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Do you have enough space for a beautiful walk-in closet? Then you are lucky. But, do you know how to design it the way it will make you feel satisfied? If you don’t, there is no problem. We have provided everything you need to know in this professional guide. Here you will learn to design custom closets and make them the storage you always dreamed about.

Learn about Custom Closets before learning how to design them.

If you want to learn how to design custom closets, you should know that the process is not for the faint of heart. It will take time to organize your belongings and create efficient storage space or wardrobe. The best approach is to determine what your custom closet will need before meeting your interior designer.

Here are eight essential rules to design custom closets that will make your room more organized and beautiful.

Know the Dimensions of Your Cloths to Design Custom Closets

The first rule is always the crucial one. Knowing the dimensions of your clothes is very important whether you plan to store them via hanging racks or shelves. You should make sure to design custom closets that will give you the best possible storage solution.

Now, you wonder why the dimensions of your clothes are so important in the closet designing process. The depth of your custom closet should be equivalent to the width of your shirts, jackets, blouses, and coats to fit perfectly.

Your interior designer will design your closet based on the types of clothing you possess. Here are some of the standard clothes sizes that you should know:

  • Folded Shirts and Sweaters: 9-15 Inches of Linear Space
  • Coats: 68 Inches Vertical Space
  • Pants and Jeans: 50 Inches of Vertical Space
  • Skirts: 45 Inches of Vertical Space

Include the Suitable Amount of Hang Sections

In this step, you should ask yourself these two questions:

  • Do you own more blouses than dresses?
  • Do you have any oversized coats or jackets?

If you want to design efficient custom closets, you should evaluate your wardrobe and take inventory of your owning by including double or single hangs.

Double hangs are better for shirts, slacks, and blouses, while single hangs are perfect for dresses and long coats.

custom walk-in closet

Figure Out the Best Solution for Corners to Design Custom Closers

Corners are the most complicated spaces for interior designs. They even get more problematic when it comes to designing custom closets. However, the best way to deal with these areas is to use as much space as possible by installing shelves or custom wall units.

You can place your suitcases or purses and hang your clothes in wall units while creating a beautiful custom closet design.

If You Have Additional Space, Consider Beautiful Island

If you want to create a dreamy walk-in closet, consider using a beautiful island. Designers design custom closets with stunning islands, and when you see them, you can never forget them.

The problem with closet islands is that you should have enough space. Even if you insist on having the island in your closet design, you should always remember that you will require enough clearance for walkways and pullout drawers.

Organizing Shoes Play a Huge Role in Designing Custom Closets

Shoes are an essential part of our clothing. So, most people have a lot of shoes, so organizing them may be challenging. But, if you have a walk-in closet, you can design custom closets with shoe racks.

When designing a closet, you should ensure that your cubbies and shelves are big enough to store your shoes. There should be linear space to organize the pairs.

Remember that:

  • Woman’s Pair of Shoes: 5.5 to 10 Inches Wide
  • Men’s Pair Pair of Shoes: 6.5 to 10.5 Inches Wide

So, if you want to design custom closets, you should allow 7 to 12 inches of space per pair of shoes.

custom closets

Find Room for Bench in Your Walk-In Closet Design

If you have an extensive and luxury walk-in closet, having a place to sit will provide an excellent spot for putting on your shoes or buttoning up your shirts.

The best way to design custom closets with a spot to sit is to use an affordable free-standing bench. The best area for placing the bench is next to the island or along an unused corner or wall in your closet.

Never Forget Your Accessories When Designing Custom Closets

Always consider a place for your purses, ties, jewelry, ties, or belts. You can efficiently organize and design custom closets by mounting and compacting belts and tying racks to any free space along the walls.

Consider a Beautiful Interior Door for Your Custom Closet Design

The last thing you should do to design custom closets is choose a suitable interior door for the closet. However, some people do not prefer using doors for their wardrobes. This entirely depends on your preferences.

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