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About Us

You can find some information about the Rosene and the project process.

About the Rosene

Welcome to Rosene where you will find a great line of one-piece MDF doors, Thermofoil doors, cabinets, and closets take a moment to get familiar with our products and discover how you can make your own creations.  Rosene Doors is driven by our passion for providing our clients with a unique selection of custom-made products. We strive for quality and creativity in all of our work. We assure excellence and satisfaction with each of our creations. Our products divide into two-part that you can see them at the front.

Project life cycle

In rosene we have a life cycle for our modeling and construction project that you can see it below.

We will make an appointment with you and find your requirements.
Phase 2
After planning, we will start the project by designing with standards.
Phase 4
Feed back
After all, we will get feed back from you and finalize the project.
Phase 1
After finding your requirements, we will plan the building project.
Phase 3
After designing the model we will start creating the designed model.
Phase 5


Discover what our previous clients have to say about Rosene Doors and Kitchen Cabinet products and services!
Your feedback matters to us. Share your experience in the Google Reviews section below. We appreciate your valuable input!

Martin Martirosian
Martin Martirosian
i renewed my kitchen cabinet doors and design by using Rosene doors and cabinet. I appreciate their responsibility and high quality work it was amazing i love what they did with my kitchen
Areg Babayan
Areg Babayan
Recently, I renovated the kitchen of my office with Rosene's beautiful kitchen cabinet doors. Thanks to their experienced professionals for making my office kitchen more heartwarming place for my workers to have a quality break time. They also consult me with new ideas and designs which I did not think of.
Salman Bagherpour
Salman Bagherpour
The group is specialised in every construction and furnishing services. The owners are recognized for responsibility and are reasonable people.
Matin Yaraghi
Matin Yaraghi
after searching alot , we found this company to work with and it was very good experience we love their work , they were so on time and everything was on schedule they build us our dream custom house we are so happy in our New house everything is perfect .
Asi Baba
Asi Baba
We loved working with Mike and his team. We order our new kitchen from Mike and he walked us through everything.we really enjoy the project and love our new kitchen. Thank you dream kitchen for making our dream kitchen come true.
Courtney Williamson
Courtney Williamson
Very quick to respond, and orders are always ready when they say they will be. Very efficient.

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