MDF Kitchen Cabinets

MDF is shortened form for an engineered type wood. Medium Density Fiberboard is the full name of the product. It is made of thin panels, which have resin, wax and fiber in their structure. When it comes to using engineered type wood, MDF is often considered superior to other types. Engineered woods are varied by density, glue type, size, wood species, thickness and moisture content. Many people tend to look down on this wood with the discernment that it cannot perform as well as solid wood products. They are definitely wrong in this case. MDF is a strong, dense and very durable type of wood. Thus, it is approvable for any kind of application, which needs woodwork. MDF Kitchen Cabinets are one of the most common and popular products of this type of wood and there are many reasons and advantages which brought reputation for them.


Durability is one of the most important factors for MDF kitchen cabinets. This type of wood has an ability not to warp or crack. This ability is due to the structure of the product, which is moving as a unit. MDF can expand and contract when temperature and humidity oscillation occurs. Even extreme changes in these two factors should not be a worrying issue.

Paint Finish

MDF does not have noticeable grain due do its fine particles. This is more obvious when a smooth and better finish is applied to the product especially when it is painted. MDF kitchen cabinets are more likely to be painted in comparison to solid wood material such as raised panels. There are different types of paint finishes for this material. Oil-based and latex paints are the most applicable ones of all methods. These paint finishes are perfect choice to apply on MDF in order to give the product aesthetic appearance. As long as the painter is experienced and has skills, the finish procedure will be safe and easy.

Suitable Style

One of the major advantages of MDF kitchen cabinets is their extreme versatility, thus they are very suitable for any type of design desired. It can be used both for contemporary cabinets featuring simple, pure and clean lines, and classic look doors that integrate decorative moldings. These products are available in different shapes and colors that makes them great choice for kitchen harmonizing. Another important characteristic for MDFs appearance and texture is having uniform coloring and not having any knots or roughness.

Easy To Customize

Kitchen cabinet doors come in variety of types. There are flat-panel doors, raised-panel doors etc. Thanks to these varieties customization of MDF boards have become very easy. In addition, these materials are very appropriate for being drilled and cut in many different methods without being damaged. The front frame can be glued easily to the case. To avoid twisting the glue-up, these products require dead-flat assembly surface, which is done by an easy procedure. Other frame parts can be joined using every kind of tools such as half-laps, Tenon and pocket-hole joints. There is another usage of MDF, which is closing the space and gap above the kitchen cabinets.

Water Resistance

MDF kitchen cabinets should have high resistance when exposed to humidity due to the presence of moisture in this portion of the house. These materials are often designed to be naturally water resistant. However, there are different types of MDF boards, which are made to be better materials in such areas. One of these products is called MR, which is made with moisture-repellent resin. However, these MDF cabinets can be made waterproof with simple procedure. This can be done by applying a high quality wood sealant, stain, moisture-resistant paint or varnish in order to prevent humidity affection on the board. It is important to notice that using waterborne polyurethane is not recommended due to its low ability of binding to the products surface.

Size variety

MDF boards are produced in variety of sizes approvable for different taste and applications. They are often produced in larger sizes than solid woods. If a cabinet demands to have large wood without any joints, then these boards will be the most suitable choice. However, there are some standard dimensions, which most products are made of. The most common MDF kitchen cabinets are having following options in size: 2400×12000 mm, 2700×1200 mm, 3600×1800 mm and 2400×900 mm. Most of these sizes are available in every thickness, although they are some exceptions, which are unique and custom designs. For moisture resistant boards, 2400×1200 mm or 3600×1200 mm is highly recommended.


The last advantage of MDF kitchen cabinets is their affordability. These products are cheaper and more affordable compared to solid woods, but they are strong and can last long if maintained properly. The cost of the material does not mean it lacks in quality.

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