Modern Closet Kits

Many people waste their precious time rummaging through their disarray or cramped closet to find a suitable outfit for work or a formal event. Closet kits can be a perfect solution for such cases. They will organize and clear the clutter of the existing space without considering the size of the area. These systems are ideal for streamlining the closet setup and whether the system is a tight reach-in closet or a large walk-in closet. The best closet kits come with all practical components, including storage units, mounting hardware, and hanging rods. They are easy to assemble directly into space and often vary in configuration methods.

The most important note is that the custom closet kits available in the market are not produced equally. Thus, customers need to know the different types to choose the most suitable gear for their closet space and avoid installing a not appropriate system for their home, stuff, and budget. They are different styles and materials applied to these products, such as laminate, wood, and medium density fiberboards, which can influence the price point and affect installing or mounting methods. It is also essential to consider choosing a kit with easy installing and high flexibility to accommodate all the design plan factors.

Mounting and Installing Methods 

The altered level of existing closet space will define the mounting method of the product for the customer. Generally, freestanding units are installed on the closet floor and do not require a drilling process. The components of wall-mounted systems need to be attached to the closet wall and have flexibility in customizing. The followings are a brief introduction to two mounting methods for closet kits.


This installation system is ideal for kits with minimal floor space and often require horizontal and vertical rail mounting and drilling into the wall. However, the assembly process is much easier than a freestanding kit due to the easy hooking components on the rails available in this type of closet.


In this type of mounting method, the system is detached from the wall and usually involves a more complicated process. The installing procedure includes putting multiple components together with screws and nails. However, they are ideal for people who live in a renting house or others who want to avoid the drilling process. However, it is good to know that they are some freestanding closets that require hanging rods that is installed on the wall.

Storage Units 

Identifying the storage units of modern kits can be very handy for choosing an applicable closet. Here are two types of storages that are available in the market.

Open Storage 

Shelves and cubbies used for displaying items and adding attractive appearance to walk-in closets are open storages. This type is perfect for making item retrieving and identifying much more comfortable and more straightforward.

Closed Storage 

This system is used for closets that need to include cabinets for long clothes such as dresses, drawers, or baskets created for containing small items such as socks. Closed storage can conceal the content for more privacy. People prefer to utilize the system for reach-in closets that is shared with others where privacy is required. Others choose a closed system for hiding their disarrayed closet.

Rod Style 

Modern closet kits often come with two main types of rods, which are single-tier and multi-tier. Both of them can be practical in different applications and can add functionality to the closet system. Knowing the difference between these types will help the customer create the best organizer for the room.

Single-tier Systems 

This system often has one long hanging rod that usually spans the width of the top closet. In some cases, multiple short rods can be mounted at the vertical height. However, the installed storage units such as cubbies or shelves often interrupt them horizontally. A Single-tire system is a good choice for closets that contain long components, such as formal outfits, coats, dresses, pants, or outerwear.

Multi-tier Rod Systems 

The multi-tier rod system often features a minimum of one rod on the top section and another, which moves towards the bottom chamber. However, this closet kit can include extra rods between the lower and upper areas. People who have small closets and do not consider hanging many long clothes can utilize this system at its best quality. Multi-tier rods can double or triple the storage space due to their efficient characteristics.

All of the factors will affect the overall expenditure, style and functionality of the room. When buying and choosing the best design for the room’s closet, it is better to have a consultation session with experts and designers to optimize the space and create the ideal appearance for the home’s portion, whether it is a kid’s room or a casual bedroom.

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