using latex-paint which is when a kitchen cabinet is already painted instead of being pure wood. When the type of the paint which is already applied on the material cannot be identified, using water-based paint formulas having latex are the safest option. Oil-paint never adheres well over latex material; however, the latex-paint can be applied to a surface with any type of paint finish.

Simple Application Tips

If the cabinet has flat doors, they can be renovated with quick work of painting application with simple usage of painting roll having ¼ nap. Paneled cabinets obviously require more precision and work. For evenly coated surfaces and inset areas, paint brush can be very handy. It is also important to choose a synthetic bristle brush if latex paint is applied. The water-based paint can swell the natural bristles.

Best Paint Finishes for Kitchen Cabinets (part 1):

Paint Finishes for Kitchen Cabinets

The process of installing a complete new set of kitchen cabinets for renovating purposes might be very pricy. For transforming the look of any kitchen with lower price, fresh paint finishing is the most recommended procedure. With choosing right paint, the visuals of the area will be beautified while covering up dingy and dull surfaces. The most important thing while choosing a color, is to be precise on what type of paint finish will be the best and long-lasting for the cabinets. Finishes which are easy to maintain and clean are also in priority.

Considering Materials in Kitchen Cabinets

The first step for deciding the paint for cabinets is to consider the materials which the products are made of. The most common materials for this application are Solid Wood, Wood Veneer over a board, MDF and Laminate. Each type of these materials have their own characteristics, thus they will require different type of paint finishes.

Cabinets with Solid Wood

Solid natural woods are perfect candidate for being painted due to having scuffed surfaces. The surface must be sand in order to be prepared for paint and the results in this case will be much smoother and will have better finish. This is important specifically for kitchen cabinets which already have stained or glossy finish. Getting through to the first layer is often done using sandpaper or a liquid de-glosser. Is also important to know that natural woods absorb a lot of paint especially when It comes to water-based latex paint.

Cabinets with Wood Veneer

For cabinets which have wood veneer especially with a very thin layer hardwood attached to pressed material, sanding procedure is required before paint finish. Before starting the sanding, checking for loose edges. Cracks or chips is essential. These issues need to be repaired using wood glue. The veneer is just a thin layer covering the material beneath, thus the sanding must be done precisely. The surface must be rough enough to take the paint finish appropriately.

MDF Made Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets which are made of MDF, are extremely suitable for paint finishes. Two priorities should be considered when it comes to preparing MDF for paining which are using an oil-based primer and sealing the edges. Due to the porous edge of MDF, using some drywall compound for sealing it and keeping moisture from swelling the material is essential during the painting process. Using oil-based premier can be helpful for the first layer and then applying water-based latex paint to the surface is allowed. If the latex gets applied before the oil coat, it can be absorbed in MDF and will surely damage the product.

Laminate Made Cabinets

Painting laminate cabinets is way more challenging and it requires advanced skills in comparison to MDF and Solid Wood. This material is plastic which is printed and held fast on top of a composite layer. Due to the smoothness of the finish, the importance of prep work increases significantly. Choosing a laminate-specific primer or paint can be very helpful. These products bong to the shiny surface of the material. Sanding process is also required for paint finish the laminate material. Due to avoiding sanding through the surface, the procedure must be done with precaution. Thus using a fine sandpaper is necessary.

Other Paint Finishes

Cabinet doors are objects which are frequently get touched, pulled, slammed and etc. Thus, these factors can cause damage and paint scratches. They are other general finishes in addition to specified ones for materials. This finishes can improve the quality of the cabinet surfaces and decrease the risk of getting damaged due to the factors told.

The best choice for paint finish kitchen cabinets is using semi-gloss or gloss finish. This finish will increase the sheen and the reflection of the light, thus the product will be more beautiful and durable in the long period. Longevity of the cabinets is an important factor when it comes to environments such as kitchen. Both semi-gloss and gloss are considered as washable finishes and increase resiliency when being scrubbed or washed. This ability is due to presence of resin and binders in the structure of these paint finishes Also the sheen characteristic of the semi-gloss can be helpful for detecting water spots and stains. Painting kitchen cabinets which have flat finish paint or eggshell must be avoided. These finishes are not washable as like as the gloss one. Scrubbing these products can be highly damaging and it can go through the paint and scratch the material beneath.

In part 2 of this article, Oil paint and latex paint will be specifically introduced.