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If you consider updating your home interiors, you will probably need to buy interior doors or create them yourself. As you know, doors can significantly affect your home’s design, so you need to be precise about what you want to buy or create. Most homeowners think they need years of experience and special carpentry skills to build custom interior doors.

As an interior doors supplier in Canada, we know that people want to learn techniques that require no particular tool or skill to build custom interior doors for their homes. Although it is better to buy doors from reliable sources that provide high-quality products, we decided to help you learn to build your doors with a simple process.

You will assemble interior doors with loos-tenon joinery by only one dado-blade setup, and then you will need to apply moldings after the interior doors are completed. With this guide, you will be able to build trendy doors in different categories, including:

Things to Know Before Building Custom Doors

Suppose you have experience in building kitchen cabinet doors. In that case, you should know that it is not the same with custom interior doors since they have little in common with cabinet-size doors, and they are thicker, heavier, and require strong joinery to stand their weight and be sturdy.

One of our experts says, “After making your first ten custom doors, you will realize that you will need a powerful and precise assembly method to build stable doors for your home.” But the good news is that we decided to accelerate your custom door building process by sharing our expert’s ideas and experiences. With our method, you will build custom interior doors for your home without any tools or skills.

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Build Custom Interior Doors with The Perfect Size

Most custom doors are assembled with dowels, allowing you to use the considerable surface area for a robust glue bond. However, the setup with tow-part dowel jigs makes them fussy for the process. Our door designs allow us to use glue areas like dowelled doors while requiring only one cutting operation.

You can cut grooves to accept the loose tenons with one dado-blade setup. With our method, you are allowed to build custom doors with MDF or plywood. However, MDF interior doors are easier to cut.

To eliminate the fretful alignment during the glue-up process, it would be best to let the stiles and tenons run long. You can use a circular saw to trim the custom door to your preferred size and edge guide once the glue is applied and dried.

Tenons and Dowels

Two of the fastest approaches that you need to know to build custom interior doors are floating tenons and dowels. However you can also use mortise-and-tenon joinery to assemble the door, but this method can be time-consuming.

How Much It Will Cost to Build Interior Doors with a DIY Process

For about 50$ materials without including hardware, you can build a thick, paint-grade frame and panel custom interior doors. You can also customize them with your choice of molding.

Build Custom Interior Doors with These Steps

  1. You can cut the grooves that hold the door panels on a table saw with a stacked dado set.
  2. Cut a perfectly centered groove by running both sides of each rail and stile against the rip fence.
  3. It would be best to cut the tracks a bit wider than the door panel’s thickness.
  4. Cut the floating tenons and fit them snugly.
  5. You can use a straightedge to make sure you build custom interior doors that stay flat as the clamps are tightened.
  6. Size the rails, stiles, and tenons to allow your door to run long when you assemble it.
  7. Sand both sides of your door flat with a belt sander.
  8. Trim the top and bottom parts of your custom door.
  9. Rip a 3-degree angle on the strike-side stile.
  10. Although rabbeted panel moldings are available, it is better to rabbet sock molding on the table saw to fit the door’s frame.
  11. Install the molding after routing the mortises for the door hardware (hinges and lockset).
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What is the Plan for Hardware?

Before you start cutting the panels to build custom interior doors for your home, you should locate the components with the knob and hinges in your mind or draw them to remember them.

Consider Hinges When Building Interior Doors

We recommend setting hinges so that the bottom of the lower hinge and the top of the upper hinge align with the door panel molding edges. Then center the middle hinge between the bottom and top hinges.

Door Knobs are Also Important

You should also consider the height of your doorknob since it can interfere with the panel molding. You can choose the best size with a simple technique that matches it with the existing doors in your home.

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