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About Us

You can find some information about the Rosene and the project process.

About the Rosene

Welcome to Rosene where you will find a great line of one-piece MDF doors, Thermofoil doors, cabinets, and closets take a moment to get familiar with our products and discover how you can make your own creations.  Rosene Doors is driven by our passion for providing our clients with a unique selection of custom-made products. We strive for quality and creativity in all of our work. We assure excellence and satisfaction with each of our creations. Our products divide into two-part that you can see them at the front.

Project life cycle

In rosene we have a life cycle for our modeling and construction project that you can see it below.

We will make an appointment with you and find your requirements.
Phase 2
After planning, we will start the project by designing with standards.
Phase 4
Feed back
After all, we will get feed back from you and finalize the project.
Phase 1
After finding your requirements, we will plan the building project.
Phase 3
After designing the model we will start creating the designed model.
Phase 5

Rosene Factory Gallery